Mr. B.’s new desk

It only took three hours but we finally found a desk for Mr. B.’s room, in the very place he had scorned not two hours before: Office Depot.

First we had to go to Macy’s in the Domain in North Austin, or what I call North Austin, since it’s north of the rancho and still in Austin. With an argument about how to get there as Mr. B.’s Google skills are somewhat lacking. They didn’t carry furniture. “We’re small,” the nice saleslady said.

On to Louis Shanks, an old line Austin furniture store which had one he liked. Only problem was it cost more than a thousand dollars. Even Mr. Argumentative wasn’t going to argue for that. Finally Office Depot and, lo and behold, the very desk he wanted. And a cheap, high-backed executive swivel chair to boot.

Then the hassle of waiting for the desk to be delivered later this week and him putting the chair together but the latter is another story not really worth relating. I left him to do it because he needs the experience, including the cussing he did when it didn’t go as easily as he imagined. I finally provided minimal assistance, such as… well, nevermind. We have the chair and the desk is coming. On to the next problem in my continuing battle with a teenager.

3 responses to “Mr. B.’s new desk

  1. Stanley,
    ” I finally provided minimal assistance”. As well you should. Something tried and true for driving teens out of their minds, but which they later go (in private of course) Dad was right about that.

  2. Rest assured that battle continues into their thirties and even after.

  3. Not for me. I doubt I’ll live to be 86 plus. Hope not, anyhow.