Microsoft backs the Democrats

In case you were thinking about buying a new Surface tablet. You might want to think again.

“Microsoft on Friday announced that it would be making cash donations to the Democratic convention but not the Republican one. The announcement comes as advocates have increased their pressure on technology giants and other large corporations to refrain from sponsoring the Republican convention because of the rhetoric and proposed policies of GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump.”

I’m beginning to like the Trumpet. The Democrats only ever get hysterical about a GOP candidate when they’re afraid he might win. They went to sleep over Romney and McCain. They’d batter Cruz, if he had a better chance of the nomination. Trump is still ahead. And he would piss all over the Democrats.

Via Instapundit.

5 responses to “Microsoft backs the Democrats

  1. Sennacherib

    Well now Stanley, if you’re going to spend company money you want some assurance of a good return and the Democratic models have performed nicely. It must be noted though that some of the Republican models (the Boehner Bitch and McConnell, may I have more bipartisanship) have given surprisingly good results.

  2. Yeah, I’ve about given up on trying to stay away from companies that suck up to SJWs, democrats, Pow-Wow the Indian Boy environmentalists, and/or RINOs, for that matter. There’s just no way to avoid supporting them, unless you do a Ted Kaczynski.

  3. How can MS be sure that Democrats will be better for them? Mind boggles.

  4. Well, MS is in Seattle, which is basically a Democrat town. Still, it seems pretty stupid for any business to be partisan politically.

  5. That was exactly my thought.