The Sore Loser


Felonia, a charter member of our permanent political class, went all disdainful and condescending at the mere idea Trump might not accept the results of her stunning victory. Now that the stunning is on his side, she (as usual through her surrogate mouthpieces) is contemplating a legal challenge of the results in the swing states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Slime time.

UPDATE: “Green party presidential candidate Jill Stein raised more than $4 million over the weekend to cover the costs associated with recounts in at least three key swing states,” says Nov. 25 AP photo caption. Wisconsin will go first. Stein lost the state by more than a million votes so it can’t be her race she’s interested in recounting. Guess who? Felonia lost by 27,000. Maybe Stein’s payoff is the $4 million. She’s asking for volunteers to recount. No pay?

5 responses to “The Sore Loser

  1. The news just in, supposedly Trump has won Michigan by around 10,700 votes. After further thought I think they won’t challenge, but all of this is a way to plant a seed that Trump’s presidency is “stolen” ala GWB in 2000. They of course would rely on the MSM to carry this theme for the years it takes to be effective, but this time I don’t think the MSM is the effective tool they think it is. Watch for them to file a challenge in at least on of these states.

  2. Oh Yeah, Have a Good Thanksgiving Stanley!

  3. Dems are always finding stray votes in “forgotten” boxes in closets. Since her pop vote totals mostly came from the East and West coasts, she should run for governor of California or New York. Although it might be best to wait until Sessions is no longer AG. And likewise a good day to you and yours, your majesty.

  4. I bet the whole country will want to forget 2016.

  5. Not us Deplorables. Mr. B. and I started grinning when Trump’s win became obvious on election night and we are still grinning. I keep mum around lefty friends and he does too at school where so many of his teachers and classmates are (quite literally I assure you) in mourning for their beloved Felonia.