Off-line for a while

Pulling the plug on the old AT&T innertubes connection today and moving to reopen shop on Spectrum (Time-Warner in disguise) by Monday at the latest.

We’re moving from the rancho to the mini-rancho, sans roly polys we hope, still under the trees but poised on the edge of Neely’s Canyon in the hill country. Today, moving some stuff over, Barbara Ellen was enthralled with the animules: a family of white-tailed deer just below us on our fenced porch. She’s the reason we didn’t find a mini-rancho on a ridgeline this time. Haven’t lived on a ridge in sixteen years.

I do miss the sunrises and sunsets, but BE prefers to watch the deer, the squirrels and the birds, and I prefer to watch her be happy.

4 responses to “Off-line for a while

  1. good luck you guys

  2. Back online on the 12th.

  3. Vincent Barbish

    Mr. Stanley, I am working on a book about the men of the Mississippi Infantry Brigades. Is there any way that I could contact you about using some picture that are yours in the book?


    Vincent Barbish

    • I assume you mean from my Bloody Thirteenth, or the web site for that or Knoxville 1863? Most of those pics either came from the web or from Jess McLean’s book. Just credit me or him and you can use all the pics you like.

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