Rittenhouse trial

At least he got one. But now that the rioters know where the jurors live, it’s unlikely he’ll be acquitted. Mob rule is the order of the day. Led by Lyin’ Biden (who has intervened by calling Kyle Rittenhouse a “white supremacist”) and Hapless Harris. And the Lamestream Media, Trump’s enemies of the people, well-known for lying.

They are that.

UPDATE: Kyle chose the alternate jury, by numbers on raffle tickets pulled from a drum. Wisconsin wrinkle? Ironic.

MORE: Brave Jury. Not guilty of all charges. Lyin’ Biden “angry and concerned” and others follow the mob leader’s conceit.

3 responses to “Rittenhouse trial

  1. Yup. It’s very clear that this kid acted in self defense and should never have been charged. But with the media and the President inciting the masses with the false belief that he went to Kenosha to massacre black people, the jury has no choice but to convict him or put the lives of them and their families in danger and have deadly riots break out all around the country. It’s truly over for America.

  2. As long as there’s a Dimocrat in the White House and they control congress, it is over. But I have noticed that where this mob mentality works best is in states like Wisconsin which are run by Dimocrats. So there’s hope.

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