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The Bodhran at LOCO

Eleven folks showed up last night for our weekly pickup contra dance band, including a guy with a bodhran, a Celtic drum, which was a first since I started sitting in on backup fiddle in late February. (Last week there … Continue reading

In which I join the LOCO

Last night I officially (if there is such a thing) joined Austin’s Local On-Call Orchestra, a pickup group of fiddlers sometimes joined by a banjo, mandolin, guitar or even a double bass. LOCO plays every Wednesday at the Hancock Rec … Continue reading

GHW Bush buried at Texas A&M

That was yesterday afternoon, after ceremonies in Houston, while Mr. B. was still having exams. Doubt he would have gone but he’d have hardly been able to miss some of the spectacle. The George H.W. Bush Presidential Library is on the … Continue reading

More orchestra

Another arduous hour-long rehearsal last night of the four American pieces the new orchestra workshop I joined will perform Aug. 1 at a South Austin nursing home. The young teacher/conductor is diplomatic. “If you’re not sure you’re in the right place,” … Continue reading

No fiddle recital until spring

My teacher, the amazing jazz violinist James Anderson, put off his studio’s fall recital until spring. Too many of his young students had try-outs and auditions to practice for. For us adult beginners, recitals are just a lark. Meanwhile I still … Continue reading

Rule 5: Diana Diaconu

She’s a Romanian pilot, I’ll have you know. Who flies one of these birds. Via Israel Matsav.

Mandolin shopping

I’m still playing the fiddle and, according to my teacher, and by my own estimation, getting better all the time. Also still playing backup for the LOCO pickup dance band on Wednesdays. Which has helped. Nothing like ensemble work and performance … Continue reading