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Howdy Checkers!

Introducing Barbara Ellen’s cat Checkers, our new house-cat in a pic from her Facebook page. Short for Chubby Checkers, as he has a tiger-like swinging belly on him. Our new Senor Gato is a Tuxedo in case you’re wondering, which … Continue reading

Checkers’ surgery

Barbara Ellen’s beloved cat Checkers is “eating” again, through a tube through his esophagus, put there by a vet who pulled five of his teeth, one of which was broken at the gum line and another that was so decayed … Continue reading

Checkers not eating again

Barbara Ellen’s beloved cat Checkers is not eating and vomiting up whatever is force fed. Appetite pills haven’t worked, nor anti-nausea ones. Taking him to the vet this morning for another consultation. Nothing tried in a month has worked for long. … Continue reading

Checkers and Eva

Two mixed-breed cats came with Barbara Ellen to live with us at the rancho. Checkers, her six year old favorite, and Eva, her daughter’s cat who specializes in mischief while her daughter is away. Checkers has a sinus infection for … Continue reading

Gerbilism: must be all those fact checkers

Big Media prides itelf on being better edited than blogs which, generally (including this one), aren’t edited at all. So why is Newsweak saying “Republicans stood together against Social Security and Medicare, and when those programs proved popular, opposing them … Continue reading

Reiki on the cat

Bar’s tuxedo cat Checkers has a respiratory problem (he was rescued from a forest fire) that means when he sneezes it’s often violent and throws snot all over the place. Lately he’s been subdued on that score, almost as if … Continue reading

Checker’s help

Several downpours overnight has us worrying if the water will get into the kitchen cabinets again. Apparently not. Left the doors open to air them out. Then Checkers the cat got into the biggest one, all the way in the … Continue reading