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Another arduous hour-long rehearsal last night of the four American pieces the new orchestra workshop I joined will perform Aug. 1 at a South Austin nursing home. The young teacher/conductor is diplomatic. “If you’re not sure you’re in the right place,” … Continue reading

Chamber Orchestra was fun

It was fun, indeed, but I haven’t worked that hard since I retired. Rehearsing a lengthy piece is work. The end-of-the-week concert was a breeze comparatively. And the workshop’s classes were a bit long, though the subjects were useful: Intonation, expressive … Continue reading

Chamber Orchestra Workshop

Less than a week still to practice for my five-day Chamber Orchestra Workshop at Blackerby Violin on Anderson Lane not far from the rancho. Twenty of us adult beginners, including violins, cellos and violas, will be rehearsing Telemann’s Concerto In D … Continue reading

The Really Terrible Orchestra

As long as we’re on a musical kick, let’s not leave off with poking fun at the Rooskies below. For sheer unlistenability, you can’t beat Edinburgh’s musical train wreck. Try to pick out a group of similar instruments in the … Continue reading

Glenn Miller Orchestra

This Instapundit link to a British pop singer who is now 92 and yet her stuff, including her World War II hits, has topped the music album charts there, reminds me of a comment I saw posted at iTunes the … Continue reading


“What was his crime?,” a Rose Garden reporter asked President Trump of President Obama whom Trump had tweeted ran the most corrupt administration in history. Trump blew off the question by saying it was well known. Yep. Conspiracy was the … Continue reading

APQ joins symphony

Our old friends the Austin Piazzolla Quintet has a big gig coming up if you live in Wilmington, North Carolina. On Nov 16, they’ll be performing with the Wilmington Symphony orchestra. For ticket information, if you live in or near … Continue reading