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Pat Condell on the squadies

“#Israel bans two BDSholes and suddenly everyone on the left cares about free speech. We didn’t hear a murmur out of any of these hypocrites when two Americans, Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, were banned from the UK. They’re still … Continue reading

Pat Condell’s lesson on politics

Aimed at British voters but with lessons for us all in the face of career politicians… Via Goldstein Web

Pat Condell sticks it to the Jew haters

Which was promptly restricted by YouTube, apparently for calling out Muslims as prime perpetrators. Via Benjamin Goldstein

Pat Condell: Why you must not vote for President Golfpants

Barry, Pat insists eloquently, is “not actually fit to be the president of the United States” because he’s a suck-up to Islam and a Dhimmi who has turned his back on Christians persecuted and killed in Egypt and other Muslim … Continue reading

The “fine people” hoax

“I’ve been publicly debunking the ‘fine people’ hoax since 2017. The press created the hoax by consistently and intentionally omitting the second half of President Trump’s comments about Charlottesville.” Figures. You cannot trust the news media these days, especially Mediacrats. … Continue reading

The problem is Islam

Pat Condell on Twitter: “Lots of slippery condolences for #SriLanka from politicians who don’t want to address the core problem. Those people were murdered because they were Christians. The problem is not ‘terror’, but Islam’s message of violence towards non-believers. … Continue reading

How To Insult A Progressive

Come on, you know you want to. Pat Condell shows you how: