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Pedo Joe is self-destructing

Creepy, gropey, pedo Joe Biden was supposed to be the safe, sane alternative for the Dimocrats in 2020. Instead, he’s falling apart. His most recent bizarro move came when he called a New Hampshire woman voter, who admittedly had asked … Continue reading

Pedo Joe is corrupt, too.

“…when (son) Hunter Biden’s career is scrutinized, it clearly shows ‘that he, along with Joe Biden’s brother James, has been trading on their family name for decades, cashing in on the implication — and sometimes the explicit argument — that … Continue reading

Pedo Joe ignores reality

Biden basically created ISIS, says former defense secretary and Marine general Jim Mattis. Biden, not Trump, has the blood of millions on his hands. Via Instapundit

Creepy Joe gets another pass

Big time conservatives like Tucker Carlson are coming to Creepy Joe Biden’s aid, downplaying the complaints of eight women (most of them Dimocrats) as not being sexual assault. There is that. Yes, but. “It’s not assault, but it is demeaning, … Continue reading

Biden’s cone of shame

He doesn’t wear one, but he should. It’s the only way to keep his nose out of strange women’s and especially little girls’ hair. And otherwise sniffing them up. Pedo Joe needs help, not the presidency.

The Left preps for violence

First, Creepy Joe Biden the pedo praises the “courage” of the thugs of Antifa who beat up Trump supporters and people against open borders. Then the keynote speaker at a Harvard diversity conference–shortly after the Sri Lanka Christian massacre— says … Continue reading