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The Crying Police Chief

Austin’s chief Manley wasn’t so manly in a presser yesterday evening. In discussing an apparent protester critically injured by an errant bean bag round, Manly broke down several times. Strange behavior for law enforcement. So was some Austin officers kneeling … Continue reading

Mum, the police!

We used to call these “brights” in the new biz. A parrot warning Brazilian drug dealers of a raid. Then, after its arrest, clamming up and refusing to talk to the police. Via Breitbart

The American Police State Flourishes

“…with its roadside strip searches, government surveillance, biometric databases, [cash and home asset forfeiture], citizens being treated like terrorists, imprisonments for criticizing the government, national ID cards, SWAT team raids, censorship, forcible blood draws and DNA extractions, private prisons, weaponized … Continue reading

Alt-left attacks the Phoenix police

Bottles of urine again. From Antifa. They of, as the president said, at last: helmets, black masks and clubs. This time they were met with pepper spray and tear gas. Way to go, cops. UPDATE:  And rubber bullets and concussion … Continue reading

Our Barry Hussein demilitarizes the police

Yep. His Earness finally has listened to reason. He’s demilitarizing the police. Officer Friendly will no long seem to be on a war footing everytime he takes to the streets in numbers of more than two. “Items on the prohibited … Continue reading

Baseball’s thought police

Watch what you say on ESPN about history when it comes to Islamists. Don’t dare reveal the historical truth that they were aligned with the Nazis, sent thousands of Muslim recruits to the SS, and thereby helped murder Jews. “I could see … Continue reading

Those wounded Ferguson police

I’m sorry the two Ferguson policemen were shot (one of them in the face), but even more sorry that the issue of police killings has turned from a problem many agreed needed solving to an Hussein Obama-Al Sharpton controversy. I agree the … Continue reading