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Reincarnation Blues

For instance, a shark offshore of the Florida Keys who had been “the Strawberry Queen for the 1985 Strawberry Festival in Troy, Ohio…for now, though, it swam and was hungry, and swam and was hungry.” An Afterlife tale that’s very … Continue reading

Reincarnation redux

Got a chance the other day to confront an under-2-year-old with the reincarnation question “Do you remember when you were big?” She nodded her head vigorously. But when I asked her what it was like, she grew fearful and drew … Continue reading


If you don’t believe in reincarnation try asking a 2-year-old sometime the following: “Do you remember when you were big?” A friend of Barbara Ellen’s did that and was astounded by the little girl’s offhand reply: “Yes. I was a … Continue reading

Hitler’s reincarnation

Comment of the week at Instapundit comes from a fellow signing himself as BackwardsBoy: “This Hitler fellow must be a Buddhist; he keeps getting reincarnated as a Republican president.” Via Instapundit

Love Lives On

“This one of the best grief and mourning books around and I have read more than a score of them since my wife died of cancer in 2015. Louis LaGrand’s effort is remarkable because it blends the best grief and … Continue reading

The Avengers: A Jewish War Story

This is a terrific story of little-known but not soon forgotten Jewish avengers of the Holocaust. Not the comic book super heroes, who debuted in 1963, but the Jewish guerrilla versions incarnated during World War II. Against all odds they … Continue reading

Jimmy Carter is evil

There you have it. Cut to the chase. No more pussyfooting when it comes to Mr. Peanut, whose latest book is, as one former supporter turned critic has called it, "a poisoned holiday gift for Jews and Christians, and a … Continue reading