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Space Elevator Redux

The space elevator “games” of yore seem to have petered out, but here’s a new Japanese experiment that may lead to something more permanent. “The ISS experiment, dubbed Space Tethered Autonomous Robotic Satellite–Mini elevator, or STARS-Me, was devised by physicists … Continue reading

Space elevators

The dream, a staple of some far-future science fiction, especially Arthur C. Clark’s opus, isn’t Looney Tunes at all. And it’s still alive. Short of any government allowing fission rockets blasting off the surface, the elevator may be the only efficient … Continue reading

Space Elevator Games

LaserMotive’s laser-beaming powered robot climber ascends the 3,000-foot cable suspended from a helicopter at the Space Elevator Games. The real thing, big enough to carry passengers in their own cabins, might take a day or two to get into space. … Continue reading

Space Elevator Games

The helicopter that was to hoist the one kilometer cable "beanstalk" for the entrant "crawlers" to climb has proved unable to hold the thing taut. So the games that were to have started today at Edwards AFB in California have … Continue reading

Space Elevator Games

It ain’t rocket science. In some ways, it’s harder. And never more so than this year. The August 5 games have come a long way since the tether was held up by a crane-on-wheels. This time it’s to be held … Continue reading

Space elevator games

The Jack-and-the-beanstalk technology–it ain’t rocket science–looks to advance by the so-far-unscheduled-but-planned games next fall, according to email from the Spaceward Foundation: "In 2007, we expect to have real racing going on, with multiple teams achieving the minimum required speed and … Continue reading

The space elevator games

Ted Semon’s informative blog is the best way to keep up with the entrants preparing their crawlers for the games that start tomorrow in Las Cruces. University of Michigan, Germans, Canadians. They look like toys, but proof of concept is … Continue reading