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Why SpaceX will succeed

Never mind the usual snooze media headlines about SpaceX botching, stumbling, or failing to softly land their Falcon 9 first stage last Saturday. What they did “astonishingly right,” as aerospace engineer Rand Simberg puts it, certainly justifies plenty of optimism for next time. After stage separation … Continue reading

SpaceX expanding Texas op

MCGREGOR, TEXAS – Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) and the City of McGregor have signed a lease agreement allowing SpaceX to expand the size of its rocket development facility in McGregor—between Austin and Dallas. Under the deal, SpaceX will lease 631 … Continue reading

Watching a piece of history

President Trump and Vice-President Pence plan to go see SpaceX launch a pair of veteran astronauts to the ISS station on Wednesday, the first launch of people from our soil since 2011. They will ride in a Crew Dragon capsule … Continue reading

Starship prototype

Turns out that Elon Musk’s SpaceX isn’t just about shipping people and goods to NASA’s space station, but, some day, a trip to a nearby star. Not sure why he built this, near Boca Chica in the Rio Grande Valley … Continue reading

Roadster to the Sun

Space X’s Elon Musk celebrated the Feb. 6. 2018, first flight of its Falcon Heavy rocket by launching a cherry-red Tesla roadster with a space-suited mannequin driver into solar orbit. Video low-orbit view here. “The Tesla will likely make quite … Continue reading

Just another day at the office

The 16th dragon ship to rendezvous with the International Space Station has delivered Xmas goodies and “a team of space-going mice” which I’m sure will outrage PETA if they don’t make it back alive.

Accident or terrorism?

As anti-Semitism becomes more prevalent and vicious at U.S. colleges and universities it’s easy to see it everywhere even when it isnt there. Thus you have to wonder about the SpaceX explosion yesterday in Florida. That Falcon 9 that blew … Continue reading