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Hotel Reservations

Made our hotel reservations the other day for our Amtrak trip to Oklahoma City on the 25th. From there we’ll drive a rental to Higgins, in the Texas Panhandle, to see and photograph Russ Wheat’s tombstone. Which we had planned … Continue reading

Second of the third II

Here’s a mystery that could use solving. My OCS friend Russ Wheat was wounded in both legs in Viet Nam and sent to Japan for treatment. Where OCS classmate Rick Wilson, who was posted with an Armor unit in South … Continue reading

High Plains drifter

Our old Army OCS friend Russ Wheat wanted to be buried in Higgins, Texas, on the High Plains, about 800 miles north of Canyon Lake where he spent his retirement years. So, when he was discovered deceased at home alone … Continue reading

Handsomest man in the Army

My friend Russ Wheat always said he was the handsomest man in the army. This goes a long way to proving it, mighty cleft chin and all.

The Christmas Truce

Historically, the Christmas Truce goes back to World War I and possibly earlier. But we had them in Viet Nam, too, though I only recall the one of 1969 when I was there. Russ Wheat, an OCS classmate, recalls a … Continue reading

A Plea to Hashem

  Putting a prayer paper in the Western Wall, the Kotel, in Jerusalem. It was for Russ Wheat, an old Army buddy in Texas, who wanted to memorialize the men of his platoon who were killed in action in Vietnam. … Continue reading

Two tombstones

I’m going to buy a civilian tombstone for Russ, copying his father’s & mother’s, adding only Beloved Son and Russ’s birth and death dates. His father, Rev. F.M. Wheat’s stone has a quotation from Corinthians: “At home with the Lord.” … Continue reading