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Space elevator

Wish I could be in Albuquerque Oct. 21 and 22 when twenty examples of this baby version of a space elevator will compete in the Annual Space Elevator Games at the X-Prize Cup exposition. Maybe someone will blog it. It … Continue reading

Elevator to space

I’m a month late getting this up (so to speak) but it’s worth a look: NOVA ScienceNOW’s Jan. 9 video report on the space elevator concept and last year’s New Mexico challenge. It’s more gee whiz than science, but you’ll … Continue reading

Still waiting for the elevator

Wrapping up the 2007 space elevator games. It ain’t rocket science, but it ain’t easy either.

Our generation will go into space

Black Line Ascension, a new New York space elevator LLC endeavor, has a new web site with a cool animation of what a working elevator would look like and what it could do for travel to moon, Mars and beyond… … Continue reading

Elevating space

Getting a few hits today from people looking for Space Elevator news from Las Cruces. Not a lot to tell, except that the tether and crawler competitions didn’t amount to much: "Saturday’s Space Elevator Games…showed that they are still a … Continue reading

Red Mars

I finally got hold of this first novel in Kim Stanley Robinson’s 1990s Mars triology. Now I understand what the fuss was about over this series of tales which still sell well on Amazon. As the cover blurb on the … Continue reading

Shuichi’s beanstalk

The Japanese are planning to build a space elevator. Nice work, if Shuichi Ono, chairman of the Japanese Space Elevator Association, and his engineers can do it. So far they haven’t even translated their web site into English. It ain’t rocket science … Continue reading