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Launch. Land. Repeat.

“Blue Origin just launched and landed its suborbital rocket New Shepard — the same vehicle the company flew and then landed in November. The booster reached a maximum altitude of 333,582 feet, or 63 miles, above the Earth’s surface, before landing gently … Continue reading

Go get ’em, Elon!

Falcon 9’s first landing. We’re on the way at last. More here. Via Mr. Goon at Simply Jews.

The Why And How Of Landing Rockets

“Even given everything we’ve learned, the odds of succeeding on our third attempt to land on a drone ship (a new one named “Of Course I Still Love You”) are uncertain, but tune in here this Sunday as we try … Continue reading

Rockets Away

Quite a sight, Blue Origin’s first rocket launch southeast of El Paso off I-10 near Van Horn in far West Texas. It’s the latest example of the Lone Star rising. With SpaceX’s new launch facilities at Boca Chica Beach on a sandy … Continue reading

Falcon 9 now for Saturday

SpaceX’s Florida launch of a Falcon 9 for the space station has been rescheduled for Saturday before dawn at 4:47 a.m. Shortly thereafter the company will attempt to land the Falcon’s first stage on a barge in the Atlantic off Jacksonville. … Continue reading

Falcon 9’s water landing today

Not a splashdown, after delivering cargo to the space station, but a powered,upright landing on a floating platform in the Atlantic. You know, like in the old science fiction novels. At least that’s today’s plan. And if it doesn’t work, … Continue reading

The Martian

Far and away the best self-published book I’ve read. The Martian by Andy Weir started out as a 99 cent indy ebook and didn’t get its current name brand publisher and hard- and softback editions until after it became an Amazon … Continue reading