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Why space will be Chinese

The first lunar base, the first Martian colony, first mining of the asteroids… And not just because many scifi writers already are predicting it. But because the American political class will keep American companies grounded. “Here’s the deal: SpaceX, as you … Continue reading

This Dragon ain’t draggin’

SpaceX has rolled out it’s new 7-crew Dragon V2 capsule with smoke and lights but apparently no mirrors. It looks like an old Apollo capsule but it’s designed to land upright on the ground instead of splash down into the ocean. … Continue reading

The President works for us

So says astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson, easily the most impressive space lobbyist since Carl Sagan, who was not in fact very interested in people-in-space. Tyson is, passionately. He wants—among other things—to solve our economic and unemployment problems by doubling NASA’s … Continue reading

Happy Berth Day

The Dragon robot spacecraft docked (or berthed) with the International Space Station since Sunday morning March 3rd, which owner Space X (which tests its rocket engines just up the road from the rancho) trumpeted in its news release as being … Continue reading

Grasshopper’s latest leap

SpaceX seems determined to develop a vertical takeoff and landing space rocket system, just like the ones in the old science fiction stories and movies. In its latest test, just up the road from the rancho (note the ubiquitous Texas … Continue reading

Shock diamonds

SpaceX’s new rocket motor (for propulsive landings, just like the ones in the scifi stories) has “shock diamonds” in its plume. The phenom was first seen in the 1950s in the exhaust plume of the Bell X-1, the first craft … Continue reading

Dragon almost ready to fly

I’ve long thought that the only way we’ll ever get back to Luna to stay or go on to colonize Mars is via private company hardware and work. Here, a SpaceX crew readies the second-stage engine of their Falcon 9 … Continue reading