Israel: Bush’s sock puppet?

Is there anything Bush isn’t blamed for? Now it’s the Israel-Hez fiasco, although the source, Debka, often is said to be inaccurate. Probably best to wait and see if this is seconded by others.

"Olmert talked Rice into asking President George W. Bush to back the air offensive. The US president acceded – only laying down…basic conditions: Israel must confine itself to an air campaign; before embarking on a ground offensive, a further American go-ahead would be required. [This] when relayed by the secretary of state [was] accepted by the prime minister [and] explains why Israel’s ground forces were held ready in bases for three long weeks rather than being sent into battle – up until the last stage. By then, the air force offensive had proved a long way short of fast and cheap; worse, it had been ineffectual."

But as Snoopy the Goon puts it: " Reading Debkafile is a mixed pleasure. You never know where the reality starts and the pure fantasy begins with these people, and that is on top of the team being clearly partisan and peppering what is supposed to be reporting with own political agenda."

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