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The Afterlife Frequency

A good new book by psychic-lawyer Mark Anthony blending science and spirituality, telling it in common terminology. That’s the best part, the ease with which he discusses what he terms the electromagnetic soul. Or life continuing.

Buddha at the Gas Pump

Just finished listening to an enjoyable two-hour interview by Rick Archer with medium Suzanne Giesemann. Archer’s Buddha at the Gas Pump is a cool web site and podcast of almost 600 interviews with the spiritually awakening.

Happy Pi Day

My Pi Ku offering: Happiness Loves Meditation

Coffee with Sennacherib

His excellency paid us a visit in which we served him coffee and discussed how much the town has changed in just the past eleven months (traffic is worse) he’s been away, and sundry other points of interest.

He said the rancho sits in what was once a field of scattered limestone quarries when he was coming up here in the Sixties. Now lives in western Colorado taking care of his 80ish parents. Sent his regards to Barbara Ellen who was at work.

The old Assyrian said he’d been in touch with Snoopy to learn that he was visiting the grand kids up on the Lebanon border. Stay safe. Mr. Goon. We shared memories of defunct Austin restaurants like Bean’s and Les Amis. But he finally had to leave: Got to go see a girl, he said, with anticipatory eyebrows.



So true

The war next time

Should be a doozy, if classics professor Victor Davis Hanson is right.

He says history, the teaching of which began with the ancient Greeks and Romans, used to be about war. Because war was so prevalent in human history. And the idea was to try to figure out why war occurred so often and try to stop or at least slow down its reoccurrance.

Nowadays, he says, there are “four recognized military history programs [in academia] where you can get a major and there are 230, at last count, peace studies programs.” Yet studying peace has never stopped war.

Only armed deterrence, alliances and balance of power has a chance to stop it and keep the peace, he says. Or when it starts, to defeat the enemy as soon as possible. “These are the essentials of Western military history and they’ve absolutely disappeared from the modern curriculum.”

Let’s Moose!

“…former First Wookie Michelle Obama will open a chain of ‘Let’s Moose!’ Yoga spas. The Big Mothership facility and corporate world headquarters opens on the 4th on the Southside of Chicago, near the site for the new Presidential LieBarry: See the prototype here.

Via Earl of Taint