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Great moments in IT


Our own Mr. Goon says this translates as “And God said to Noah make a backup, I’m going to format this thing.”

How The Democrats Lost The White Working Class

“These voters are Democrats by birth, a tradition carried on from New Deal-Democrat paternity who fundamentally started breaking with their party when they began cutting them loose after flirting with their support during the 2006 midterm elections. It’s been a decade since they offered voters moderate Democratic candidates.

“Since then white, traditional-values, working-class, predominantly male voters have been severed from their party so they could build an urban- and cosmopolitan-centered coalition of minorities, elites and women.”

Which is why the Democrat party today is a smoldering hulk of finger-pointing bitterness: The Media wasn’t loyal enough. The FBI was fascist. Racism. Got to be Racism. Sexism. That’s the ticket. Hahahaha. Losers.

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Safe space for triggered law students


This is what happens when you end the draft and allow students to extend their childhoods.

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New crime: Heterosexuality






Cat ambition


Stupid, or lazy, Millennials

“Now Americans aged 16 to 24 rank at the bottom of a 22-country evaluation of numeracy, literacy, and technological problem-solving.

“Poor student performance should be no surprise: America’s family structure is falling apart. Nearly 30% of non-Hispanic white children are born out of wedlock, as well as 53% of Hispanics and 73% of African-Americans. When Reagan took office, 18% of all American births were to unmarried mothers. By 2014 the figure was above 40%.

“Catch-up ball doesn’t begin to describe our predicament. We need nothing short of a great national turnaround. There are two Republican candidates who made clear from the outset that it isn’t business as usual — Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Another Romney wouldn’t be relevant.”

And Spengler, aka David Goldman, prefers Our Ted. Millennials, however, will almost certainly vote for the Hildabeast whose policies will continue the decline.