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ERCOT is asking for conservation of electricity from 2 to 8 p.m. now that we’re in a heat wave and the windmills aren’t turning much. In fact they’re only producing 8 percent of normal. So we turned the AC up to 75 and unplugged major appliances not in use. They advised turning up to 78, but Bar has breathing problems.

The state’s Dimocrats are harping on the fact that we’re an energy capital of the world and the Republican governor isn’t doing…something… they’re not saying what. Their own president is in a war with oil and natural gas. Instead we’re to rely on windmills. In a time of little wind. Ridiculous.


A mind-bending timelapse video with the sky stabilized with a star-tracker shows the Earth spinning through space.

UT: Water from air

Mechanical engineering researchers have developed a gel material that when heated draws water from humidified air and releases it as water vapor which can be collected for drinking or agriculture purposes. Sounds like it could be the answer for people in dry areas, so long as there is at least 15 percent humidity. Neat stuff.


Power blackouts

Are coming this summer to at least sixteen states, according to the operators of the national grid.

“Meanwhile, there are 40 coal-fired power plants scheduled to be taken offline in the name of fighting climate change. No replacement sources for all of that juice have been proposed, to say nothing of having them come online.”

Texas, even after the deadly blackouts of February, 2021, will probably be among the sixteen.

Via Hot Air

Don’t jab the children

So says virologist and medical doctor Robert Malone who says NPR’s recent message for the kiddies that Big Bird had to get jabbed to save Grandma is just perverse. We’re exposing children to risk of side effects like heart disease in order to save the elderly. The latest kabuki from the government, so Moderna and Pfizer can make lots of money. And their politico investors.

Webb telescope readied

Radio-computer commands to the telescope, about 600,000 miles from earth, are readying it for exploration of the universe.

Omicron last gasp of Covid?

I like the speculation that the Omigod variant may be the last gasp of Covid. Virus mutations weaken over time and the Omicron is the weakest yet, causing mainly common cold severity.