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Don’t jab the children

So says virologist and medical doctor Robert Malone who says NPR’s recent message for the kiddies that Big Bird had to get jabbed to save Grandma is just perverse. We’re exposing children to risk of side effects like heart disease in order to save the elderly. The latest kabuki from the government, so Moderna and Pfizer can make lots of money. And their politico investors.

Webb telescope readied

Radio-computer commands to the telescope, about 600,000 miles from earth, are readying it for exploration of the universe.

Omicron last gasp of Covid?

I like the speculation that the Omigod variant may be the last gasp of Covid. Virus mutations weaken over time and the Omicron is the weakest yet, causing mainly common cold severity.

Webb is on its way

Launched on Christmas Day morning, the Webb telescope has got about six weeks of travel to get to L2, the second Lagrange point, which is 1.5 million kilometers away. (LaGrange points are where Earth’s gravity doesn’t affect objects in orbit.) With a bigger mirror than Hubble and in a much higher orbit, Webb will be able to peer much farther back in time (history) perhaps even to see the first galaxies. Will primarily look at the universe in the infrared wavelength versus Hubble’s optical and ultraviolet wavelengths. Should be interesting.

MORE: Webb deployment sequences, some auto, some by ground command.

Pfizer booster blocks omicron

That’s the headline which seques into this PJMedia story of how Omicron may be so attenuated that it spreads easily but conveys only mild symptoms. And announces the end of the Wuhan virus pandemic.


A zippy, engaging little film of First Contact by an engineer and two astronomers, doing extracurricular night research until… Reasonably convincing. I enjoyed it. More than the ones who rated it 68 percent on rotten tomatoes. See it on Amazon Prime Video.

The endless pandemic

Booster shots for the first world and not enough 1 and 2 series for the third world could mean an endless pandemic as the third world keeps covid alive and thriving. (As well as mutating.)

“…those that are left behind can actually drive the pandemic forward,” says WHO. “The virus will not go away in any way, shape or form and we will not find a way to live alongside the virus.”


Via Jerusalem Post