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This Matthew McConaughey space story is a good one, discounting the time talk which gets a little mystical at, uh, times. And confusing. But if you just roll with the punches, it carries you along nicely. Even the almost three hours passes swiftly.

Loved the school principal and teacher emphasizing the rewriting of textbooks to eliminate the Apollo missions, including the landings on the moon. Settled science and politics, as it were. For the good of the people, don’t you know.

The Expanse 2

Roughly a year after watching the first season of this syfy concoction, I have embarked on season 2. It has three more episodes than 1.

The graphics, the hardware and the CGI are still cool. And the actors the same—even to the introduction of Bobby Draper, who is comelier than my mind’s eye view of her from the books, but that’s show biz.

Still worth the pittance it costs, $2.99 per 40-minute episode. And I see that it is making enough money from its 600,000 fans to go into production for a season 3. All to the good.

The continuing corruption of science

“…[NOAA] the world’s leading source of climate data rushed to publish a landmark paper that exaggerated global warming and was timed to influence the historic Paris Agreement on climate change.”

Under Barry Hussein’s watch, of course.

From James Delingpole: “What the whistleblowing NOAA insider John Bates has just done is prove beyond reasonable doubt what some of us have long claimed: that from NASA GISS and NOAA across the pond to the UEA and the Met Office’s Hadley Centre, the world’s leading temperature data sets have been hijacked by climate activists and abused to advance a political agenda.”

Scientists are corrupted by government funding, without which they cannot survive, as it comes with a stipulation to be politically correct. Or else. It’s part of the swamp Trump needs to drain. The question is how to do it?

China says testing EM drive in orbit

Science fiction maven Jerry Pournelle says reports of Chinese orbital success with the fuel-free electromagnetic spacecraft drive rank up there with the importance of Sputnik 1 in its day.

Others have their doubts about anything the ChiComs claim and that, despite tentative NASA ground confirmation of the EM drive’s usefulness, it’s any more than a new cold fusion hoax. Stay tuned.

Via Instapundit.

Pop ups are getting out of hand

Like the Z Man says, the Web is becoming unreadable. Even the pop up blocker doesn’t work often enough to stop the onslaught of first one and then another, and then three more.

“Of course, it is not just ads or pop-ups. The proliferation of scripting has made many sites unreadable on a phone or tablet, unless you use something like ghostery. The Washington Times is a perfect example. It is more ad than content and the scripts never seem to load properly, so the site looks like a Picasso painting most of the time. I stopped going to the site entirely as it took too much effort to make it work. If I have to redesign my web browser to look at your site, I’m probably not going to bother visiting your site.”

Indeed. Sure they need money to operate, especially the Times which is second fiddle to the WaPo in ad revenue. But it’s a tossup. Blizzard me with ads (and auto video and audio I didn’t ask for) and I won’t stick around or come back.

Because anti-scripting programs are just ridiculous. I downloaded ScriptBlock for Chrome but it interfered with my WordPress administrative programs for this site. Had to cancel SB just to write this. Good grief!

Great moments in IT


Our own Mr. Goon says this translates as “And God said to Noah make a backup, I’m going to format this thing.”

Biggest shale oil field in U.S.


The Permian Basin of West Texas has long been a rich “play” for crude oil and natural gas. Now it’s also the best in the country for shale oil deposits. And the discovery couldn’t come at a better time. President-elect Trump wants to make us energy independent and likely will back extensive use of the Permian. Hagzilla likely would have followed Barry Hussein’s pretend attack on carbon and thumbed her nose at shale while wasting more money on phony (i.e. intermittent power)  windmills and low-efficiency solar cells.