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Working age deaths up 40%

“So if it’s true that we’re seeing an unprecedented 40% spike in deaths among working-age Americans [age 18-64], don’t be surprised if those people died or took their own lives because their own government and media scared them out of [hospital and doctor visits and] taking care of themselves.”

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Russ’s stone is up

Our OCS buddy Russell Wheat’s stone went up today, six months after ordering due to a shortage of granite. His stone is on the right, next to his father’s in the middle and mother’s on the left. Relieved we don’t have to go back to fix anything. It was a long haul to Higgins, Texas, from Austin via Amtrak to Oklahoma City and thence to Higgins in a rental car to arrange everything. Now it’s done. Only awaits the combat veteran’s plaque in front of the stone. Rest easy, old friend, and have fun when you’re not.

Andy goes home

He had a fantastic community around this blog and I want you all to know how much he appreciated your friendship over the years. This blog kept him honest and reading back over his entries the past several days, I can hear his voice and I’m immensely thankful to have it. I like to picture Dad in heaven with Danny Taylor and Fat Guy Scott, having a big dog romp with Tuco.” —by his BFF Cait

Save a spot for me at the everlasting picnic, y’all.

Russ’s tombstone in the works

Woodward Monument Company, in Woodward, Oklahoma (about 50 miles east of Higgins, Texas) is snail mailing me a contract, which I will return with half the payment and the other half due on setup in the Higgins Cemetery. For a slant stone. So the ball is rolling.

UPDATE: It’s got some serious rolling to do, probably won’t be set up until November or December. Backlogs on granite delivery all over the place. Including at Woodward. Snail mail, indeed. Six days later the contract has yet to be mailed. Taking their time, out there in small-town America.

Funeral services pending

“The Clintons announce funeral services are pending for Bill’s girlfriend, Ghislane.”

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Rule 5: Ashley Mattingly

2011 Playboy Playmate Ashley Mattingly of Austin killed herself, according to the Travis County medical examiner. Sister said she couldn’t shake opiod habit and alcoholism.

The walking wounded

Steve Hamblin, a classmate in Infantry OCS, writes to the group after I posted the Second of the third:

“Still thinking about Wheat losing most of his platoon. My God that must have haunted him. There are no words. Vietnam is long over but there remain walking wounded among us and sometimes we learn too late who they are.”

Via OC-504-68 FtBenning at yahoo!.com