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One Giant Flop for Moviekind

“Forget The Right Stuff. This is The Neurotic StuffFirst Man drains the triumph, the exhilaration, the excitement, and the meaning from Neil Armstrong’s exemplary life in favor of a jittery, anxious, tragedy-soaked account deliberately designed to deny its audience any sense of transcendence.”

Then, the other day, the Brit actress who plays Armstrong’s suffering wife takes a liberal shot at President Trump. Thank you, dear, for saving me the price of your movie. From the bottom of my wallet.

Via The Weekly Standard

Funded by New York & California

Yep, that’s where most of anti-gunner, anti-oil Beto’s $38 million campaign bucks came from, the part that isn’t direct from Soros. And it’s one reason why he’s well behind Cruz in the polls.

Via Earl of Taint

UPDATE:  Beto’s got more than $70 millon now. Lotsa Carribean vacations coming up, eh Beto?

McCain Excess

Gay Patriot (whose blog has closed down) on Twitter: “I don’t like an America that makes demigods out of our politicians.”

Especially shallow, class-less, vindictive Saint McCain.

So perfect that the crooked groper Biden eulogized him.

Via Gay Patriot

The John McCain Memorial Wall…

…should be proposed along the Arizona-Mexico border—clintack at Instapundit.


Felonia preps for 2020

The (fortunately) dumb bomber

The late Mark Anthony Conditt started out scaring people in Austin and the rest of Texas for almost three weeks with his sometimes deadly, always crippling, porch and roadside bombs. He even picked up the pace the last few days of his life. Fortunately.

For instead of being patient and taking his time, he stupidly sent two bomb packages through FedEx. Thus he cooked his own goose. Fortunately for us he and most of the rest of these killers are usually pretty dumb despite their seeming expertise.

Via Austin American Statesman

Al-the-jerk humiliates a sleeping woman

This is what Al Franken, the jerk comedian and moron of the Senate, will be remembered for—humiliating a sleeping women by groping her breasts.