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Trump’s game plan

Kurt Schlicter:

Trump’s Game Plan:

1 Identify himself with law + order

2 Avoid using federal force that can turn into Kent State 2 (the Dem dream)

3 Use the DOJ to prosecute & deter the radicals who were happy to riot knowing Dem prosecutors would give them a pass

4 Let them overstep

Plausible if the mercurial Trump can hold to a plan.

Via Twitter


Gumdrop Milley

When Gen. Milley apologized for his appearance with the president, he wasn’t kidding. A human gumdrop in battle rattle. This paper soldier needs to lose about a hundred pounds. Hit the track, Jack!

Antifa going down

“The Department of Justice has filed what looks to be the first tranche of charges against violent antifa protesters from coast-to-coast following weeks of rioting following the killing of George Floyd by police.”

Yep, 50 cases against 75 individuals so far. Now let’s see their mugshots.

Via PJ Media & CBS correspondent Catherine Herridge.

W denies dumping Trump

Our long-ago, two-term governor and two term only-because-of-wars-president denies (retracts?) NYSlimes report that he won’t be voting for Trump 2020. Completely made-up doesn’t seem likely even for the Slimes.

So maybe this is one of those do-it, then apologize, do-it, then apologize, games. Getting a two-fer on publicity. With the Bushes, you never know.

UPDATE:  Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush (son of Jeb) will vote for Trump because “he’s the only thing standing between America and socialism.”

Kneeling cops, guard

They look pathetic, the cops and soldiers (all guard) who let themselves be cajoled by the protesters into kneeling before the mob. Grinning like the fools they are. Worse even than the crying police chiefs.

All it produced in NYC was a stabbed cop and two more shot. Not much thanks for the Dimocrat mayor leaving the looters to their destructive partying. Even aging Curtis Sliwa and his Guardian Angels tried to stop the looting the city cops are ignoring. And got bloodied for his trouble.

The Z man says aging whites, who remember 1968’s riots, are likely to turn out for Trump in November because they appreciate both his conciliatory words for the protesters, especially the blacks who aren’t looting, and promises of law and order for the rioters.

He got it in DC, finally, after elements of the 82nd Airborne, elite paratroopers who are perpetually on standby and training for just such events as rioting, burning and looting, took the streets back.

Even as his idiot secretary of defense, two days later, decried using active-duty troops for riot control. The Trumpster is not happy with the Secdef.

Nor should he be.

Twitter fails disclose conflict

Why did they pick a mail-in-fraud Trump tweet for their first “fact check” of the president? Could it be their investment in outfits that push mail-in ballots?

Via Breitbart News Syndicate


“What was his crime?,” a Rose Garden reporter asked President Trump of President Obama whom Trump had tweeted ran the most corrupt administration in history. Trump blew off the question by saying it was well known.

Yep. Conspiracy was the crime, orchestrating spying on the Trump campaign and subsequently on his administration, for years, until the Russia hoax fell apart.

My guess is Bull Durham will indict some people in the FBI and CIA but, at best, name Obama an unindicted co-conspirator. Probably just leave him alone to twist slowly in the wind, to use a famous Watergate quote. To keep giving his boilerplate, telepromptered speeches, which most people ignore because they’re boring.

He will also fight the President in word and deed to try and defeat him in November. Unseemly it may be, an ex-president attacking his successor, but whenever did a successor dismantle a predecessor’s legacy like Trump is doing to Barry? And he knew it was coming if he couldn’t undermine Trump.