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Two Years of Fake News

Mueller keeps the Witch Hunt going

Mueller: “While this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime [of obstruction], it also does not exonerate him.”

Fox News legal analyst Greg Jarrett: “This was a blatant cheap shot by Mueller, although thoroughly expected. The Russia Hoax begat the Witch Hunt…and Mueller has seen to it that the Witch Hunt is far from over.”

Indeed, the Dims have picked up Mueller’s dropped ball and the swindle goes on.

Jarrett is the bestselling author of the Russia Hoax.

Via Fox News

UPDATE:  Something’s got to save the Dim Resistance from a total breakdown. But why? Let ’em suffer.

Mueller’s appointment was illegal

Because there was never any evidence of a crime by the president. Now the Dims and their lapdog media will battle to see the full Mueller report.

“You want disclosure? Me too. But let’s see all of it. Not just Mueller’s report. Let’s see everything: all of the memoranda relevant to the opening of the investigation, all of the testimony at closed hearings, all of the FISA-warrant applications, all of Rosenstein’s scope memo. (A year ago, I surmised that scope memo is redacted because it relies on the [Clinton and Dim supported] Steele dossier — as did the FISA-warrant application Rosenstein had approved just a few weeks earlier; anyone want to bet me on that?)”

Via National Review’s Andrew McCarthy

Lying liar lies

Mr. Cohen, the president’s one-time “personal attorney,” came to Congress at the behest of Dims wanting to further flagellate Trump, and lied again. Liars never learn.

Via PJMedia

Wakanda Forever

Wakanda shit is this? Acerbic Dim 2020 frontrunner Kamala Harris supposedly offered this video to launch her campaign.

But it may have been recorded last spring, as a celebrity pitch for “Black Panther,” a black-cast, superhero movie about a fantasy/science fiction place in northeastern Africa.

Also the first superhero movie nominated for best-picture Oscar. But not why you think. Rotten Tomatoes says it’s a very accessible mass-audience flicker.

And Harris latched onto it to promote herself to the black vote: WakandaForever.

Via Gateway Pundit

A Republican who fights back

Speaker Pelosi wasn’t expecting retaliation for her “request” to reschedule (cancel) the president’s State of The Union address to both houses of congress, probably out of fear he would blame the Dims for the shutdown.

So she was surprised when President Trump canceled her seven-day military flight junket to Afghanistan. Her Dim colleagues and their lapdog news media called the president childish. Naw. He’s just a Republican who fights back.

(Great snap of all their luggage returned to Pelosi’s office. Yuk.)

National Emergencies

If Trump declares one to get the Southern border wall built, it will be the 59th declared since Congress passed the National Emergencies Act in 1978. Thirty one are still in force.

Of course the Dims would go to the courts to fight Trump and try to legislate their way out of it. Remains to be seen.

Via The Conversation