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The magisterial presidency

One of Trump’s few blunders, in my mind, was his perpetuation of the magisterial presidency, which I despise. One of Lyin’ Biden’s best accomplishments, so far as I can see, is knocking the magisterial presidency down a few pegs. For once in a long while, many people are ignoring the president. Which is good. He’s not our king. Let him talk to his teleprompter.

Barr the skunk

“What I am is an American patriot appalled at what has become of my country,” writes PJMedia exec Roger L. Simon in The Epoch Times. “And a great part of the problem—in its very essence—are people like [former AG] Barr and [ABC News’] Karl and the dance they do together [in The Atlantic]…a kind of preservation/elevation ritual for the Deep State and all who profit from it…

“Now [Barr] and Karl are collaborating to bury Donald Trump—or trying to.”

Still waiting for that Durham report/indictments Barr ordered up? Probably, as Simon says, for 2060. Wait on, suckers.

Via The Epoch Times


Slippery Joe’s stumble (three of them) on the steep stairs to Air Force One is a depth-perception problem of his dementia, not the wind as his idiot press secretary claimed. Of course she couldn’t mention his dementia, which will eventually hinder his teleprompter reading for speeches, too.

Interestingly, his stair-climbing problems may lead to a gentler, two- or three-level climb for future presidents. Trump used to say that he admired the way the youthful Bronco ran up and down the stairs, which Trump couldn’t do. We can suppose Harris will try to if she has to replace Pedo Joe before his term ends. Otherwise, the problem will be fixed somehow. Otherwise the stumblebum will keep it up.


One of my favorite podcast hosts is Brian Smith of Grief2Growth and today he said something so generous I have to share it. He said about half the country is grieving the inauguration of Bozo Biden. Well he didn’t actually say the name of the inaugurated. That was from me. But at least 75 million and more feel cheated. Hence our grief.

Brian wove his sentiment into a discussion of grieving, which is of course his subject matter, mostly involving the death of our beloved, which in my case was my wife of 25 years, which is why I listen to Brian and his interviews about the Afterlife. Five years after Debra’s passing, I still get occasional waves of it. They aren’t overwhelming any more. But I have never fought them and with Brian’s continued help I never will. Grief is and will be my companion, until I see her again.

The Impeachment Fraud

Why keep hammering Trump when you’ve already got rid of him? Maybe because you know you cheated him out of election and you know at least 75 million voters know/suspect it. Not to mention Trump himself, who will surely continue to challenge the results.

So that without continued harassments to discredit him with some of those 75 million, your man Grampa Gropes looks mighty lame. Even if he has signed 52 executive orders, many more than any other president—including Trump who was branded a dictator for signing any. And because the Army national guard continues to guard the seat of our illegitimate government. Just like a third world dictatorship.

Cookie Jill

It was a nice gesture on Dr. Biden’s part, bringing fresh-baked cookies in wicker baskets to the National Guard across from the WH to make up for the cold garage cement they went through the night before. For all Melania’s sophistication I can’t quite imagine her doing cookies. But then Trump wouldn’t have allowed the garage bit to begin with.

The First Lady may be a little frumpy (as Yahoo lifestyle saw it) but she’s attractively so and who doesn’t like cookies?

I would like to thank President Donald J. Trump for: 7 million new jobs; Middle-class income up $6,000; Record low unemployment; 7 million off food stamps; Historic tax reform; Rebuilt military; and Massive deregulation. This is just the beginning of the America FIRST movement!

Via @Lancegooden on Twatter

UPDATE: Not to mention the most glorious economy in 50 years, cratered by the Chinese Communist Party’s virus and the ill-considered lockdowns of mainly Dimocrat governors and mayors. Even the NYT wants it back, but there’s little chance Pedo Joe can deliver.

MORE: One of the 40 (!) EO’s Pedo Emperor Joe has signed brings back all the regs and then some. So kiss the good economy bye-bye and welcome back to the Bronco Bama doldrums.