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Solar panels catch fire

“According to internal documents obtained by CNBC, which originally reported the news, Amazon experienced ‘critical fire or arc flash events’ at six sites in North America with solar installations, representing about 12.7% of all applicable facilities.”

Also on the roof of a Bank of America in Plano.

Do you still want some on the roof of your house?

Via Fox News

UPDATE: Amazon shuts down facilities.

Unreliable electricity

Solar electric house

A good friend is boasting of $4 a month electricity bills after taking up the city’s offer to have solar panels installed on the roof of her single-family, three-bedroom, one-level house. She can use the extra money that would have gone to her electric bills. Hmm. Wonder if our all-electric condo’s Homeowners Association would be interested? They’ve probably considered it already. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: They rejected it because of the aesthetics of rooftop solar panels. But, now, after last year’s lengthy power outages, some are talking of forming a new committee to research the idea again.