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The Chariot tank

The things I like about Israel’s Merkava (Chariot) tank are its low profile in defilade and it’s rear exit-survivability. The latter alone is seldom found in the world’s other tanks which are wholly designed to fight.

“Combined with a tiny general population in which even minor personnel losses were felt across society, the Israeli military envisioned a tank which prioritized defensive capabilities and firepower above all else,” read the report, stating that “the construction of an entirely new class of main battle tank by Israel, a tiny country, is certainly a major achievement.”

Of course the rear-exit for the crew means the engine must go in front where it’s more vulnerable. Israel would rather save the crew to fight another day.

Via Jerusalem Post


Happy Hanukah

Another Black Pot*

Gretchen, the young leader of our Talmud study group of several years past, is applying to Hebrew Union College. She wants to become a rabbi. You go girl!

*Black pot was what the ancient rabbis, whose dialogues comprise the commentary on the Torah that is the Talmud, called themselves. Possibly derived from a nickname for Rabbi Zeira of the Jerusalem Talmud.