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BLM mob attacks Jews

Rabbi Yaacov Behrman of Chabad Lubavitch tweeted that he spoke with several of the men who were attacked, and one of them told him that the verbal abuse started before the scene shown in the video when one BLM supporter shouted ,“This isn’t your holocaust. You don’t belong here.”

Via United With Israel

L’Shana Tova

Apples & Honey and have a sweet new year, Ya’ll.

Google hate

YouTube channel GoyimTV only has a hundred ten subscribers and its entries are mainly old, as much as ten years old. But why does Google censor conservative Trump supporters while allowing this anti-Semitic hatred?

Fill The Void

Another good/great film story of Hassidic life, this time in Tel Aviv, unlike Shtisel which is in Jerusalem. But otherwise much the same, full of repressed emotion. A young girl’s decision to not-will-won’t-will marry her late sister’s husband, to keep her sister’s son in the immediate family.

The story ends so harshly, on the wedding night, with the girl, Israeli actress Hadas Yaron, who plays Libbi in Shtisel, backed into a corner in her wedding dress. Trembling, said several reviews, but I only noticed the trepidation on her face. And hoped her new husband would be kind.

Yaron won a best actress award for this role and it’s easy to see why. 


Rhymes with schnitzel. Family name in Hebrew. Also a great Israeli soap opera streaming on Netflix, which the pandemic has drawn me to. The great Shtisel. I  was relieved, just now, to find there’ll not only be a third season, but that Libbi is after Kiva. I like Libbi. Kiva is too dreamy for her. The great Shtisel!

Anti-Jewish Black Lives Matter

Just a few days ago. the BLM led pogroms against Jewish businesses and synagogues and other Jewish institutions in Los Angeles. Now cops and the National Guard are kneeling to them in multiple cities, including the police in Austin. Modern Orthodoxy protests:

“We at the Conference of Jewish Affairs are appalled and angered by the wanton destruction that rioters in the Los Angeles area have wrought on Jewish synagogues, institutions, and shops in the significant Jewish area along Fairfax.  Much of the destruction and defacement of these Jewish synagogues and stores is deliberate and targeted acts of anti-Semitism.

 “We have known for years that Black Lives Matters is an abhorrently anti-Israel and anti-Jewish organization.  This anti-Semitism has trickled down from Black Lives Matters into large segments of those rioting. …”

So far, as Sultan Knish says, major Jewish organizations and denominations as well as the major news media are silent. You aren’t really woke, folks. When will you learn you can’t fight hatred by joining hands with it?

Via Sultan Knish

Missing Pesach

I consumed a little matzah, but otherwise was out-of-action for Passover with a touch of vertigo and weariness. I slept right through it. No fever nor any of the other signs of the virus, so we’re good to go. Feel better this morning.