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Happy Hanukkah

From Neely’s Canyon and our clay friends the aging Maccabees, which Mr. Boy dubs “a classic,” a gift from the mother of a girl who broke up with me.

Hanukkah tip

Imagine if your cellphone was at 10 percent and lasted eight days. Now you understand Hanukkah! Which begins Sunday night, the 22nd.

Via Shalom Austin JCC

Front-line Trump

Hundreds of rabbis, including the chief rabbis of Israel, have signed a letter to President Trump declaring him blessed for recognizing Israeli sovereignty.

“The presidents of the United States have had the merit of standing at Israel’s side, of partnering in the realization of the prophetic vision of the return to Zion and the rebirth of Israel. A rare privilege has now presented itself to you: To be the first American president to blaze the trail for recognition of Israel’s sovereignty over Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, and now, over the recognition of Israel’s sovereignty over the Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria.”

Trump, they said, will be remembered in Jewish history as a “man who stood on the front-lines, unafraid.”

Via United With Israel

L’Shana Tova Y’all

Apples and honey, and all that jazz. Wishing you a sweet, happy and healthy Jewish new year, which begins at sundown.

The stolen mezuzah

It’s tempting to get paranoid and blame leftist anti-Semitism for the theft of our mezuzah on the rancho’s front door. But since our neighbors across the street still have theirs, we rather think it was taken by one of the multiple people who’ve been in and out prepping the house for sale. One in particular who bragged she collected souvenirs from the houses she worked on, though she denies it.

If I were more observant, I would have moved it to the mini-rancho the day we moved in.

Jew hate increasing

“So here is the near future: Every time the New York Times runs another anti-Semitic cartoon (and it will), each time a left-wing member of Congress questions the patriotism or morality of American Jews (and one will), and on every occasion Jewish students are harassed on campus (and they will be), we go another mile down the road to the well-known historical disaster that is looming ahead.”

Except this time Jews will not be disarmed. The sheep dogs among us will be carrying, while the sheep prattle on about love-thy-neighbor.

Via National Review

Girl With Gun

A bazooka, actually. In the IDF. And a paratrooper, no less (brown boots).