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Lyin’ Biden

That’s the title of a new category hereabouts. Let’s start with the Tree of Life Synagogue which Biden claims to have visited after the 2018 massacre that killed 11. Not so, says the synagogue’s rabbi. Biden never did.

In Biden’s America

“In Biden’s America, Jews are attacked on the street by Biden’s allies,”

—Kurt Schlichter via Twatter

UPDATE: The beat goes on.

Creepy Joe’s tricks

Creepy Joe’s snub of Israel is just his latest slick trick. His “Buy America” policy is only for companies with unions. And the obligatory “diversity.” Seems his former boss is wagging his puppet arms and pulling his strings too.


This is one of the best interviews on this topic that I’ve heard. Believe or don’t believe. Know or don’t know. Terri Daniel is amazing.

BLM mob attacks Jews

Rabbi Yaacov Behrman of Chabad Lubavitch tweeted that he spoke with several of the men who were attacked, and one of them told him that the verbal abuse started before the scene shown in the video when one BLM supporter shouted ,“This isn’t your holocaust. You don’t belong here.”

Via United With Israel

L’Shana Tova

Apples & Honey and have a sweet new year, Ya’ll.

Google hate

YouTube channel GoyimTV only has a hundred ten subscribers and its entries are mainly old, as much as ten years old. But why does Google censor conservative Trump supporters while allowing this anti-Semitic hatred?