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Rabbi rescued hostages, not FBI

“The hero rabbi held hostage in his Texas synagogue has credited active-shooter training for helping him save his congregants — revealing Monday that he threw a chair at the terrorist so they could finally escape.”

Video shows them running out a door, before the flash-bang grenade and gunfire erupted. But in most media, the FBI is getting credit for the rescue.

Via New York Post

UPDATE: WSJ’s assistant editor James Freeman has a good opinion piece on the rabbi’s actions headlined: Good Guy With A Chair.

How did terrorist get a visa?

“Gulbar Akram, the brother of terrorist Malik Faisal Akram, who took four hostages at the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Colleyville, Texas on Saturday, has revealed that his brother had a criminal record in comments to UK media, raising questions about how he was allowed into the United States.”

Why, indeed?

Via Breitbart News

UPDATE: We’re not likely to ever find out.

Tablet’s take on Colleyville


The FBI apparently did good work in freeing the hostages at Beth Israel, but, as usual, they were slow in releasing the name of the Muslim perp (UK citizen Malik Faisal Akram) who was killed in the process. And they denied any connection between his demand for the feds to release a convicted terrorist and his choice of taking hostages in a synagogue to make it.

Jacob Siegel, in a special report in Tablet Magazine’s emails but not, apparently, on Tablet’s site, reports that the terrorist, a Pakistani woman named Aafia Siddiqui, is well-known for being vocally anti-Jewish.

Siddiqui “…once wrote a letter to Barack Obama, according to Deborah Scroggins’ 2012 book ‘Wanted Women’ in which Siddiqui urged the former president: ‘Study the history of the Jews. They have always backstabbed everyone who has taken pity on them and made the fatal error of giving them shelter…This is why ‘holocausts’ keep happening to them repeatedly.’… During her federal trial in 2009, Siddiqui unsuccessfully petitioned the court to give jurors a DNA test to prove they were not Jewish.”

After her conviction and sentencing to 86 years for a mass-murder plot, Siddiqui said: “This is a verdict coming from Israel and not from America. That’s where the anger belongs.”

The Beth Israel takeover was not a happenstance but a clear continuation of the wars of radical Islam. And our own government’s potentially-fatal refusal to connect the dots in public.

Via Tablet Magazine

UPDATE: After President Biden called the hostage-taking an act of terror and antisemitism, the FBI updated its previous statement to this: “This is a terrorism-related matter, in which the Jewish community was targeted, and is being investigated by the Joint Terrorism Task Force.”

Synagogue takeover

Muslim took rabbi and four congregants hostage in Colleyville, northeast of Fort Worth, during morning sabbath services. He’s demanding the release of a convicted jihadist. Let one hostage go for medical reasons, the rest are still under duress as the night wears on. Police and FBI look worthless as they congregate outside. Lyin’ Biden regime says little. Prayers are about all that’re left.

UPDATE: Hostages safe, after 10 hours, Muslim reportedly dead. Reporters heard flash-bang grenade and gunshots. Maybe the police weren’t so worthless after all.

Chinese food

We not only ate Chinese on Christmas Day, as is customary for North American Jews, but we ate Chinese on Christmas Eve as well. Orange chicken and fried and white rice and potstickers and spring rolls and beef and broccoli, made by the loving Catholic hands of my sister-in-law and her wife. Love this note from the Net circa 2017:

Which isn’t, actually, about G-d, though he could probably use a good laugh. It’s more about Jews not being able to find any other open restaurants on Christmas Day. Though Jews and Christmas go together pretty well.

Carved in Stone

A different type of Holocaust survivor memoire, told in matter-of-fact, often heart-breaking style by Manny Drukier, the title taken from a Primo Levi quote about those who can forget and those for whom the memory is carved in stone. It’s pricey at $30 for the ebook, but worth it. The 2017 book is also the basis for a new documentary, called Finding Manny, so far only available at film festivals.

Jew hatred rising

“The spike in incidents began around the Jewish High Holy Days in September. In three different dorms, there were many reports of prayer scrolls, known as mezuzahs, missing from dormitory doors.”

Indiana University is not the sort of school you’d think would have this problem. It’s sort of a canary in the coal mine, showing how widespread this hatred of achievement is becoming.

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