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Pocahontas may have tiny trace of Indian blood

“…a potential 10th generation relative…” in a DNA test, reports the Boston Globe. Making [Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren] 1/1,024th Native American. Note that minuscule trace is only “a potential.”

“To put that in perspective, Warren might even be less Native American than the average European American,” Republican National Committee Deputy Communications Director Mike Reed said in an email, while saying this would “not give you the right to claim minority status.”

As Warren did on a Harvard teaching application and in an Association of American Law Schools teachers directory, thereby abusing affirmative action policies to her advantage.

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UPDATE:  Laughable that her “Native American” claimed result is actually only “Latin American,” specifically Mexico, Peru, or Columbia. And the Cherokee nation is pissed off.

Space Elevator Redux

The space elevator “games” of yore seem to have petered out, but here’s a new Japanese experiment that may lead to something more permanent.

“The ISS experiment, dubbed Space Tethered Autonomous Robotic Satellite–Mini elevator, or STARS-Me, was devised by physicists from Japan’s Shizuoka University. It will simulate on a small scale the conditions that the components of such a system would encounter. Cameras will examine the movement of a pair of tiny “cubesats” along a 10-meter tether in a weightless environment.”

Environmentalists probably would kill any American attempt to build one, but some other country (like Japan) might get it done.

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Pat Condell sticks it to the Jew haters

Which was promptly restricted by YouTube, apparently for calling out Muslims as prime perpetrators.

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Kavanaugh appears to be up the creek

A second woman, also dredging up forgotten memories, also not backed up by the people she names as witnesses, also with extensive radical Dim credentials (Soros, this time) accuses ole Brett of sexual misconduct.

The only way to save him is for the Stupid Party to immediately call for a vote. As of tomorrow morning. Damn the torpedoes. But they don’t have the balls.

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UPDATE:  Lost amid the cacophony of  the Dim accusations against Kavanaugh, and their lapdog media echo chamber, is the fact that the FBI concluded that their darling Anita Hill was not telling the truth.

MAGA cap thief indicted

San Antonian Kino Jimenez? He was already fired from his bar job when a video of his theft went viral. Now he’s going to have to hire a lawyer to keep him out of prison.

“Theft of person is a state jail felony punishable by a minimum of six months or maximum of two years in state jail. Jimenez, who has no felony convictions [but multiple misdemeanor ones], would be eligible for probation or deferred adjudication if found guilty.”

Way to go, Bexar County grand jury! Justice at last.

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Millennial confusion

Mueller’s team of Democrat thugs

From WSJ commenter Loyde Yates:

“Sure, Cohen lied on his taxes and that was wrong. So have many of you. I’m not justifying it, and when a person gets caught through the ordinary course of checking, they certainly deserve to be punished.But that is not what happened. Because Cohen was a former attorney for Donald Trump, Mueller’s team of thugs inspected him with a fine tooth comb. Not too surprisingly, they found something and were able to use the tax charges to extract a guilty plea for something that wasn’t even a provable crime—failure to declare a campaign benefit.

“It is called a witch hunt. If you support that approach to justice, you may be next.”