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That self-immolating “environmentalist”

“Factually, [gay attorney and loony tunes enviro activist David] Buckel did nothing to lower his own carbon footprint, and actually chose the most carbon-producing (and gruesome) way to bring attention to his cause. Add to that the fact that this man felt his own death was required in service of his beliefs, and it’s apparent that he needed help (which he did not get).”

Which certainly could be said for other members of the Loony Left as well.

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Chaos in Arabic, the title of a brilliant television series now playing on Netflix. I just finished the 12th and final episode of the first season of this Israeli production, which the anti-Israel B(oycott)D(ivest)S(anctions) movement has threatened to sue to stop.

No wonder. It’s a revealing look at both sides of “the situation,” which the Israelis call the continuous war between them and the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians. It’s a rounded look that succeeds in making even the terrorists sympathetic. But in doing so it shatters some myths: for one the idea that the Palies live in “camps,” when in fact they live in cities with concrete and glass buildings.

“We gave a face to the other side,” Fauda’s Israeli co-creator and star Lior Raz told The Wrap last year. “We show the complexity of the conflict to the point where the viewer doesn’t know how to feel anymore.”

Not quite, for me, who still favors Israel, but close. I feel more than ever that the Palies are the victims of their own dictatorial government. The second season of Fauda on Netflix starts May 24.

Put the Easter Bunny in a burka

“For the 18th year in a row, Google refused to honor the Christian holiday of Easter with a celebratory “doodle” on its website, despite commemorating similar Hindu and Jewish festivals and dedicating an entire page to the Muslim festival of Ramadan.”

Never mind Jesus. Put the Easter Bunny in a burka. That would inspire the Googlers.

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“If The Number Of Islamic Terror Attacks Continues At The Current Rate, Candlelight Vigils Will Soon Be The Number-One Cause Of Global Warming. ”
Argus Hamilton

Or school shootings, we might add.

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Incompetence versus gun control

“In many cases the FBI either knew about these shooters, would have if they were monitoring social media, or should have known. It became obvious some time ago that our nation has a problem with taking action to root out incompetence.”

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Hollyweird hypocrites

Just like the Pope railing again closed borders while living behind a Vatican wall, Hollyweird’s gun control advocates enjoy multiple layers of armed security.

“Indeed, there will be road closures to prevent people breaching a security perimeter made up of a wall of ten-foot gates and barricades, FBI agents, and firefighters. Police helicopters will be buzzing above and private security guards from Security Industry Specialists will be inside the Dolby Theater.”

So impressive, their demand for the pols to take away our guns.

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UPDATE: “Imagine if every school was as protected as the Oscars.”

The media loves mass shootings

Absolutely true. And not only mass shootings but any disaster from floods to tornadoes. “Because tragedy is their business model.”

Reason being they’re easy to cover and the coverage goes on for days, even weeks, filling the time or space that would otherwise have to be filled by creativity.

Which is in very short supply these days. Modern journalists being liberal Democrat operatives who are dumb as rocks.

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