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Modern Times

“Welcome To Kindergarten!

“Everyone say your name, your pronoun and sexual preferences.”

Via JimBob in the Washington Examiner

Abortion will still be legal

Even if Roe v Wade is overturned, as the leaked draft opinion is expected to do if it becomes real, abortion won’t become illegal. That will be up to the individual states, where prior to Roe, most held abortion to be illegal, but none do any more. Some states, like California and New York, will make it more explicitly legal. Some, like, say, Wyoming, may make it illegal. I doubt Texas will make it illegal, just keep the existing law which makes it legal up to about six weeks of pregnancy. Which the pro-choicers oppose and already are suing to increase. Frankly, I’m sick of the whole issue.

Loved one in Shoal Creek

Our loved one, who shall remain anonymous, was booked into Austin’s private psychiatric hospital at Shoal Creek last night. They’re on suicide watch, after having attempted it twice with overdoses of pills. More to come.

Panic freeze

Now that the weather liars have forecast freezes with possible precipitation on Thursday and Friday nights, some people at Neely’s Canyon are panicking. Thinking back to last February. When water lines all over town froze up and burst such that they flooded when thawed out.

And then were denied water altogether until the pipes were fixed over a week or more. But that takes a hard freeze. Not just hitting the low twenties and bouncing back up but staying there for two or three hours. We’ll see if that happens. But we will comply with dripping faucets on outside walls. Just in case.

UPDATE: Indeed, Friday morning was down to 27 where it stayed for several hours. Not sure that’s really a hard freeze, but time will tell. Hard freezes kill a lot of our bugs, including scorpions. Saturday morning supposed to be even colder, with a possible low of 24.

MORE: Friday morning it fell to 26 and 27 where it again stayed for several hours. Ought to have minimum of bugs this year as a result.

Biden’s year summarized

No one among the thousands who stormed the Capitol a year ago today has been charged with insurrection or treason, only trespassing, yet the Dims keep prattling on about an attempted coup as heinous as Pearl Harbor. Even Lyin’ Biden got into the act, such that former President Trump fired back in a neat summary of Pedo Joe’s first year in office:

“Our Country no longer has Borders, has totally and completely lost control of Covid (record numbers!), is no longer Energy Independent, Inflation is rampant, our Military is in chaos, and our exit, or surrender, from Afghanistan was perhaps the most embarrassing day in the long and distinguished history of the United States—and so much more,” Trump continued.

And Slippery Joe still has three more years to further f*** things up.

Via Fox News

Electric car hazards

Now that Lyin’ Biden is pushing electric cars (naturally without providing power plants with sufficient capacity) we have to worry about pedestrians—and not just in Waukesha Xmas parades.

“Electric vehicles are quiet enough to create a safety concern, particularly for visually impaired pedestrians, even with artificial sounds implemented, a study presented Tuesday during the Acoustical Society of America meeting in Seattle found.”


Brandon’s unreliable energy

He’s planning wind farms offshore along most of the U.S. coastline. (But not his share of it nor off Cape Cod we bet). Wait’ll they freeze up and go offline, like they did in Texas back in February. It’s hard enought to maintain the ones on land, let alone in the ocean. Then he’ll see his party go down the tubes. Besides being stupid, FJB really likes to screw Americans in the name of climate change. As if he could stop it.

“I think they know the consequences for ordinary Americans will be bad. Their motivation is connected to The Great Reset, not to making Americans’ lives better. And what they are “pondering” is how bad the political backlash might be if they make this particular move at this time.”

Via PowerLine & The New Neo