Fictional white supremacy

“Meanwhile, the actual Left-wing terrorists who committed the act of terrorism at Harden’s pro-life center remain uncaught, unpunished, and unchallenged. Harden even suggested during his appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show that maybe the FBI itself is behind the firebombing of pro-life centers. Surely the feds wouldn’t stoop so low, would they? Would they?”

Why not? They specialize in false flags and phony conspiracies.

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Rule 5: Yasmin Lapin


“The great country singer, Loretta Lynn, passed away today. She was beautiful both inside and out, with the voice of an angel. She will never be forgotten and thankfully, her music will go on forever. Rest In Peace, Loretta!”

And have fun when you’re not.

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White Lives Matter

T-shirt slogan by Kanye West

Italy’s fair election

“Many leftists here were surely hoping that the results of the Italian election would suddenly pivot away from Giorgia Meloni in the late counting. Unfortunately for them, Italy has voter ID and the mules there all have four legs and eat grass. An honest election! #2000Mules

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Rule 5: Daisy Christina

Kicked off Twatter

They deleted my followers and erased my twats. No reason given nor explanation. No big loss. It was a stupid time-waster anyway. They finally figured out I was bashing Lyin’ Biden and giving hearts and retwats to Trump stuff. And, yes, I know the real name. I just don’t care to use it. FT.

UPDATE: Account restored. Pity. I rather enjoyed being a political martyr.