Jan 6 unravels

“They won’t answer any questions, but we have a question, which is how in a free country guided by the Constitution were these people allowed to withhold evidence from Jacob Chansley’s lawyer? How could that happen?”

—Tucker Carlson, using security camera video tape to show how lying political liars lie.

Trivializing the profound

Some outrage, perhaps misplaced, from parents of students in a Long Island high school over an intimate sex survey. I couldn’t help keying on one question. It asked how many sex partners have you had in your life?

According to the Aggie this is a common question among teenagers these days. They call it the body count.

In fact, it reminds me of a recent Facebook “reel” as they call videos people can post now along with the family pics: A man and a woman meeting for the first time. She: I like you. He: I like you too. She: We should make love some time.


Rule 5: Ellana Bryan

Laguna Gloria is still for lovers

If they can ignore some of the more tasteless modern stuff. Contemporary “art” is for the educated, no longer the masses. Some of it is just plain weird. But Laguna Gloria’s grounds and 1906 villa are quite magnificent. Especially their setting on the shores of Lake Austin. Quiet, treed beauty in the heart of West Austin.

Ten bucks per person these days but there is a cafe.

A love letter

The Aggie’s girlfriend lost her grandfather a few days ago after a long illness. She wrote him this love letter:

“How blessed I am to have had a grandpa like you. To my number one supporter and biggest fan..I am going to miss all the nights watching Wheel of Fortune with you, hearing your slippers glide across the entire house, and always hearing “let’s do this again sometime” after every meal. Until I see you again, I love you Poppee. 💕

1938–the last time TCU was a national champ

Texas Christian University, which goes by TCU these days, will take on Georgia Jan 9. Here’s hoping the Horned Frogs win it again, 85 years later. Underestimate the horny toads at your peril.

UPDATE: Uh, no peril. That was embarrassing. The horny toads left their defense back home in Fort Worth. Their offense wasn’t in the game much either: Georgia 65, TCU 7.


Rule 5: Paratrooper boots