Rule 5: Aliss Bonython

Ford is a fraud

I’ve read all the reports I can find on the Ford-Kavanaugh controversy and with today’s refusal to testify Monday as desired by the Judiciary Committee, plus making the astounding demand that he testify first before he’s heard her accusations, I’ve decided she’s a fraud.

Her accusations are pure nonsense from an anti-Trump activist—a pussy-hat wearer no less—and should be treated as such. Ignore her multiple demands and call the vote on his nomination. Up or down. Do it now. Then let the full Senate vote. Otherwise, she’ll stall forever. Because she’s a fraud to begin with.

Not that I expect the Stupid Party to do it.

UPDATE:  It’s like having an argument with your crazy girlfriend.

MORE: Ford’s new demand: “She will testify, but only from a ski lift. She’ll be on a up chair & senators will yell Qs from the downward chairs.”—Ann Coulter

Groper Biden

There’s more evidence of Biden groping women than Kavanaugh. And it’s  been photographed, too.

Via Instapundit

Mediacrats hit bottom, dig

“To hide their complicity in the biggest political scandal of all time, which included the weaponization of the nation’s most powerful government agencies to spy on a rival presidential campaign; the illegal leaking of classified information to friendly journalists to defame American citizens associated with the campaign; and the sabotage of an incoming presidency, the media is happy to distract us with manufactured non-scandals that advance the political interests of their friends.”

It’s likely that Trump’s declassification of FISA documents and related material, already being decried by CNN and other outlets and stalled by the DOJ and FBI, will also expose Mediacrat collusion.

Via American Greatness and PJMedia

MORE: Via RealClearInvestigations: “A trail of evidence appearing in major news outlets suggests a campaign to undermine President Trump from within the government through illegal leaks of classified information, and then thwart congressional investigators probing the disclosures.”

The Groper hits the Dregs

Joey “The Groper” Hairplugs (aka Biden) claims the dregs of society ally with Trump. Ha! Dregs or deplorables, I’ll take it.

Smear artist DiFi…

…may be the most corrupt politician in the U.S. Senate. Not that the legacy media gives a shit. They’re running with her smear of Judge Kavanaugh and ignoring her ChiSpy of 20 years. Not to mention her husband’s deals with the Chinese.

But, then, so is Fart, Barf & Itch.

“The Chinese agent is apparently working without annoyance in California. Feinstein is running for reelection. I wonder if he is planning to vote for her.”

Why not? She’ll probably win.

Texas 37, USC 14

The Longhorns routed the Trojans. Presumably knocking USC out of its 22nd ranking and putting themselves in some similar position. Or not. Next week: a ranked TCU which lost to Ohio State.

UPDATE:  Oops, Texas A&M grabbed the 22nd spot, on the strength of beating two creampuffs. Meanwhile, USC fell off the chart altogether and TCU fell to 17th. Beat TCU and UT should be ranked.