Twitter fails disclose conflict

Why did they pick a mail-in-fraud Trump tweet for their first “fact check” of the president? Could it be their investment in outfits that push mail-in ballots?

Via Breitbart News Syndicate

Buying a tv

A smart one, no less, after nine months without one of any kind. Smallish, to cover the fireplace which Bar and I agree is unlikely to be used for fires from worrying about Checkers the cat getting into the dying embers.

Should have access to YouTube and etc. Already paying for Spectrum cable (packaged with Internet which we do use), but found we were satisfied with watching stuff on our phones. Until…

Came down to Bar’s missing the History channel and Animal Planet. Besides, it’s time to do our part for revival of the consumer economy since we can afford it and many can’t. Stay tuned.


Rule 5: Marcela Baccarim

The Green Nude Eel

Ed Driscoll’s mockery of AOC’s socialist gambit that Biden would implement.

Via Instapundit

Watching a piece of history

President Trump and Vice-President Pence plan to go see SpaceX launch a pair of veteran astronauts to the ISS station on Wednesday, the first launch of people from our soil since 2011.

They will ride in a Crew Dragon capsule atop a Falcon 9 heavy off old Pad 39A in Florida. Pity it’s not in South Texas, where SpaceX is planning to do launches.

With the president in attendance, and running for re-election, a lot is riding on this in addition to the two astronauts. Good luck to all.

Finger raper Biden steps in it

Biden’s always steppin’ in it. For many years. But this time he’s pissed off some black opinion leaders by being condescending to them and the black community at large.

Well, he is a pedo, a groper and a finger raper—all of which rely on being condescending to other people. He thinks he’s cool. He’s a buffoon.

UPDATE: Conservative economist Thomas Sowell, who is black,  on Twitter: “Never interfere with an enemy who is destroying himself” — Sun Tzu


Rule 5: Amish beauty