You go, Joe!

“I’m happy to take questions, if that’s what I’m supposed to do, Nance. Whatever you want me to do.”

His picture then disappeared, replaced by a White House symbol.

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Texas opening

Any business that wants to can open without crowd restrictions and the statewide mask mandate is rescinded, says Gov. Greg Abbott. Sure to be opposition from various Dimocrat mayors, especially Austin’s Adler.

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UPDATE: Austin Mayor Steve Adler and Travis County Judge Andy Brown, both Dimocrats, urged us to keep masking. They said the governor’s action is an attempt to distract from his handling of the statewide power outages. Of course they would say that.


Rule 5: Alex Blair

Texas Independence Day

Celebrating the 185th anniversary of Texas Independence and the fall of the Alamo. With one little problem, the attempted canceling of the whole enterprise by the chief historian of Texas State Historical Association.

“Walter Buenger, Ph.D. and TSHA chief historian, recently slammed the Alamo as an insignificant battle then and a monument to white supremacy now. The facts don’t support that at all.”

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Now the washer doesn’t work

Joining the dishwasher and the kitchen sink faucets. And no word from the plumber. Time to find another one if we can. Start with Lowes, where I bought the washer. And the dishwasher, as it happens.

UPDATE: Washer repair coming today! Dishwasher and kitchen sink water pressure repair possibly this week.

Happy Birthday, Dad

He’d be 99 today, if he hadn’t passed over to the other side in 1988, at the age of 66. Happy Birthday, anyway, and many thanks. Love you, Rich

Storm tales: Aftermath

From Tabatha in the Wood Creek apartments of North West Hills 2 days ago:

“This makes week 2 of no hot water. Running water finally (I know it could be worse) called maintenance put in orders…still nothing. Starting to get sick from having to take freezing cold showers. Rent is coming up too and my husband was out of work for a week and a few days…”

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