Beto almost pulled it out

I was wrong, in an earlier post, saying that “little Beto…[took] a whipping” in the mid-terms. Instead, he came close to beating Cruz. I guess a lot of Texans (or else newbies from Mexifornia) want gun control, an end to fracking, open borders and Medicare for all.

That’s scary, but that’s what Beto the fake Mexican stood for, among other lefty issues. And with his $70 million from California and New York backers and the Mediacrats backing he came within 2.6 points of winning. If the east and west coasts can buy interior elections, that’s bad news for everyone.

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Sina Drums

Way (waaaay) back in high school I had a trumpet-playing band with a drummer who could barely be controlled from trying to take over. He could have used Sina’s masterly finesse. She’s going to be a superstar one day.

Is Matt Whitaker a street fighter?

That’s what the country needs, after two years of courtly, feckless, under-the-radar Jeff Sessions. You’d certainly have to think so the way the Dims are after Whitaker to recuse himself from the Mueller hoax, which he reportedly won’t do. Instead he will take over for Rosenputz.

We need an AG to also take on the Dim election fraud ongoing in Florida, Georgia and Arizona; Felonia’s emails which should have gotten her an indictment; and the Clapper-Brennan-FBI-DOJ collusion in spying on the Trump campaign. Which the Mueller hoax-probe was designed to cover up.

The alleged unconstitutionality of Whitaker’s appointment is just that, alleged, while the law is clear: Whitaker can serve as acting AG for 210 days, though the clock resets once Trump nominates someone to serve in the position permanently. If Whitaker wants to be nominated he surely knows what to do.

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Dear Diary…

Dear Diary… I not only got attacked by an intern trying to take my microphone away but my White House press pass was revoked. They said it was only suspended, but I know better/CNN correspondent Jim Acosta.

Oh, happy day! Please don’t give it back no matter what.

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Rule 5: Chelo Pons

Anti-Israel Dims won

Breitbart’s Joel Pollack on Twitter:

“VA-05 aside, a lot of anti-Israel Democrats are winning tonight. It’s more a sign of where the party is moving than anything like a referendum on the Issue, but the issue is now a fully partisan one. The Democrats are anti-, the Republicans are pro-, with very few exceptions 🇮🇱🇺🇸

Me: Could this finally become the turning point in American Jewish voting?

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It’s voting day

I’ll update this as the day goes on, with final results at the end of the day. I plan to vote when the polls open here, since my voting place is just up the road from the Rancho and opens at 7 a.m. CST.

As usual I will be voting straight R, but without Mrs. Charm’s voting straight D to cancel me out. Barbara Ellen doesn’t believe in voting.

UPDATE:  The worst result is that the Dims take back the House, which means that crazy bitch Maxine Waters will get a chairmanship to play obstructionist against Trump and subpoena everyone in his admin. Ordinarily I think it’s a good thing to have the Congress held by one party and the White House by another. But the Dims are so incredibly stupid and vile… At least the GOP keeps the Senate which will make throwing Trump out of office highly unlikely. And some of the vilest Dims, like that nutcase wannabe Socialist-governor in Florida went down to defeat. Was not surprised to see little Beto also take a whipping.