Rule 5: Stephanie Viada

Freedom is the heart of America

The promise of free stuff may enliven young voters and make them turn out to vote for Bernie. Those that actually do vote, instead of getting distracted and forgetting about it. Very distractable, the young. Like the old, oddly enough.

But, as The Washington Examiner‘s Hugo Gurdon writes, Trump really wants Bernie as an opponent. He wants to slay the socialist dragon once and for all, which he will because “Socialism is antithetical to freedom and freedom is the heart of America.”

Economist Thomas Sowell on Twitter: “Any system which allows some people to exercise unbridled power over others is an open invitation to abuse, whether that system is called slavery or socialism or something else.”


Getting back into daily meditation again, because it helps keep me calm, cool and collected. I like mantras, used with slow breathing, but I also like guided ones with a voice and music. Like any free recording by Suzanne Giesemann.

Like the Abraham-Hicks Getting Into The Vortex. Strange that the Abraham-Hicks folks canceled a planned workshop in Austin tomorrow. Have to find out what that’s all about. It seems to be the inevitable problem of being an aging woman trying to solo after the death of her husband nine years ago.

Another scorpion

A small, red one about an inch long, in our bedroom at Neely’s Canyon. I smashed  and flushed it. Called Bugmaster for a re-treat. They’ll come on Monday.

That’s four I’ve seen since we moved into the Mini-Rancho: three red ones (one big, 5-incher) and one brown. The sting of the browns are said to hurt less but I don’t want either one. Will continue to shake out my shoes and other clothes in the morning. I worry most about our kitty getting hurt, and Bar who pads around the place barefoot while I wear shoes.

UPDATE:  I’ll let Bugmaster continue, since it kills the bugs scorpions eat, but for the little bastards themselves, I’ve ordered an insecticide praised by reviewers in Arizona, land of millions of them.


Rule 5: Nicole Mahany

Squirrels in love

Ever seen squirrels make love? I did this morning, out the kitchen window to the slope of the canyon. They used their fore paws to hug each other and what looked like kissing. Rolling around on the ground and up a tree. Then one of them mounted the other from behind, briefly, before resuming the hugging and kissing. Love is everywhere!

Close Quarters

Don’t know why I never read this Vietnam war novel until now. It came out in 1977 and is awfully good. M-113 personnel carriers used as assault vehicles, just what I would have blundered into had I dropped my OCS application when they closed Armor OCS and the Infantry at Benning was all that was left.

A dozen or so did drop and all but one (who was sent to Germany) of us drafted Armored Cavalry Scouts got sent to Nam with the 5th Mech or the 11th ACR. And probably wound up being drivers or TC’s like veteran author Larry Heinemann’s Flip Dosier, who became lean and mean like the story itself.

But despite a few incongruities (Armor guys didn’t qualify for CIBs, Larry) and way too much weed (satisfying the protesters who were sure we all did it all the time like they did) the plain-spoken story rings true. Read it, if you haven’t already.