Gettysburg: America’s ‘Love Battle’

The failed Rebel attacks on the Union defensive lines of July 2 and 3 ended with both armies licking their wounds on July 4, while the Southerners buried their dead on the battlefield and mourned their great loss.

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NY thumbs nose at Supremes

So the Supremes told New York you can’t be restrictive on who gets a concealed carry permit. So New York’s Dimocrats passed a law requiring many more restrictions than before plus making oodles of public places (such as playgrounds and Times Square) gun free zones. Where no one can carry concealed at all. Except for criminals, of course.

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Aspen a**holes strike

Amazing. And they put it in a written letter and signed it, no less. With many, many lawsuits to follow. I actually have an old acquaintance who lives there. A retired Green Beret who seems to be a fish out of water, politically at any rate. He’s having technology challenges at the moment, leaving his phone on the third floor of his condo, whilst downstairs. Memory problems? Hard to tell.

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Shark attacks

Seem to be increasing on both coasts (and probably in the Gulf as well), according to Fox News.

“Please stay close to the shore. Being far from the shore makes it harder for lifeguards or police or anyone who is going to help you get to you,” [New York beach authority] Curran said. “Swim in groups. If you are swimming alone, a shark may think you’re their natural prey.”

Sharks are big and scary. I had an encounter years ago while scuba diving in deep water off Palm Beach. A Tiger Shark, a good ten feet long, circled the anchor line I was holding onto about six feet below me. I would have gotten out immediately but I was decompressing after a sojourn at 100 feet so I had to wait a few minutes while the circling went on. Was never so happy to be out of the water when time was up.


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More triple digits

It’s almost enough to make you believe in global warming. Hottest June on record and one of the hottest 4th of July forecast, at 101 degrees with more triple digits to come next week and ahead. Almost. The June record would be more impressive if the record wasn’t so short—only about 170 years. As for the 4th and subsequent triple digits, well, that’s what we normally get starting in July. Probably won’t be much cooling before September. As usual.