The ghost of Sarah Palin…

will haunt the Mediacrats. Watch them do all they can to protect Kamala Harris, the racist demented perv Joe Biden’s pick for his veep. They utterly trashed Sarah Palin, the last woman veep pick, and even beat up on her children.

“…the corporate media, who saw in her a threat to the election of Barack Obama, decided to tear her apart, to destroy her politically, even if that meant destroying her personally.”

Nothing about the Republican Palin was out-of-bounds, making even her running mate John McCain tired of her because she drew all the publicity, but not in a good way. By the time he lost the election, they weren’t speaking.

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Rule 5: Svetlana Kasharova

Suppressing cheap HCQ

“Last week, [conservative] PragerU was locked out of its Twitter account for retweeting a press conference of eight physicians in Washington, D.C., which had already received 17 million views, and Facebook has just informed us that if we even cite studies that show possible benefits of hydroxychloroquine (with zinc) in the early stages of a patient with COVID-19, we will lose our Facebook account.”

HCQ is cheap. Vaccines are not. Big Tech and Big Pharma know best.

Barr on Trump: friendly, even funny

The U.S. attorney general said in his interview on Life, Liberty, and Levin, that the president is nothing like he’s portrayed in the fake-news media. He’s convivial, seriously seeking advice from multiple sources before making a major decision, friendly and even funny.

What a pity this good man can’t be appreciated by the big-corporation partisan journalists and thus conveyed to the rest of us accurately. All he gets from them is almost constant harassment. That’s what happens when the press is wedded to one political party. The reporting is distorted.

Best Trump quote

Joel Pollack of Breitbart News reclaimed it:

“The Green New Deal is childish. It’s for children. It’s not for adults.”

That’s the Dims, alright, always playing to fantasy land.

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Rule 5: Latecia Thomas

HCQ lifesaver

“Massive International Study Shows Countries with Early HCQ Use Had 79% Lower Mortality Rate –…We Are Talking Over 100,000 American Lives!”

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UPDATE: 53 studies in favor to 14 against, the media & Dr. Fauci are killing Americans