Girls of the IDF

Taking a break from plus-size for the girls who carry guns everywhere,

Smoking prevents Covid

“After a brief burst of incredulous coverage in the spring of 2020, the media soon lost interest in the hypothesis that smokers are less likely to get Covid-19, but dozens of studies have been quietly published in the past two-and-a-half years which confirm it. I have been listing them on my blog and last week added the hundredth study. It seems a good time to stop. By any reasonable standard, the jury is in.

“Of the 100 studies from around the world, 87 of them show a statistically significant reduction in SARS-CoV-2 infection risk among current smokers as compared to non-smokers. Seven of them found no statistically significant association either way. Two of them found mixed results. Four of them found a positive association between smoking and infection, although three of these looked at people with a genetic propensity to smoke rather than at smokers themselves.”

Seems to be the answer why I haven’t had Covid despite direct exposure to at least three sufferers.

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Rule 5: Svetlana Kashirova

Go Horned Frogs!

TCU will take care of Michigan in the Fiesta Bowl!

And go on to take Georgia or Ohio State! in the College Football Playoffs.

Seems doable.

Dims paid millions

Orders from the government

“Twitter acting by itself to suppress free speech is not a 1st amendment violation, but acting under orders from the government to suppress free speech, with no judicial review, is.” —-Elon Musk on Twitter.


Rule 5: Bree Kish