The Russians did it

That’s how the Trumpet won, you see. The Rooskies hacked the election to keep the feared Hildabitch from becoming president.

It wasn’t her lackluster $1.2 billion campaign (to his mere $600 million one), in which she never once visited the battleground states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. It wasn’t her multiple email illegalities and the FBI’s on-again, off-again investigation of them. Nor even her multiple lies, covered-up obvious health problems and overall stupidity.

Nope. It was Russia!

UPDATE: Unless… All those mendacious federal statistical chickens of lowering unemployment and Obamacare progress finally came home to roost.

And Trump’s reaction? A bronx cheer.

Hagzilla’s bogus popular vote

Think about it. All these wounded Democrats crowing about how the Hildabitch won the popular vote and so the electoral college is meaningless, etc. and she should be handed the presidency.

Except… Her more than 4 million popular votes more than Trump were in California alone. A good chunk of them very likely illegals, felons and the dead. She won one state and he won 49. Popular vote wise.

More fake news

The WaPo (who else besides the NYslimes?) is whining about Trump’s retired generals—two in the cabinet and one as an adviser. Even pretending there has been independent (as opposed to WaPo generated) concern about a military dictatorship-in-the-making.

Such a selective memory, these Democrat lapdogs display when it’s convenient to their politics. In 2008, president-elect Obama likewise nominated three flag officers, two generals and an admiral. There was nary a peep of concern.

Via Drudge and Washington Examiner

UPDATE:  Meanwhile, right on schedule, after eight years of downplaying homelessness because it might reflect on the lousy Democrat economy, guess what the Democrat lapdog media is suddenly concerned about? Yep.

Rule 5: Ivanka Trump


President Elect Trump’s secret weapon: His eldest daughter, an executive veep of his empire, who reportedly is his muse and who convinced him to run for president. Not bad for an Orthodox Jew. She. Modern Orthodox, of course.

Fireside tweets

“But FDR made people feel like he cared, even though he was a rich man from New York who had never been poor himself. Now another rich man from New York seems to be repeating the formula. FDR gave the Democrats two decades of political dominance. Today’s Democrats should be worrying that Trump could do the same for the Republican Party.”

Once he’s vetoed a few of their ill-considered bills and they’ve moved into cooperation mode. Although we can only hope Trump doesn’t turn into an FDR with a blizzard of new agencies. Seems unlikely for a man who wants to cut taxes and prune business regulations. Shoot, he might even cancel a few agencies.

But my favorite of his early policies isn’t the fireside tweet. It’s the way he’s turned meet the press into delete the press. They need him. He sure as hell doesn’t need them.

Via Instapundit.

Trump and China

Trump is right to talk to Taiwan. Whenever he chooses. On whatever grounds. Let China bitch. We have bowed down to them for too long—8 long years to be precise.

Our little Barry Hussein, the U.S.’s bower-in-chief, has all but prostrated himself before one tyrant after another. Our resident weakling.

“In April of 2010 at international meeting in Washington Obama bowed deeply (a submissive gesture) to Hu [Jintao].  [China’s paramount leader] Hu stood erect and stared at Obama ( sign of dominance),” recalled WSJ commenter Rick Williams.

Can you imagine Trump bowing to any foreign leader? Queen Elizabeth, you say? I wouldn’t bet on it.


Only five of me in the country?

Well, only five people named Dick Stanley. According to this site anyhow.

They say there’s twenty people named Donald Trump. So us’uns is rarer still.

Of course there’s actually only one of me. You lucky readers, you.

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