I like Jesse Watters

For years I avoided the common taters on Fox news, but lately I have been partaking and some of them are quite interesting, even compelling. Such as Watters of Watters World. He’s a good video editor too. Hey, he even promoted personal fireworks on the 4th, when most cities outlaw them. Cool.


How appropriate, on Independence Day, for the flyover of our warbirds. This time in the northeast, where the Revolution largely took place, but we got a few WW2 vintage warbirds if you were up at 8 a.m. Otherwise you could watch the replay on your phone.

I’m sure the pacifists greet these displays with disquiet. So does this old infantryman, knowing Trump hasn’t produced a new war yet nor does he aspire to, but thinking ahead, to some martial Dimocrat or Rino, how disquieting indeed could these bellicose displays become.

Would it be any better to see a few birds without bombs, say DC-10s and Boeing 747s, other than Air Force One?

Funeral services pending

“The Clintons announce funeral services are pending for Bill’s girlfriend, Ghislane.”

Via Juanita Broaddrick on Twitter


Aunt Jemima & Uncle Ben

Abortion rolls on

“It’s a matter of perspective – when’s a baby a baby, or Can anyone here force a woman to have a baby? Try evoking your will on any ‘free’ person – they will rebel against you. Pass a law that will federally outlaw abortions – you’ll just be creating a new crime category, a new crime syndicate, a new underground network. I’m pretty sure you’ll be fighting this battle forever, humans.”


Wuhan Diary

“Ultimately, Wuhan Diary is a worthy read because it presents a first-hand account from an honest, thoughtful, and rational observer who also had the power of words. As the Chinese government is busy portraying itself in the most positive light, suppressing truth and any dissent, Fang Fang’s book preserves the memory of the reality in the ground zero of the pandemic.”

Via The Federalist

Barr on the scores of indictments coming

But trying to stop the riots, and burning. and looting is harder when local and state Dimocrat-directed authorities won’t do their jobs. Give it a listen.