The President-Elect’s New Mind Set

Building the southern border wall could happen a lot sooner than you think.

“Trump has a completely different mind set than a politician. Sean Hannity asked him how long it would take for him to set up a group to study what needs to be done to improve boarder security. Trump looked at him like he had two heads. I’m not going to do that, Trump answered. I’m going to ask the guys down there what they need and give it to them. A different way of doing business.”

No more study-the-problem-to-death until it’s overshadowed by something else.

Via Maaku Proud Deplorable, a commenter at Instapundit.

Trump is the new CEO

One of the coolest, most loyal celebrity supporters of President-Elect Trump is Scott Adams, creator-cartoonist of the Dilbert series. Here’s his take on what Trump is up to now:

“Trump is attacking the job like a seasoned CEO, not like a politician. He knows that his entire four-year term will be judged by what happens before it even starts. What he does today will determine how much support and political capital he has for his entire term.

“So what does a Master Persuader do when he needs to create a good first impression to last for years? He looks around for any opportunity that is visible, memorable, newsworthy, true to his brand, and easy to change. Enter Ford. Enter Carrier.”

I only remember one incoming new executive editor who followed this practice in my 35 years in the news biz and he soon tired of it and went back to the old way of doing business. It became what I called the “Great Leap In Place.” The whole newsroom enjoyed the rarified air of change for about a month before coming back down to the old reality. But that was the hypocritical news biz which is now in financial disarray, both because of Internet competition and it’s sold-out-to-the-Democrats misdealing with, yep, the new ceo Trump.

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Bob Dylan was never my poet

I sorta liked “A Hard Rain Is A’Gonna Fall,” but otherwise. Folk music was a joke. And the hard rain didn’t really fall. LBJ retired to the ranch. The only people who got really wet were us veterans of his fuckedup war. Howsomeever.

“We are not a folk but a church, and our native music is church music–the Battle Hymn with its quotation of Isaiah 63, for example, or “The Year of Jubilo,” whose hymnal roots I analyzed here. Our popular poetic language is that of our national epic, the King James Bible. We sang the go-to-meeting songs of the Methodists and other Protestant denominations. This informed the spirituals of black slaves who gave us our first original art form. American folk music? Gospel is as close as we get to such a concept.”

The most authentic thing Dylan ever did—besides going electric—was to refuse to go accept his Nobel Prize for Literature. He knew he was a phony.

Read the rest from a practicing Modern Orthodox Jew.

Fear mongering

The anti-Trump poop is getting really deep here in Lefty-land Austin. But this is a new one.

Picked up Mr. B. tonight after his Spanish club meeting. Drove past his favorite burger joint, a local shop called Wally’s. There, on Wally’s digital sign in big green letters: Pray For Our Nation.

Mrs. C. and I did too good a job, I said, meaning our time at the daily with its dominant Democrat reporting narrative and editorial viewpoint. The Democrats of course, are in low dudgeon and high smear as usual when they lose.

But Pray For Our Nation? Preposterous.

Another reason I voted for him


I enjoyed watching a few of his rallies on YouTube during the campaign. I will be sure to watch these as well. And hope he draws out a few crazy flag burners even if they are pummeled by the faithful. The Democrat lapdog media’s apoplexy will be fun to watch for about three minutes.

UPDATE:  RedState, which I used to think of as conservative, puts the worst possible spin on this, claiming that Trump’s ego is so big he needs the rush of his campaign rallies one more time. The positive spin, of course, is that he draws energy from his supporters, learned a lot about the country in his campaign travels and wants to maintain the fly-over country perspective as he tries to fulfill his promises.

PBS joins CNN in Bannon Bias

“In conclusion, it is clear that the PBS Newshour’s recent unfair treatment of allegations against Steve Bannon violated legal requirements that public broadcasting adhere to objectivity and balance in all matters of public controversy…”

In sum, our tax dollars are being used to subsidize the Democrat talking points more blatantly than ever. So-called “public” broadcasting has never been anything but leftist and now they are no more relevant to real journalism than the Clinton News Network and Nobody But Clinton. I hope Trump cuts their tax money and makes them do pledge drives 24/7. Soros can fund them.

CNN, by the way, is now whining that Trump has yet to hold a news conference so the Hagzilla’s lapdogs can pummel him with their usual bias. Boo hoo, he’s smarter than you. He trolls you on Twitter (jail flag burners, etc.) and bypasses you on YouTube.

Via Instapundit

Stein missed the deadline, ha ha

No wonder she drew only 1 percent of the national vote and is stupid enough to mourn for Castro. Jilly missed the Pennsylvania recount deadline by a week!

Presente, dumb butt! She is suing for a second chance, after missing the Nov. 21 deadline, so who knows. But, really, Jilly, stupid is as stupid does, you know?

The best part is if she doesn’t win a recount there, the 20 electoral votes Trump got from Pennsylvania will put him over the 270 needed. So he won’t have to worry whether Stein and Clinton succeed in delaying the electoral reporting in Michigan and Wisconsin.

He’ll still be inaugurated while the Hagzilla and her crony-in-crime are still recounting. If they bother at all, at that point, having lost their chance to humiliate him—which is all they were really after all along.

Via Instapundit.

UPSTATE: Wisconsin is recounting with the intention of making the deadline, Michigan begins Friday, Dec. 2, and whether Pennsylvania does awaits the outcome of a Stein lawsuit.