The Seal Woman

A beautiful woman with a terrifying curse in the Faroe Islands of the Northeast Atlantic—between Denmark and Iceland. I’d like to visit, if I can convince Bar to fly and over all that water. I’d go anywhere that put up such a provocative statue for the public eye.

Let them eat cake

“The much-awaited Inspector General’s report on the FBI [was] a white wash, because in Cloud People land, the only real punishment is a few negative sentences in a report no one will read. Dirt People go to jail, face real hardships and have to answer for their actions. That sort of stuff is for the peasants, not the beautiful people who are defending democracy. That’s just not how things are done in Washington. If the Dirt People don’t like that, well, ‘qu’ils mangent de la brioche.'”

AG Barr certainly is undermining the white wash. But his is a lonely voice.

Via The Z Man

Dustbury, adios

“The Charles G. Hill Web Pages, HTML/PHP Bad Example and Bandwidth Wastage Station Dustbury, Oklahoma, USA”

…is no more. The proprietor having died from (apparently) spinal injuries sustained in a car accident on or about Sept. 3. Chas was a pioneer blogger who was a sometime commenter hereabouts and his sometimes, on the weather, the texas-oklahoma rivalry and software woes will be missed.

He especially warmed my heart in various comments on the illness and dying and death from cancer of Mrs. Charm, such as “…this must be hard on you. Be strong.” and “…if there truly is a next world, surely it must be a nicer place than what this one is trying to become.” I agree.

Good luck in the nicer place, Charles.

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Rule 5: Stephanie Viada

Battle of the phones

Bar, tired of battling with Apple over a mistaken id, has a new Android phone. Unfortunately, we haven’t figured out how to run the old locator from the iphones on the Android. Took enough time to get the imessage working and there’s no delivered/read indicator for them. Tiresome.

UPDATE:  We found a perfect locator replacement in the Life360 app, which is basically free and tracks in real-time. Whew.

Our doors

Unfinished (but with clear varnish), six-panel, red oak doors, eight of them, are finally scheduled for delivery on Monday. Installation begins the next day.

Been a while since we had the idea. Expect it to be a winner. If not we can always paint them white. Pix to come.

UPDATE: They’re here. Heavy too. Pics when they’re hung.

Bale of hay

Someone set a small bale of hay in the mini-rancho’s carport. Since we have no horses or cows hereabouts I’ll have to assume it’s for the white-tailed deer that roam the property. I didn’t know deer ate hay. Did you?

Apparently, under certain circumstances, they do.