Named for a Greek goddess….

…Charis, for beauty and elegance. Must say the front end of the Toyota Yaris isn’t beautiful or elegant but the number one daughter liked the whole well enough. So, with her Chevy Sonic in death throes at 170,000 mostly highway miles (are all American cars shit?), and Covid (and our Dimocrat mayor’s lockdowns) having rendered her almost broke, we bought her a used 2020, the last year the brand will be made in the USA.

But with only 30,000 miles on it it’s predicted to last another 270,000 miles—Car & Driver, I think it was. It is black, the most dangerous car color, and most costly to insure. But, as I say, she liked it. Even got a bit cheeky about it, saying “If I have a choice….” So all’s well as ends well.

Cookie Jill

It was a nice gesture on Dr. Biden’s part, bringing fresh-baked cookies in wicker baskets to the National Guard across from the WH to make up for the cold garage cement they went through the night before. For all Melania’s sophistication I can’t quite imagine her doing cookies. But then Trump wouldn’t have allowed the garage bit to begin with.

The First Lady may be a little frumpy (as Yahoo lifestyle saw it) but she’s attractively so and who doesn’t like cookies?

Welcome to the Resistance

“Until the people of the United States get a proper investigation into voter fraud (400,000 votes at 4am overturning the election) @JoeBiden will remain an illegitimate President.”

Via Katie Daviscourt on Twatter

I would like to thank President Donald J. Trump for: 7 million new jobs; Middle-class income up $6,000; Record low unemployment; 7 million off food stamps; Historic tax reform; Rebuilt military; and Massive deregulation. This is just the beginning of the America FIRST movement!

Via @Lancegooden on Twatter

UPDATE: Not to mention the most glorious economy in 50 years, cratered by the Chinese Communist Party’s virus and the ill-considered lockdowns of mainly Dimocrat governors and mayors. Even the NYT wants it back, but there’s little chance Pedo Joe can deliver.

Closing the barn after….

…the horse is stolen is what government does best, and clumsily, in everybody’s way

Last stand of the NRA

Here, of all places. As in Texas, not liberal Austin. I have an NRA sticker on my rear window my son says will get the car broken into looking for guns. Not yet. My sticker isn’t current because I long ago lost interest in the NRA. Blowhards who keep asking for money, long after the initial membership, and the principal target of liberal politicians; whereas there are other, more effective gun owner groups. But I welcome the reinforcement of conservative politics. Just hope it doesn’t backfire. They could take their last stand in, say, Alabama..

Protecting Biden from the people

It’s President Trump who has the authority to call out the national guard, not Biden or Pelosi or any other Dimocrat at the moment. So it’s Trump who’s called out 25,000 troops to D.C. the next few days. In full kit, with automatic rifles and live ammunition.

For Biden’s inauguration. Making him look like a chump who needs to be protected from the people. Someone who wasn’t, you know, actually elected.

Via PJMedia