Rule 5: Savanna Sievers

The war on men…

,,,continues. Even for an autistic college student with cerebral palsy. At least it’s keeping lawyers employed. Worth a read.

UPDATE: “Today I learned that the autistic are below women on the leftist intersectional imaginary victimhood totem pole.”  —via TeaPartyLee at Instapundit.


HBO’s picked another winner in Chernobyl, a fic-doc I suppose you could call it. Many of the details are real while the overall story is fiction.

The death of a young fireman ordered to fight the reactor fire is particularly poignant, his radiation exposure so intense that it literally is eating away his face. And his young wife steadfastly holds her lover’s hand. His highly radioactive dead body must be buried in concrete.

Of course you know the story, but you don’t. Not the lies of the Socialist dictatorship or the heroism of the ordinary people and their ultimate despair.

A good alternative to watching the show is a new book on the subject I’m liking so far.

If there were a draft…

“Later this year, someone born after 9/11/2001 will be old enough to serve in Afghanistan.” —Stephan Green at Instapundit.

The Forever War.


Rule 5: Laura Lee

Game of Thrones finale

I liked it. Some may not. But I did.

It was a tragic ending for Daenerys, and for Jon (Aegon), but seemed to be the right one. He wound up more or less replacing Maester Aemon on the Night’s Watch. The end of the Targaryens.

The elevation of Bran was a bit of a surprise, but really shouldn’t have been. Why else come all that way, as he flippantly put it.

And, no, I’m not going to explain any of this.

Jew hate increasing

“So here is the near future: Every time the New York Times runs another anti-Semitic cartoon (and it will), each time a left-wing member of Congress questions the patriotism or morality of American Jews (and one will), and on every occasion Jewish students are harassed on campus (and they will be), we go another mile down the road to the well-known historical disaster that is looming ahead.”

Except this time Jews will not be disarmed. The sheep dogs among us will be carrying, while the sheep prattle on about love-thy-neighbor.

Via National Review