No, just no

Much as I like candy corn and as thankful as I am for my blood sugar levels that its mainly available this time of year, candy corn beer sounds just too, too awful.

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White roses for the 1st anniversary of her passing


Hillary the Totalitarian

As sometimes happens to me in some presidential election years, a common tater I thought I liked turned out to be a bit of a stooge. Thus with Kevin Williamson, a conservative Texan who writes for National Review. However, his thoughts on Felonia’s stated totalitarian plans for the Supreme Court if she’s elected are worth a shuddering look.

She began by arguing that the Supreme Court, and lesser federal courts, should be political partisans who take sides in disputes rather than adjudicate them according to the law. Many politicians — perhaps even most — believe that, or act in a way that suggests they do, but most of them feel at least the need to shamefacedly insist that judges are there to impartially apply the law. Not Mrs. Clinton. The Supreme Court that exists in her mind is the worst version of the highest judicial body, which is to say the American answer to Iran’s Guardian Council. The justices already wander into American-ayatollah territory too often, and it is only shame that constrains them. It is impossible to overstate the damage this is doing to our constitutional order, and to the legitimacy of the federal government itself.

“What is worse — if something can in fact be worse — is that Mrs. Clinton seeks to unmoor the Supreme Court from the Constitution in order to pursue her own repressive and self-interested political program, namely the censorship of publications, organizations, and institutions that are critical of her.”

One more reason, perhaps the best reason of all, to vote for President Trump.

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Our federal Tammany Hall

Of course the election is rigged, as Trump complains (and probably will again tonight at the final “debate”) and Obama and Hillary and Bernie complained long before him, all of which is conveniently forgotten now. But more than that the whole system is rigged. We are not only a Banana Republic now, where the dominant news media is in bed with the regime and its chosen successors, we have a federal-level Tammany Hall.

As for the Hall’s infamous Boss Tweed, his successors now come and go under different names but all with the same aim, to make as much money off the lobby as they can, while doing its bidding, and ignore larger, public problems until they become so awful or at least so prominent that the Hall is forced to recognize their existence.

To wit: The bombing and arson of Trump campaign offices in North Carolina and Ohio. Followed by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas’s uncovering of Democrat moves to disrupt Trump’s political rallies. “…deliberate, willful effort to foment violence, to break up a presidential campaign, [and] to intimidate voters,” in the words of Newt Gingrich. Meanwhile, the FBI is not moving to investigate. Nor the ATF. Most of the Republican Party is keeping mum.

But of course. When a candidate like Trump threatens the Ruling Class (mostly politicians and media types) anyone who backs him must expect trouble. And to be left to hang out to dry. Here in our part of Lefty land I have yet to see even one Trump yard sign. Not because people here won’t be voting for him, though probably not in sufficient numbers for him to carry the city of Austin (assuming the vote counting is clean, a big if), but because they don’t want their property trashed by the usual gangs of Liberal Fascists.

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The Hottest Year Evah Nonsense

The television meteorologists and the newspaper scribblers reissue these government handouts every year as if they were gospel instead of political bullshit so fundamentally flawed they don’t deserve to be called science.

“Surface temperature datasets are so flawed (Urban Heat Island effect; poor siting issues; large areas of the world where there is no coverage) as to be untrustworthy,” writes James Delingpole. “Satellite data don’t show nearly the same extreme warming trend: this year’s high temperatures, the result of a strong El Nino, are roughly the same of those as of the (similarly strong) El Nino of 1998.”

“[Where] there is little or no data coverage for most of the world,” writes climate blogger Paul Homewood, “temperature trends are simply made up for large areas, particularly the supposedly fast warming regions like the Arctic.”

Made up? Yes, made up. Extrapolated, as they say in professional-speak, those none-too-scientific scientists, getting fat and living high on the climate-change gravy train powered by your tax money. Championed by such luminaries as the dictator’s club (aka the UN) and actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Rule 5: Barbis defending Trump


They’re older now, 25 years later, but still gorgeous and, by the way, defending Trump as a gentleman with a trashy mouth but a gentleman nonetheless.

“‘It is frightening the way the media can ruin someone’s image with accusations like the ones leveled against Trump,’ Shane Barbi, now 53, said. ‘While I never want to dismiss a woman’s claim of sexual abuse, in our personal experience we saw no indication that Donald Trump would do anything like that. On the contrary, he was a perfect gentleman to us, and to all of those other beautiful women that were all over him.'”

They say, however that they are voting for Jill Stein and the Green Party.

‘Ballot harvesting’ in Fort Worth

Well, technically Tarrant County, but the only city of any size there is Fort Worth. Where voting is being investigated by the state for “ballot harvesting,” an interesting form of paper voting fraud that still works in the computer age.

Never mind hacking a voting machine. Never mind voting the dead. Simply beg, buy or steal enough paper mail-in ballots to/from the elderly and the poor to make a difference in an election. Fill them out the way you want, affix the appropriate fraudulent signature and away you go.

If the election you’re out to defraud goes one way or the other by only a few score votes, as some sometimes do, your fraud is in business and you’ve saved yourself the need to learn computer programing or hire some criminal hacker to do it for you.

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UPDATE:  Sometimes a rogue insider can upend the paper process all by his own self. And, the investigation intensifies with a reward offered for tips.