Nothing will be done, of course

In short, Victoria Taft of PJMedia says Durham’s report showed that the FBI:

  • Framed Trump as a Russian spy.
  • Had no legal predicate to investigate the Trump campaign.
  • Practiced two-tiered justice, one for Trump and another for Clinton.
  • Knew Hillary Clinton’s foundation was a money-laundering racket.
  • Knew Hillary Clinton destroyed evidence and did nothing about it.
  • Knew Hillary Clinton was framing Trump to distract from her email scandal.
  • Didn’t perform the most basic functions of an investigation.
  • Lied to get a FISA warrant due to pressure from James Comey.
  • Interfered with the Durham investigation by paying Steele source Danchenko.
  • Hid evidence of Carter Page’s innocence from investigation and warrant application.
  • Purposely deprived Donald Trump, et. al., of their good names, reputations, and millions of dollars in legal fees.
  • Used its authority to ruin people’s lives.
  • Helped further what attorney and radio host Mark Levin termed a “soft coup.”

Oddly, Durham made no recommended solutions, indictments, etc. No balls.

Biden abbetting the sale of children

“…the (Florida) grand jury reached the conclusion that the administration had been involved in “facilitating the forced migration, sale, and abuse of foreign children.”

No one was indicted. No business records violations, apparently.

Via PJMedia

Chillifest ’23

The Aggie and his girlfriend celebrate in Aggieland

Fauci unravels

Not satisfied with having funded Chinese research on making Covid deadlier, at a cost of millions of lives, NIH now stonewalling Congress on research to make monkeypox deadlier.

Via Instapundit

Jan 6 unravels

“They won’t answer any questions, but we have a question, which is how in a free country guided by the Constitution were these people allowed to withhold evidence from Jacob Chansley’s lawyer? How could that happen?”

—Tucker Carlson, using security camera video tape to show how lying political liars lie.

Trivializing the profound

Some outrage, perhaps misplaced, from parents of students in a Long Island high school over an intimate sex survey. I couldn’t help keying on one question. It asked how many sex partners have you had in your life?

According to the Aggie this is a common question among teenagers these days. They call it the body count.

In fact, it reminds me of a recent Facebook “reel” as they call videos people can post now along with the family pics: A man and a woman meeting for the first time. She: I like you. He: I like you too. She: We should make love some time.


Rule 5: Ellana Bryan