Trump’s lead in the polls is growing

$50 million worth of Clinton attack adds have bounced off Trump like pingpong balls. The most recent LA Times/USC tracking poll now has him ahead of the dragon lady by 7 points.

“What scandal can Clinton use to dissuade his voters from crawling over broken glass and going to the polls this fall? Divorce? He’s had two. Bankruptcy? Four. DUI? He doesn’t drink and besides, he has a chauffeur. He gave money to a crooked politician? Yes, and her name is Clinton….

“Trump’s voters are fed up with the system. It’s rigged. She’s one of the biggest riggers. Not indicted. And the [DNC] emails show the skids were greased for her in the primaries.

“Not so Trump. They threw the kitchen sink at him. He didn’t duck it, but caught it, stood on it, and shouted, ‘What else do you have?'”

Heh. A Trump presidency is going to be very entertaining. And for my money pols are no use whatsoever unless they’re entertaining. It will be fun just watching all the PC heads explode in the Democrat news media.

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Mrs. Charm’s new scholarship


Two months in the making, it’s official now. Mr. B. and I believe it’s important to work through our sorrow by honoring his mother in ways that help others. And the scholarship is a reminder that she also needed financial assistance to finish college. We plan to add to the endowment over the next few years to make the scholarship even more valuable to its recipients. They will be journalism undergraduates chosen by the university based on their need and merit.

Blaming the commies

Really have enjoyed the release of the DNC emails, which, among other things show how PC unsurprisingly is a joke at PC headquarters. But a really big laugh is the Bag Lady’s blaming the Russians for the heist of the Dirtycrats soiled laundry.

Whether Putin’s minions did it or not we can bet there’s going to be an October surprise to end them all—either more DNC crapola or some of the Hildabeast’s high security stuff from her basement servers. That would be especially rich.

As Bart Cormier comments at WSJ:  “It will be a matter of timing, but soon it’s likely we will learn of a trudge of incriminating emails that possibly underscore her disregard for protecting national sensitive and classified data, but also drops a bomb on the Clinton Foundation budding scandal.  Only the mentally warped and blind will support her then.”

Or the perpetually uninformed, of which there are many millions, and the welfare queens and kings who could care less from whom the check comes as long as it comes.


UPDATE:  Then Trump hits the hilarity apogee by running with the idea in his own merciless way: “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.” Because, as one wag at The Atlantic put it: “Holding Hillary accountable is a job Americans won’t do.”

Nailing the Bag Lady & Slick

Some days, the commenters at WSJ just hit the mark. As this one from Kenneth Gimbel, which by mid-morning had drawn 23 “likes”which qualified it for the editorial page’s coveted Thumbs Up.

“The Bag Lady is no Tammy Wynette [i.e. standing by her man when he was accused of womanizing]. Ms. Wynette was a real woman, an independent and successful woman and a great talent[.] Ms. Clinton is a greedy, mendacious, power hungry carpet bagger who rose to prominence on the coattails of her white trash husband.”

It is to laugh. So true, so true. Just have to hope she doesn’r become President Bag Lady. But, these days, in the sour Obama Age, when DNC corruption gets a news media pass and the Dem electorate [judging by the party’s platform] is mostly interested in the freebies [free college, free heath care] the feds are too broke to pay for, you never know.


The Muslim run in Europe

The four recent attacks in Germany followed by the beheading of a French priest conducting mass in his sanctuary seem to be a trend rather than a coincident spurt. The new normal of life in Western Europe. All characterized by the authorities pretending not to know the motive.

Some of them have gone so far as to claim Muslims don’t attack Christians at prayer, ignoring recent evidence in the Middle East. Fortunately these authorities are going to lose their authority pretty quickly unless they stop acting like morons. A child can see through them now.

At least the florists and candle-sellers are doing really good business, eh?

Rule 5: Ashley Graham


Our gal’s most provocative pose yet. Those are said to be her black husband’s hands.

What, no Pocahontas?

Shocking news that the Hildabeast has passed over Pocahontas as her running “mate.” Instead she chose this white male senator with plenty of scandal baggage of his own.

The fact that Elizabeth Warren (whom Trump calls Pocahontas for her dubious claim of native American heritage) was almost free of it apparently cut no ice. More likely the Bag Lady wanted to stay far away from any other uterus that might draw the spotlight away from her. Warren is a bit younger and somewhat better looking, so…

Can’t wait to hear what catchy nickname Trump imposes on the new guy.