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Gettysburg: America’s ‘Love Battle’

The failed Rebel attacks on the Union defensive lines of July 2 and 3 ended with both armies licking their wounds on July 4, while the Southerners buried their dead on the battlefield and mourned their great loss.

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Open Season on Pro-Lifers

Well now, ain’t this a kick in the head. Coming soon after Ruth Sent Us inspired an attempted assassination. If these abortion-happy domestic terrorists of Jane’s Revenge aren’t rounded up by Famous But Incompetent, there could be a war. Pro-lifers have learned over the years and tend to be armed. Hopefully the war will not spill over and become widespread.


Rush Limbaugh on how different the red and blue states are:

“There cannot be a peaceful coexistence of two completely different theories of life, theories of government, theories of how we manage our affairs. We can’t be in this dire a conflict without something giving somewhere along the way.”

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Ninety-five vandalized statues

Some toppled, some defaced, some beheaded. And multiple removals. Most Confederate, but also Christopher Columbus and a few anti-slavery abolitionists. All interesting to one degree or another.

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Dorothy, I don’t think we’re in Portland anymore

The word on the street (i.e. the Internet) was that Austin was the place to riot this weekend. The cops also hear such things and, reinforced by the State Police,  started pushing the crowds to disperse before the sun went down. Then they brought in horses…

UPDATE:  Minneapolis police advise: Surrender your wallet and phone to criminals and obey them

Anarchists vs communists

Why is it that President Trump repeatedly calls the rioters “anarchists,” which may be true of Antifa but hardly defines Black Lives Matter? The mainly-white BLM are admitted Marxists (a scholarly cover name for communists) who are reported to often be the majority of the rioters, especially in Seattle and Portland.

The white AK-47 toter killed in Austin was said to be there for BLM. I suppose Trump, hoping for significant black support in November, doesn’t want to get into a fight with them because of their deceptive name. He may do so after he’s re-elected. Or perhaps they’ll just fade away. Or double down.

Bomb in Seattle

Rioters in Seattle used some type of munition last night to crater a police precinct wall, penetrating it. Presume they’ll be back to finish the job. Rifles in Austin, bombs in Seattle. Ominous.

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