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Abortion rolls on

“It’s a matter of perspective – when’s a baby a baby, or Can anyone here force a woman to have a baby? Try evoking your will on any ‘free’ person – they will rebel against you. Pass a law that will federally outlaw abortions – you’ll just be creating a new crime category, a new crime syndicate, a new underground network. I’m pretty sure you’ll be fighting this battle forever, humans.”


Barr on the scores of indictments coming

But trying to stop the riots, and burning. and looting is harder when local and state Dimocrat-directed authorities won’t do their jobs. Give it a listen.

Trump’s game plan

Kurt Schlicter:

Trump’s Game Plan:

1 Identify himself with law + order

2 Avoid using federal force that can turn into Kent State 2 (the Dem dream)

3 Use the DOJ to prosecute & deter the radicals who were happy to riot knowing Dem prosecutors would give them a pass

4 Let them overstep

Plausible if the mercurial Trump can hold to a plan.

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Originally, the date (June 19) celebrated the 1865 arrival in Galveston of news of the Emancipation Proclamation, President Lincoln’s then more than 2-year-old executive order freeing the slaves of the Confederacy.

Gradually the date came to be celebrated elsewhere as well and take on a broader meaning. In Texas, it became a state holiday in 1980. In Austin, it has long been commemorated by a (generally) peaceful march/parade of some kind. Hope it’s peaceful this year. It likely won’t be elsewhere.

UPDATE:  An alternative view of “the high holy day of anti-white hatred.”

MORE:  A San Francisco Juneteenth mob toppled statues of Francis Scott Key, author of the anthem those NFL players kneel to, and Ulysses S. Grant. Grant? Savior of the Union and Emancipation? Brilliant.

Seattle’s no-go zone

I hope the Muslims aren’t running it like the ones in Paris. But Antifa, nihilistic young trust-fund babies, could be worse. Two of the three arrested in Austin for looting were women, one sullen in her mug shot, the other bubbly.

They don’t really want territory. They want a revolution. Dislodging them will mean killing some of them. Since tear gas has stupidly been banned.

UPDATE:  Da Mayor says it’s a nice place while the police chief says extortion, rapes and robberies are going on.

Antifa arrested in Austin

For looting a Target in Capital Plaza off I-35. The three riot ninjas, two women and one man, are in their 20s, and apparently the first Antifa arrests since the President denounced the organization as domestic terrorists.

Now we’ll see how fast they get out of jail and how quickly the charges may be dropped. Unless the feds step in. After all burned and looted Minneapolis has disbanded (!) their police department and looted New York City may be next. Looted Los Angeles is cutting the funding of their cops. Could Austin be far behind?

As the Z Man says: “Look for every city to start competing with one another to see who can be the most woke in dismantling their police departments.”

Time to buy guns and ammunition. We may soon be on our own. No more calling 911.

Via Fox7 Austin

Riot Ninjas

Michael Lind, a prof at the LBJ School at UT-Austin, explains the burning and looting: “The riots are a hub city (New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Atlanta, Washington and Austin) phenomenon—and so are their most striking participants, affluent young white rioters dressed like ninjas.”

Antifa. Lind is author of The New Class War which goes into more detail.

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