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The plot to oust Trump

It’s a House bill that so far has two dozen backers, all Dems. It would convene a committee of doctors to present to the full congress a psychiatric evaluation of President Trump in accord with the 25th Amendment—a JFK era amendment.

Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin, who also teaches constitutional law at American University, has predictably failed to attract any Republicans to his banner.

“But the U.S. Constitution’s 25th Amendment does allow for a majority of the president’s cabinet, or ‘such other body as Congress may by law provide,’ to decide if an Oval Office occupant is unable to carry out his duties – and then to put it to a full congressional vote.”

You want a real civil war in this country, one of snipers and other guerrilla action initially aimed at taking out the political and establishment elite? This is the way to get one. Initially, I say, because wars turn messy fast. Especially guerrilla wars.

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Why we’ll surrender our guns


The menacing police above are from the Ferguson riots. They’re a stand-in for what many gun owners seem to fear the Democrats will unleash on us when they finally get around to banning private ownership of guns. Soon if the Hildabeast wins the presidency. Later if she doesn’t. But confiscation, when it comes, is much more likely to be voluntary than the start of Civil War version 2.0  Huh?

Because we already have a national registry. The one most law-abiding gun buyers sign into when they go through the federal background check the seller is required to make. And the guns we bought on the sly? We buy ammunition for them, right? Probably not with cash. So the feds, via snoopers like the NSA, know exactly the caliber of our off-the-books guns.

So it’ll be a simple matter for the feds to send out letters demanding we turn in our registered and unregistered firearms. Probably to the nearest UPS store which, on a federal contract, will box them up free of charge and send them to a warehouse somewhere.

And those of us who refuse to meet the deadline will soon discover that the FDIC has notified our banks and our brokers and our credit card companies to freeze our accounts until further notice. We’ll be in the poorhouse until we comply. With no one to do battle with. In the electronic age we’re really very easy targets.

Easy peasy.


Vanderbilt U.: The latest Orwellian daycare center

“In 1935 the United Daughters of the Confederacy constructed Confederate Memorial Hall as a residence for girls at Nashville’s Peabody College. Originally residents who were descendants of Confederate veterans and agreed to become teachers were granted free room and board. The school and dormitory were acquired by Vanderbilt University in 1979. Earlier this month university chancellor, Nicholas Zeppos, announced that the name ‘Confederate’ will be sandblasted off of the building.”

The precious little buttercups of Vanderbilt would rather play “let’s pretend” than have their tender sensitivities subjected to the rigors of historical truth—lest they be mightily offended.

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No Lives Matter

“The Black Lives Matter movement, through its rhetoric and actions, presents a worldview in which no lives matter.” Black Lies Matter, in other words.

Just like ISIS, they’re even destroying history. And our witless president loves ’em. What a stooge. Pack it up, Barry. Move out. Leave us at last, please.

Courting civil war

How dumb are our leftist social justice warriors? This dumb.

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Bye, bye Confederates

I suppose it was inevitable. Especially in a largely liberal town like Austin. Rewriting history certainly isn’t uncommon elsewhere.

So it’s soon goodbye to Lee, Lanier, Johnston, Reagan and, possibly, Travis. All the names of local elementary and high schools. Although Travis is the Alamo personified and more about Texas history than slavery per se. But slavery is the issue du jour. Lee, Lanier, Johnston and Reagan being slave owners as well as Confederates.

Ironically, it was Travis’s slave Joe that brought us the most complete version of William Barrett’s death, having witnessed it, seeing as how his master had brought him along to the mission-cum-fort for what turned out to be his last stand.

Nevertheless, WBT could be next. When revisionism really gets going, no history is safe for long.

One I wish they would change is the residential street named Malvern Hill in South Austin. Some developer’s idea of commemoration, I suppose, though the battle by that name was a sizable Confederate defeat in 1862. Naw. Too obscure. Besides, in the current climate, a Confederate defeat would be a good thing.

Spengler: Confederate flag makes us stupid

Well, our Little Barry Hussein is actually very happy to have us debating the Confederate flag and the 150-year-old Civil War rather than arguing about his corrupt administration. It’s the old political sleight-of-hand. Quick, look over there!

But Spengler (the pen name of one of my favorite writers David P. Goldman) is down with that. Like Diana West, he sees Americans being stupid and comes up with a reason. She considers it a result of the moral relativism birthed in the 1960s, aided, not incidentally, by the body of lies our federal government had been telling since 1933. When, in fact, FDR’s administration was so thoroughly penetrated by Soviet agents as to  make the New Deal a Communist front and the Greatest Generation perfect dupes. But very little of that was known until several years after secret government files were released in 1995.

Spengler prefers to see the reason for our stupidity in post-war Washington failing to utterly crush the old Confederacy. Well, they did put Jefferson Davis in a damp prison cell for two years. But Gen. Grant was altogether too nice about everything else, apparently. Spengler says the feds should have banned the flags, the monuments and every other manifestation of the slave-owning South. They’d already burned most of the mansions.

He also hates Gone With The Wind and thinks it should be banned. Although any careful reading of the book shows it does not glorify the Confederacy even if the movie does. Spengler admits to never having read the book and being unable to stand even a few minutes of the movie. He hated Scarlett returning to her mansion at the end. “I wanted Scarlett to pick cotton until her fingers fell off,” he writes.

Now that’s irritation. I rather prefer West’s reasoning but I can see Goldman’s point, too. And I say that as a descendant of Rebel soldiers. I admire the soldiers enormously but always have thought the Confederacy sucked. And banning things is always counterproductive. They just go underground and develop more power than before.

And something else I noticed growing up. So long as segregation was the law of the land, the Confederacy was a big topic of conversation in the South. It was a parlor trick among Southern males to know even the smallest details of the war.

When the topic was Gettysburg, for instance, and someone said “Okay, where was he?” you were supposed to know the speaker was referring to JEB Stuart and his missing cavalry. When segregation began to die after 1964, so did most of these conversations. As if the one had supported the other all along.