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More limits on drilling

Lyin’ Joe proves, once again, that he isn’t really trying to solve inflation, or high gasoline prices, but strengthening them with new limits on Arctic drilling.

“The White House announced on Monday that it’s reverting back to the Obama administration’s policy of opening only 52% of Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve for oil and gas leases. Under the Trump administration, 82% of the land was open for drilling.”

Which is partly why under Trump regular gas cost about half what it does now.

Via PJMedia

The long goodbye

Seems as if we’ll never be free of Bronco Bama. And he’ll never be free of the Internet no matter how much he decries its lack of censorship. Not only that, but the chief promoter of the “Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax,” gets heartily scoffed at when the uncensored Internet fights back.

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Salting the vote

Why else would Biden fly illegals to small airports in the dead of night? It might be about where they’re going—to New York state, for instance, say to increase the Dimocrat vote against possible inroads by Republicans. Did all the passengers get a nice voting brochure? Who to thank?

Or else he’s paying off big donors whose cheap nannies and landscapers are leaving for better opportunities. It sure ain’t because he loves Hispanics. He don’t love nobody except himself and Hunter. And the odd little girl or boy.

Which makes me wonder if Obama isn’t running this op? Remember Psaki’s flub about working for Biden? She started to say Obama.


“Whom the gods would destroy, they first make ridiculous. In this case, the ruling class is doing it to itself.”

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Even Obama…

…said Biden was a loser: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up.”

So Afghanistan is not a one-off. We have many more to look forward to.

Barr DOJ’s sham

That would be Barr’s instigation of the so-called Durham probe of Obama-era government interference with Trump campaign and presidency. Having spent so little money in first six months is clue to how little Durham’s actually doing.

Via Judicial Watch


Slippery Joe’s stumble (three of them) on the steep stairs to Air Force One is a depth-perception problem of his dementia, not the wind as his idiot press secretary claimed. Of course she couldn’t mention his dementia, which will eventually hinder his teleprompter reading for speeches, too.

Interestingly, his stair-climbing problems may lead to a gentler, two- or three-level climb for future presidents. Trump used to say that he admired the way the youthful Bronco ran up and down the stairs, which Trump couldn’t do. We can suppose Harris will try to if she has to replace Pedo Joe before his term ends. Otherwise, the problem will be fixed somehow. Otherwise the stumblebum will keep it up.