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Let’s Moose!

“…former First Wookie Michelle Obama will open a chain of ‘Let’s Moose!’ Yoga spas. The Big Mothership facility and corporate world headquarters opens on the 4th on the Southside of Chicago, near the site for the new Presidential LieBarry: See the prototype here.

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Strzok’s smirk

“The shrinks call that ‘inappropriate affect’ and it sure was.  What the hell was this guy smirking about? Even in the remote possibility (oh, how remote) that his bias had no direct political and investigatory consequence, he had shamed himself, his family, and the FBI and its personnel tremendously, damaging the organization materially for years to come. And yet he was smirking.”

When he wasn’t lifting his chin in the air, like Mussolini and Bronco Bama.

He had no idea what a fool he was making of himself.

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The origin of Fake News

The term did not originate with President Trump, as commonly believed and repeated by the Mediacrats, but by orchestrated “corporate, political, news, and special interests,” according to investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson, “who want to dominate the narrative and crush information that’s contrary.”

She says it was launched in September, 2016, and “quickly followed by an October announcement from President Barack Obama, in which he claims there’s a burning need to ‘curate’ news on behalf of the public. From that point forward, the topic of fake news dominates headlines on a daily basis. It’s as if the media has its assigned narrative and is marching forward…it isn’t the public that’s clamoring for content to be filtered, censored, or otherwise ‘curated.'”

Trump soon picked it up and made it his own in February, 2017, by denouncing the anti-Trump “fake news” of the NYTimes, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, and ABC and dubbing them the “enemy of the American people.”

Since then the Mediacrats have dropped Trump’s specificity and claimed that he called all of the news media the enemy of the people. That, my friends, is real fake news.

Via The Smear, by Sheryl Attkisson.

The Supremes cleaned Bronco’s clock

So far President Trump is winning in the supreme court. That could change, as presidents seldom win more than two-thirds of their cases. But Trump will have to lose a lot more to equal Bronco Bama’s dismal record:

“Over the course of the 84 terms and 13 [modern] presidents in our dataset, presidents prevailed in nearly two-thirds of their cases (and captured 60 [percent] of all votes). By comparison, the states won significantly fewer of their cases during the same period (53 [percent]).”

“Comparatively, Obama’s performance was ‘especially poor.’ ‘He prevailed in just 50.5 [percent] of his cases—a percentage slightly lower than the states’ win rate while Obama was in office (55.4 [percent]).”

Giving Bronco the worst record of any president in modern history. So much for his reputation as a constitutional scholar, the smartest man in the room. He wasn’t even close.

Via The Free Beacon

The clown show continues

“Current [FBI] Director Christopher Wray responded to the IG’s report at a press conference and promised there’d be consequences for bad behavior. But he also said, ‘nothing in this report impugns the integrity of our workforce as a whole or the FBI as an institution.’ Like hell it doesn’t. What the report describes is a morally bankrupt clown show, and the fact that Wray won’t admit that means the show goes on.”

Wray sounds like what federal Judge Amy Berman denied in sentencing former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort to jail without bail on far less important matters: “This isn’t middle school. I can’t take away your phone.”

Wray sounds just like a middle school teacher, not the head of the discredited clown show called the FBI. Fart, Barf & Itch, indeed!

After all, then-Obama FBI director James Comey was violating the law just like Hillary was: “While Comey was investigating Hillary Clinton for using her personal email to conduct State Department business,  ‘Comey used a personal email account (a Gmail account) to conduct FBI business.’ (pg. 427)…”

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UPDATE:  President Trump told FoxNews that Comey’s having his own private, off-the-books email account for official business (just like Hillary) was not the most interesting item of the IG report but certainly “the funniest.”


Spy vs spy

The real reason why the FBI had a spy in the Trump campaign

UPDATE:  Congress is still waiting for the DOJ-FBI to fess up.

MORE:  On the other hand, Speaker Ryan says FBI justified in spying, in prejudging the doc dump.