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I’m Black Y’all

That, right there, is the sum total of Bronco Bama’s legacy. The same one he had when he was elected in ’08 and again in ’12. And the same one he has in leaving the building. A novelty act for president and little more.

“President Obama is about to shuffle off the stage…as his term finally comes to a close. He has been spending the last weeks of his presidency celebrating himself. This has included giving himself some awards and giving a farewell address that no one bothered to watch. He and his old lady have been popping up on every liberal TV chat show, and sitting with even minor reporters, for farewell interviews. All of which is supposed to be a victory lap, but it feels more like last call at a local dive.”

We could go through here the long list of scandals of his eight years, the ones he denies and his lapdog Democrat news media still is helping him deny, but why bother? Most of his trash will be taken out by the new Trump administration and Obamacare will be excised. He didn’t lend it anything but his name and that was the media’s doing. As the Z Man concludes: Good Riddance.

For now. I’m sure we’ll be hearing Barry Hussein’s prattle for a long time to come. But he’ll be a whole lot easier to ignore.

Via The Z Man

UPDATE:  The People’s Cube lists the O Man’s successes for people of all pigments.

Mr. Charlie’s Airline

It always amazes me the extent to which many Americans believe the CIA gives a damn about secrecy. Or has any credibility beyond the political. Of course they’re fighting Trump. They are the establishment and he is largely anti-establishment.

Most soldiers and civilians in Vietnam knew the CIA’s white helicopters on sight. Who else flew white helicopters? Exactly no one. Mr. Charlie’s Airline, some of us advisers to the South Vietnamese called the white birds, a reference not to the Victor Charles radio chatter terms for the Viet Cong, but to an old African-American label for an imperious and condescending white man in the age of slavery and segregation. You know, those Democrat Party institutions.

Mr. Charlie’s Airline not only flew its supposedly secrecy-conscious “agents” about the landscape of the war but also ferried their preferred private army, the so-called Provisional Reconnaissance Units (or PRUs) most of them turncoat North Vietnamese who usually struck small hamlets at night, terrorizing the people while rounding up supposed traitors to the South Vietnamese government.

Just a little tidbit on the Clumsy Intelligence Asses of our Deep State government, the real, un-elected government that occasionally raises its head whenever the establishment is threatened. You know, the folks who predicted 9/11?

Latest mass murder coverup

The authorities, after eight years of our little Barry Hussein, will hide a mass murderer’s Islamic connections as long as they can. Including the searching-for-a-motive game they and the lame-stream news media play so well.

It took a private investigative-reporter blogger to expose the Fort Lauderdale mass killer of five and wounder of eight for the decade-old Islamic jihadi convert he is. Under the official, fake news cloak of a mere Hispanic Iraq war veteran.

We can only hope Trump’s administration halts these political charades so we know the truth of our vulnerability to the Islamic war on the West.

Via Judicial Watch

Get DHS out of Kiddie Porn

Bronco Bama’s minion delivered another whopper the other day, just in time for the Fort Lauderdale known wolf to shoot up the baggage claim area at the local airport.

It was bad enough to learn that the wolf known to Fart, Barf & Itch had a concealed carry license and retrieved his checked arm from his luggage and went into the men’s room to load it before proceeding to kill five and wound eight. A first of its kind, I believe, a CCLer doing a mass shooting. Hopefully the last.

In which reports we learned that he was previously investigated for kiddie porn on his ‘puter by, get this, the Department of Homeland Security. Mother of the deity, I’ve heard of mission creep but this one takes the booby prize.

Probably Bronco’s doing. The whopper was his hand-picked stooge of a DHS secretary slobbering that ol’ Bronco was leaving the DHS more equipped than ever to guard the nation. Maybe. But apparently not from mass shootings by known wolves.

From kiddie porn.

Via Instapundit.


Mazel Tov


Rule 5: Jenn Purvience


Time for a break from politics, as Wormtongue rounds out his eight years of mendacity, by trying to lock Trump up in policy and regulatory chains. I doubt he’ll succeed, since he’s failed at so much else.

Meanwhile, back to my favorite plus-sized models: like Ms. Purvience here. And a pleasurable and productive new year to one and all. At least we know the economy will improve.

Show us the proof, you perpetual liar

What fool could possible trust our little Barry Hussein’s sanctioning of Russia by expelling diplomats, closing their private property and, presumably, soon imposing economic punishment as well. All for the Rooskie’s alleged hacking of the DNC and the Hildafelon’s unsecured classified information, thereby meddling in the presidential election. Show us the proof, you perpetual liar.

Why would Russia want to defeat the easily-bribed Clinton Crime Syndicate in favor of the unpredictable Trump who already has more money than he knows what to do with? Unlike Hussein’s antisemitic strike against Israel, which showed whose side he has been on all along, this latest bit of political theater is strictly a diversion. Quick, look at the squirrel! It is merely a side effect that, in drawing the inevitably mockery of the Russians, it promises resumption of the Cold War, perhaps even an eventual hot one.

UPDATE:  The administration has released a report with little to no actual proof, just repetition of the accusations. Chief Dim lapdog, the WaPo, then came out with story of Russian hacking of a Vermont electric company with invasive malware. Private cybersecurity firms quickly pointed out the malware is commonly available and, moreover, was only found on a company laptop with no connection to the grid. Even Rolling Stone, of all sources, finds the story “stinky.” But you’re sure to see it in your local news with no objections, since the news media sheep follow the leader, wagging their tails behind them.

MORE: Commonly available, indeed. And Ukrainian to boot. Perhaps Barry’s intel lapdogs confused Ukraine and Russia.