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Even Obama…

…said Biden was a loser: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up.”

So Afghanistan is not a one-off. We have many more to look forward to.

Barr DOJ’s sham

That would be Barr’s instigation of the so-called Durham probe of Obama-era government interference with Trump campaign and presidency. Having spent so little money in first six months is clue to how little Durham’s actually doing.

Via Judicial Watch


Slippery Joe’s stumble (three of them) on the steep stairs to Air Force One is a depth-perception problem of his dementia, not the wind as his idiot press secretary claimed. Of course she couldn’t mention his dementia, which will eventually hinder his teleprompter reading for speeches, too.

Interestingly, his stair-climbing problems may lead to a gentler, two- or three-level climb for future presidents. Trump used to say that he admired the way the youthful Bronco ran up and down the stairs, which Trump couldn’t do. We can suppose Harris will try to if she has to replace Pedo Joe before his term ends. Otherwise, the problem will be fixed somehow. Otherwise the stumblebum will keep it up.

Creepy Joe’s tricks

Creepy Joe’s snub of Israel is just his latest slick trick. His “Buy America” policy is only for companies with unions. And the obligatory “diversity.” Seems his former boss is wagging his puppet arms and pulling his strings too.

Bronco’s third term

Navarro: DOJ slow-walked Trump’s executive orders while fast-tracking Biden’s. No surprise. Obama had eight years to stock the DOJ with loyalists and these Dimocrat bureaucrats are now on his third term. You didn’t really think that dumb-as-a-rock Biden was running things?

Via The Epoch Times

Obama did it, Biden knew

Trump declassifies trove of FBI’s Obamagate documents. Read it and weep, Dims.

Via PJMedia


One lesson of President Trump’s two-fer impeachment is a president must never upstage the rest of the pols by greatly improving the economy, for the first time in 50 years, and for all of us, not just the white elite, over that of his predecessor. Especially by cancelling punitive, costly business regulations imposed by the Dimocrats. In this case Mr. Peace Prize and Libya destructor his ownself Bronco Bama.

Not to mention building a border wall the other pols only lied about building. And assorted other stunners.

Insulting that drunk mad woman, Crazy Nancy Pelosi, driving her to impeachment twice without evidence, was just gravy.

UPDATE: From PJMedia no evidence: “While it’s convenient to blame a president the Left already can’t stand, as I’ve reported at PJ Media, it’s very difficult to make a case that the president’s words fomented the unrest. Former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy has come to that conclusion as well, even after the shocked Fox News contributor said he believed the president incited the mob. Saying that is one thing, proving it is another.  Read the president’s words and watch them for yourself.