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Rule 5: Plus-sized model

Taking children seriously. Not.

“Why should anyone take today’s children seriously? They eat laundry detergent, understand nothing about the constitution, are ignorant, and are so weak minded they need safe spaces to escape from words they don’t agree with. These kids want to take away our [gun] rights only because their elders told them to do so. They are Red Guards without the dress sense of chairman Mao.” —commenter BattleofThePyramids at Instapundit.

The Baby Bust

The WSJ’s Best of The Web argues for more legal immigration based on an historically-low birth rate for American women:

“American women are having children at the lowest rate on record, with the number of babies born in the U.S. last year dropping to a 30-year low, federal figures [show]…

“The general fertility rate for women age 15 to 44 was 60.2 births per 1,000 women—the lowest rate since the government began tracking it more than a century ago…”

With European women likewise giving birth at historically low rates, the West’s declining (and simultaneously aging) population should be grounds for statistical worries, yes, but more immigration? When unemployment among blacks and legal Hispanics is at an all-time low? Maybe not.


Acevedo: more prickly pol than cop

Back when Art Acevedo was police chief in Austin, he often made questionable calls, particularly in regard to what public information would be withheld from the public.

He was a prickly potentate behind his shiny badge and incongruous general’s stars, threatening to sue his social media critics for libel. In other words, he was more politician than cop.

Now that he’s moved up to the big time as chief of the Houston PD, he’s more pol than ever, backing gun control as the answer to school and other massacres. And, in typical Acevedo fashion, he’s dismissing opposing views as irrelevant. Possibly even libelous.

“Chief Acevedo, [Kevin] Williamson reminds us [in the Weekly Standard], is an appointed official, not an elected one. As such, it is not his place to offer judgments on the propriety of anyone else’s opinions on gun control, or anything else. Surely there are a good many people in Houston who do not share Acevedo’s beliefs, yet he presumes to tell them their opinions are of no consequence to him and should be ignored by lawmakers.”

The Acevedos of the world need to climb down from their high horses before they’re dragged down by the very people whose views they disdain.

Via PJMedia

UPDATE:  Acevedo is threatening to sue again, this time the NRA’s spokeswoman Dana Loesch who responds: “It’s surreal to see a chief reacting to free speech this way.” That’s Acevedo. What an ass!

Santa Fe shooter broke gun laws

Too young to have a gun, carried a sawed-off shotgun, used illegal explosives…it’s almost as if (gasp) criminals don’t follow laws.

Yet the loony tune liberal solution is more laws: specifically (and illogically) to ban so-called “assault” rifles.

When we should be looking at our violence-loving culture in which the loony lib celebrities (and their political chums) who clamor for gun control make money (and political contributions) off movies and other “entertainment” celebrating gun violence.

Via KaitMarieOx at Twitter

UPDATE: The Texas shooter wore combat boots and a trench coat and carried a shotgun—copycat items from the Columbine high school massacre of 1999. Was he (as were others) explicitly inspired by it?

Metal detectors for schools

Since more gun control is a non-starter after the Santa Fe, Texas, high school massacre, mainly because the shooter wasn’t old enough to possess a gun yet had one anyway, Barbara Ellen’s suggestion is to install metal detectors.

Makes sense to me. Federal funding for metal detectors at schools would be the ticket. It would let the pols put their votes where their mouths are, and do something tangible at the same time. Probably too much, but maybe not.

Arming teachers would be smart but probably too smart for the majority of teachers. More gun restrictions for the law-abiding makes no sense, not that nonsense ever stopped a pol. It’s too late to change the culture. Few movies get made, after all, without a gun as a plot point.

Metal detectors are neutral and workable, if expensive, but federal funding could ease the pain. They’d stop all big knives as well as most guns. Just do it!

Good guy with a gun

The wouldbe school shooter you seldom hear about because his failure goes against the grain of the Mediacrats’ gun control push. In Illinois, of all places, while students in Texas merely die.