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Mr. Boy & the draft

The Aggie came to see us on Saturday and cooked a dinner for us which was tasty: steaks, green beans and Idaho potatoes cut up and fried like potato chips. We talked about the possibility of the draft being reinstated and what he’d do in that case. He’s squarely in its sights, if it is reinstated as it was in 1973, since he’ll graduate from A&M in May and is 22 years old. In which case I’d want him to add a year to his service and go to officer’s candidate school as I did back in 1967. He tentatively agreed.

The new fragging

“A Russian soldier reportedly drove over his colonel with a tank…” 

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Is a draft coming?

“…the Selective Service System (SSS) announced that ‘In the event of a draft, our agency would partner with @fema to provide opportunities to conscientious objectors to ensure our nation keeps moving forward.’ The announcement rattled Americans, especially those of draft-able age who do not want to go fight for a foreign country in which the United States doesn’t have a critical interest.”

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A Nation of Draft Dodgers

Interesting piece on our draft-less circumstances at a potential time of big war. We’ve outsourced our multiple, smaller wars of late by paying “volunteers” about $40,000 each to enlist. It may have been increased since the government’s bugout from Afghanistan. The mercenary aspect is just one of the interesting items in this year-old essay in the Military Times.

Lyin’ Biden: Wartime prez

With approval ratings hovering in the 20s, and prices steadily rising, Joetato will now save his presidency (not to mention his party’s hold on Congress) by becoming what they all want to be: A wartime president. Hey, it got Bush Jr. a second term.

Slow Joe is off to Europe and a bid at grabbing some of Zelensky’s luster for his ownself. Also sending millions of dollars of new, defensive weapons to the television president who’s outflanking the world’s leaders with his striking visuals and stirring words. What do we say Joetato will even shake the Z man’s grimy hand, in Poland, say, then hand him a combat shotgun, with a hearty “Go get ’em”?

Long as the famous draft-dodger (five Vietnam War socio-economic deferments) doesn’t have to get shot at. Macho aviator sunglasses and all.

Radiation detector

A timely offering. Although it would seem to be the case that you could see the mushroom cloud from a hundred or more miles away.

Pure genocide

If there’s anything pure about destroying a maternity hospital with airstrikes and bombs, leaving women and children trapped in the rubble. This is how Russia fights. Russians should be ashamed of their military. Ashamed of their government. Ashamed of themselves.