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Beyond the Reiki Gateway

Is a new (January of this year) podcast by Kathleen Johnson and Andrea Kennedy, which is fun to listen to. Even if their names evoke memory of the 1960 Dimocrat presidential ticket. Odd. Nevertheless, these two Reiki masters have some interesting things to discuss. Johnson, the elder of the pair (as on the ticket), says Reiki (primarily a healing modality) opens the practitioner to multiple experiences and possibilities such as past lives. Obscure enough for you? We’re talking soul and spirit energy here. With more to come.

UPDATE: For the diehard debunkers, alias skeptics, albeit with closed minds.


Got to go get our pool key this morning and a new pair of sandals which don’t stink like the old ones. But, first, meditation.

Buddha at the Gas Pump

Just finished listening to an enjoyable two-hour interview by Rick Archer with medium Suzanne Giesemann. Archer’s Buddha at the Gas Pump is a cool web site and podcast of almost 600 interviews with the spiritually awakening.

Happy Pi Day

My Pi Ku offering: Happiness Loves Meditation

Bar’s eyes

Barbara Ellen’s been meditating to a guided mp3 by medium Suzanne Wilson. Just five minutes with her eyes closed but enough time to see eyes looking back at her: “Just eyes. Male and female, but so many.” Not threatening. Just cool.