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Dimocrat raiding

“Trump, Bannon, Mike Lindell, up to 40 of Trump’s allies and associates, including some of his lawyers, have now all been raided. This country now more closely resembles the Soviet Union than it does the USA we grew up in.” —Team USA

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FLOTUS gets back neatly

Always like to have a good President Trump picture, especially when it showcases his beautiful and intelligent wife, Melania. The Jan. 6 thug committee got her former chief of staff to hit her in public with innuendo. She got back quite neatly, saying it wasn’t the first time a former staffer used her name to gain relevancy and profit. Heh.

Chinese tests

I ordered the “free,” at-home test kit for Covid from the post office and then discovered that they are made in China (according to Reuters)—though presumably not in Wuhan, that would be just too ironic. Of course there are American companies that make the kits but America first went out with Trump. The feds under Biden prefer to spend our money overseas.

UPDATE: PJMedia says the tests are made in South Korea and are pretty much wiped out in below 36 degree temps sitting in mailboxes. Also above 86 degrees, but we’re not likely to get that high for a while.

Our silent press

Former Trump Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Twitter. Surprised they haven’t booted him yet.

“If our press were indeed fair-minded, they would expose the deceit of the Chinese Communist Party, but they’re owned, and they are bought, and they are silent.”

Not to mention on the CCP’s manmade Covid virus, which has lately spawned a variant.

I would like to thank President Donald J. Trump for: 7 million new jobs; Middle-class income up $6,000; Record low unemployment; 7 million off food stamps; Historic tax reform; Rebuilt military; and Massive deregulation. This is just the beginning of the America FIRST movement!

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UPDATE: Not to mention the most glorious economy in 50 years, cratered by the Chinese Communist Party’s virus and the ill-considered lockdowns of mainly Dimocrat governors and mayors. Even the NYT wants it back, but there’s little chance Pedo Joe can deliver.

MORE: One of the 40 (!) EO’s Pedo Emperor Joe has signed brings back all the regs and then some. So kiss the good economy bye-bye and welcome back to the Bronco Bama doldrums.


I voted yesterday, a straight Republican ticket, though the voting machine made me check each race. Annoying but done.

Houston: China spy epicenter

Chinese consulate has been robbing intellectual property from the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, among other places. Been going on for decades. Shut down by the Trump administration.