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Biden underwater

Hovering right at 40 percent approval, Lyin’ Biden could cost the Dims the House and Senate next year. Hard to see how he could turn the Afghanistan fiasco around now. Interesting how the pollsters avoid giving one number but insist on giving us an analysis that confuses things. The Mediacrats prefer it that way for their own.

UPDATE: So he changed the subject to vaccine mandates. Or tried to.

Delta’s bright spot

[S]aid Robert Colgrove, interim chief of infectious diseases at Mount Auburn Hospital and an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School. “A welcome development is that totally vaccinated, frail older people with medical conditions — even among them we’re seeing very few hospitalizations, unlike in the first couple of pre-vaccine waves of the epidemic when there were just enormous amounts of very, very sick [elderly] people.”

But Lambda is on the way and there are more than a dozen other variants of potential concern.

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Mr. Boy’s vax

He said he was opposed to it. Just a gut feeling, he contended. Then I read him something one of my OCS buds wrote, about it being our social duty to get with the program, and he caved. Went to Walgreen’s for a Pfizer jab and came back with his “passport,” the proof-of-vax card that inevitably will be used for many things as the pandemic continues. Pleased with himself. As are we.

Evolution in action

We seem to have a bunch of the young opting out of the vaccines. I thought the CCP virus was supposed to be an old-people killer.