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More triple digits

It’s almost enough to make you believe in global warming. Hottest June on record and one of the hottest 4th of July forecast, at 101 degrees with more triple digits to come next week and ahead. Almost. The June record would be more impressive if the record wasn’t so short—only about 170 years. As for the 4th and subsequent triple digits, well, that’s what we normally get starting in July. Probably won’t be much cooling before September. As usual.


Elgin to the east of Austin and Round Rock to the north apparently got the most damage from tornadoes Monday evening. Also Jarrell and Granger to the north and northeast of Round Rock. No fatalities but some injuries and major destruction. Probably have to wait until morning to see/know the full extent.

UPDATE: Nothing much changed with daylight. Still no fatals, but some injuries and destruction.

Big storm forecast

On Monday, the 21st that is. beginning lightly in the morning but getting windier and stormier as the day goes on. Spring is mostly storm time for us, through May, and sometimes extending into the summer. Got a new snaky “sand” bag for the step-daughter to use, if necessary, on her new ground-level apartment’s front door. The concrete surround looks flat to me. with no drainage. And the storage room hollow door a few yards away has a sprung back panel (from sitting in standing water?). We shall see. Better safe than sorry. If it does rain hard enough for the water to pond, we’ll probably lose electricity for a few hours. Which is par here in liberal land.

UPDATE: Light rain most of the day, moderate wind and no electric outages at the Canyon. But half a dozen tornadoes seen on the ground around Central Texas, ones in Elgin to our east and Round Rock to our north caused major damage. No fatalities, minor injuries. The snaky sandbag didn’t get used but is ready for the next time.

Another freeze

Tonight, but predicted to be a light one. Hovering just below 32. We’ll take it. Not that we have much choice.

More snow and ice

Light snow and rain today supposed to end by evening, with a hard freeze (in the low 20s) overnight. No power outages so far and that’s the main thing.

UPDATE: Four nights of hard freezes brought no power outages, so we were good.

Cedar Fever strikes

Been sneezing and nose-blowing all day thanks to high winds and cedar (actually juniper) pollen in the air. Being drawn into the condo by the heating system, just not as much as you get outdoors.

First freezing night

Very appropriate, this freeze coming upon us on Jan. 2, 2022. Been much too warm for too long so far this winter. It’s 33 degrees now, at 2:30 a.m., but heading below freezing according to the forecast. Can already feel the chill seeping through the condo’s exterior walls.

UPDATE: The low was 24 degrees, hard freeze territory but didn’t stay there long enough for it.