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Storm tales: Aftermath

From Tabatha in the Wood Creek apartments of North West Hills 2 days ago:

“This makes week 2 of no hot water. Running water finally (I know it could be worse) called maintenance put in orders…still nothing. Starting to get sick from having to take freezing cold showers. Rent is coming up too and my husband was out of work for a week and a few days…”

Via Nextdoor dot com


It’s 60 degrees and sunny. Lot of melting going on. Actually lost power for 2 and 1/2 hours. A falling tree limb mostly likely. No burst water pipes noticeable yet.

FEMA slow as ever

Now that the Texas electric grid is stabilized, FEMA is sending diesel generators. Bottled water would help more.

UPDATE: Finally, millions of bottles of bottled water, with the help of the Defense Department and the Texas National Guard

Walk like a penguin

That’s how you avoid falling on ice.

Austin: Empty offices stay lit

While Austin area residents shiver in the dark, downtown Austin pigs out on power.

Stoning electricity crews

Some people who’ve been without power or water for several days hereabouts are throwing rocks at Austin Energy crews. Not surprising but the wrong targets, folks. You need to find AE’s suits and stone them. Most particularly the city’s Dimocrat pols who pushed AE to get 25-42 percent of their power from unreliable windmills, and the big-money boys who invested in the windmills for the federal subsidies they pay out.

We, our ownselves, just came off a 15-hour outage, the second one in a week. Getting a little tired of this, y’all.

MORE: Turns out the vaunted ERCOT (Electrical Reliability Council of Texas) board lives out of state.

Frozen Texas wind turbines

They give the lie to the Green New Deal.