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Cedar Fever strikes

Been sneezing and nose-blowing all day thanks to high winds and cedar (actually juniper) pollen in the air. Being drawn into the condo by the heating system, just not as much as you get outdoors.

First freezing night

Very appropriate, this freeze coming upon us on Jan. 2, 2022. Been much too warm for too long so far this winter. It’s 33 degrees now, at 2:30 a.m., but heading below freezing according to the forecast. Can already feel the chill seeping through the condo’s exterior walls.

UPDATE: The low was 24 degrees, hard freeze territory but didn’t stay there long enough for it.

Wet year?

It’s been a wet year, or so it seems, coming off October which was almost two inches over average (normal). Maybe that’s why it seems to be a wet year. That and May’s seven inches. Because we’re only about three and a half inches over normal for the year so far, according to KXAN. Hard to believe. Not counting whatever today’s all-day rain produced.

UPDATE: The all-day rain generally produced an inch and a half, but up to 2 inches in some places.

Storm tales: Aftermath

From Tabatha in the Wood Creek apartments of North West Hills 2 days ago:

“This makes week 2 of no hot water. Running water finally (I know it could be worse) called maintenance put in orders…still nothing. Starting to get sick from having to take freezing cold showers. Rent is coming up too and my husband was out of work for a week and a few days…”

Via Nextdoor dot com


It’s 60 degrees and sunny. Lot of melting going on. Actually lost power for 2 and 1/2 hours. A falling tree limb mostly likely. No burst water pipes noticeable yet.

FEMA slow as ever

Now that the Texas electric grid is stabilized, FEMA is sending diesel generators. Bottled water would help more.

UPDATE: Finally, millions of bottles of bottled water, with the help of the Defense Department and the Texas National Guard

Walk like a penguin

That’s how you avoid falling on ice.