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Crazy Nancy’s delay

The umpty-trillion stimulus package, to principally help hourly workers furloughed by small business passed yesterday (Wednesday) in the Senate by unanimous consent, meaning including the Dimocrats.

But Crazy Nancy has to put off the House’s vote until Friday morning when she’s recalled the members from their little vacation during a pandemic. Even though it could be passed electronically by unanimous consent without recalling them. Gotta whoop up on Trump, apparently, and by extension on those hourly workers who ought to promise themselves to remember this play as they dig into their cat food.

Every day Trump makes his enemies look smaller. And g-d knows, Pelosi does.

Flattening Civil Life

From the Z Man, who tested positive for the Wuhan, China virus: ”

“In order to ‘flatten the curve’ we need to obliterate what’s left of civil life. We have to hand to the state the power to shutter businesses, lock people in their homes and reorganize society as they see fit. The price of flattening the curve will be a never-ending war on civil life by a thoroughly corrupt ruling class. So no, it is not just the flu bro. It is not about the stock market or the economy either. It is about what comes after the flu decades after it is gone.”

We’re fortunate to have Trump as president, then, because he’s far less likely to want business continually hampered by government, much less civil life. He removes regulations, he doesn’t increase them. Biden and his ilk, however, would do just that and massively, and raise taxes to boot.

Via The Z Man

The Southern Border Wall

If Trump is remembered for nothing else, his Southern border wall will be a great boon. After years of the Deep State and the elite (Dimocrat pols, mostly) saying the illegals couldn’t be stopped and no wall would be effective.

Even though it’s not finished, the steel and concrete Trump wall is already 90 percent effective, according to the Border Patrol. Sounds good. Keep it up. We’ll soon see those jobs Americans allegedly wouldn’t do being done by Americans.

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Pocahontas or the Hildabeast?

Senile Joe, the wonder veep, is bound to choose one of them, or Kamala Harris, maybe, for his own veep and she’ll be the real presidential candidate while Pedo Joe spends his days hunting up little girls to sniff.

No worries. Trump will roll over ’em

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Freedom is the heart of America

The promise of free stuff may enliven young voters and make them turn out to vote for Bernie. Those that actually do vote, instead of getting distracted and forgetting about it. Very distractable, the young. Like the old, oddly enough.

But, as The Washington Examiner‘s Hugo Gurdon writes, Trump really wants Bernie as an opponent. He wants to slay the socialist dragon once and for all, which he will because “Socialism is antithetical to freedom and freedom is the heart of America.”

Economist Thomas Sowell on Twitter: “Any system which allows some people to exercise unbridled power over others is an open invitation to abuse, whether that system is called slavery or socialism or something else.”

Pedo Joe is self-destructing

Creepy, gropey, pedo Joe Biden was supposed to be the safe, sane alternative for the Dimocrats in 2020. Instead, he’s falling apart.

His most recent bizarro move came when he called a New Hampshire woman voter, who admittedly had asked him a hostile question, a “lying, dog-faced pony soldier.” Pony soldiers, according to Google, are Canadian Royal Mounted Police, though presumably Biden didn’t mean that. But calling a would-be voter a liar and saying she looked like a dog, is just plain nuts.

“At his best, Biden hemorrages odd syntax, non sequiters and virtually nothing that indicates he made it past the third grade,” says Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media. “This guy doesn’t need any more public campaign events, he needs a sedative and a full-time nurse.”

A nurse who doesn’t mind being groped.

Wretchard on the splintering Dims

“With the center broken, the [Dim] party risks losing them to the other side. Trump can nail the Democratic Party colors to the socialist mast with Sanders providing the hammer — and the sickle — and pick up those who flee in disgust. There can be few ironies greater than nominating Bernie Sanders after spending two years of accusing Trump of being too friendly with the Russians”

Afterall, Bernie honeymooned in Moscow at the height of the Cold War.

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