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Martha’s Vineyard hoot

The rich person’s island enclave off the coast of Massachusetts getting fifty Venezuelan illegals flown from San Antonio by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis causes an uproar. After all, MV is about 90 percent white (not counting the Obama’s in their mansion) so Dimocrats are urging the DOJ to bring charges against DeSantis. What a hoot. So much for the diversity Bronco lectured us about for eight years.

Via Yahoo! News, Fox News, and PJMedia

UPDATE: It took barely 24 hours before the rich, white liberals got the illegals bused off the island. Diversity died in darkness. Heh. Lectures for thee but not for them.

Dimocrat busing

Chicago’s mayor excoriates Gov. Abbott for busing illegals there, then does the same thing in the same way.

“One would think that with Chicago being a sanctuary city, Lightfoot would be delighted to welcome the migrants. One would think that Lightfoot would jump at the opportunity to demonstrate her compassion, kindness, and hospitality. One would think that she would set the bar high and show us how it’s done, so to speak. Instead, she, in turn, bused them [to Chicago’s suburbs without notice).”

Dimocrats are such hypocrites.

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Coal-powered vehicles

Otherwise known as EVs.  Electric Cars Are Not “Zero-Emission” Vehicles Like the Chevy Dolt.

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Russia hoaxers did the raid

“This week we learned that the FBI unit responsible for the raid is the same unit responsible for the Trump-Russia collusion hoax investigation.”

And the scumbag judge the FBI shopped its search request to recused himself once before on a Trump matter because he is an admitted Trump-hater. But not this time. He wanted in on the action.

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Feds: Dimocrat Hiring Hall

“For decades, the federal service has increasingly become a bastion for liberal Democrats. Every study shows that its members are almost uniformly on the left. To give just one example: 95 percent of federal bureaucrats who donated to a candidate in the 2016 presidential election gave to Hillary Clinton.” —Jonathan Tobin in the New York Post.

My dear godmother, who was a lifelong Democrat who worked for the Wilson administration (1913 to 1921), came to my rescue in 1966 when I was struggling to make ends meet in college. She overlooked the fact that my parents were Republicans and I had campaigned for Goldwater.

I’d had a grocery cashier’s job that paid very little and had set out to sell pots and pans door-to-door at which I wasn’t successful. When I mentioned this in a letter to my godmother, in a correspondence between us that began when I was in high school, she wrote back with a phone number for me to call for a federal job. Just give them your name, she said, and be sure to tell the truth.

The fellow who answered the phone at the number asked me if I knew how to drive a 1-ton truck. I wasn’t even sure what that was, but I immediately said yes, not wanting to lose out. He sent me to the Post Office where I drove that 1-ton truck in the evening after classes picking up mail from office buildings in DC and taking it to the main P.O. downtown. It paid well and I might have used it as a springboard to management when I graduated in 1967. But weeks before graduation the Selective Service System (the draft) nailed me for the day after graduation and I went into the Army, instead. By the time I got out, my interests had changed.

There may have been a number for Republicans to call, but I doubt it.

The Unprecedented Trump Raid

Fart, Barf and Itch have outdone themselves. Lyin’ Biden pretends not to have known. Bull. His administration has declared war on 74 million Americans. And the 87,000 new IRS agents the Dimocrats have hired will be joining in to audit their income tax returns as well.

“These are dark times for our Nation,” President Trump said in a written statement, “as my beautiful home, Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, is currently under siege, raided, and occupied by a large group of FBI agents. Nothing like this has ever happened to a President of the United States before.”

Marxist dictatorships do this. And Famous But Incompetent and its scumbag director Wray are Dimocrat stooges. I smell the hand of Bronco Bama in this as well.

This is how our country ends.

Via PJMedia & The Federalist

Lyin’, Pedo Biden

So now he’s got the China virus. Maybe. With him lies are endemic.

“Strangely, leftists do not grasp that Biden’s current record and unpopularity are due not just to his unmistakable cognitive decline. The problem is not just his often-toxic personality, or his creepy habits of trying to shake the hands of invisible people or violating the private space of younger women.

“Instead, the Biden Administration has become an utter failure because voters detest its agendas. They recoil at $5-a-gallon gas. They feel their lives are being destroyed by 9.1% annual inflation and supply chain shortages.”

And because it will all get worse if Joetato recovers from whatever he’s got this time. After all he previously said he got cancer from windshield wipers. Not that we wish him ill. Heavens no. These days you never know who’s looking over your shoulder.

Via Victor Davis Hanson on PJMedia