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Dims paid millions

Adios Crazy Nancy

“Nancy Pelosi’s classless act of ripping up (a copy of) President Trump’s SOTU speech (while he was giving it) defines her dishonorable legacy as Speaker. Nobody is more responsible for the polarization of US politics. Her lies, vicious smears, pious hypocrisy and corrupt personal enrichment top off a shameful tenure.” —NY Post journalist Miranda Devine

She’s not the first corrupt speaker and probably won’t be the last. But she was vicious.

FBI Clowns

Nuke War

“Zelensky’s ‘preemptive strikes’ remarks on Thursday caused alarm worldwide in the greater context of growing panic over a potential nuclear war, fueled by individuals such as Biden, who warned of an impending ‘Armageddon‘ on Thursday. The Russian government, as the target of the remarks, was particularly appalled, referring to Zelensky as a ‘monster.’

“Everyone on the planet must realize that Zelensky, a puppet pumped with weapons, has turned into a monster whose hands could destroy the planet,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in a social media post responding to the remarks.”

While our old fool of a president pumps the accelerator, instead of the brakes.

Via Breitbart News

Fictional white supremacy

“Meanwhile, the actual Left-wing terrorists who committed the act of terrorism at Harden’s pro-life center remain uncaught, unpunished, and unchallenged. Harden even suggested during his appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show that maybe the FBI itself is behind the firebombing of pro-life centers. Surely the feds wouldn’t stoop so low, would they? Would they?”

Why not? They specialize in false flags and phony conspiracies.

Via PJMedia

UPDATE: While they ignore the firebombings, the DOJ and FBI are raiding the homes of pro-life activists and making arrests.

Italy’s fair election

“Many leftists here were surely hoping that the results of the Italian election would suddenly pivot away from Giorgia Meloni in the late counting. Unfortunately for them, Italy has voter ID and the mules there all have four legs and eat grass. An honest election! #2000Mules

Via Dinesh D’Souza on Twitter

Martha’s Vineyard hoot

The rich person’s island enclave off the coast of Massachusetts getting fifty Venezuelan illegals flown from San Antonio by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis causes an uproar. After all, MV is about 90 percent white (not counting the Obama’s in their mansion) so Dimocrats are urging the DOJ to bring charges against DeSantis. What a hoot. So much for the diversity Bronco lectured us about for eight years.

Via Yahoo! News, Fox News, and PJMedia

UPDATE: It took barely 24 hours before the rich, white liberals got the illegals bused off the island. Diversity died in darkness. Heh. Lectures for thee but not for them.