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Black Friday bleak

“Across the U.S., shopping malls are seeing only thin crowds, according to reports in business media. Inflation and depressed consumer sentiment appear to have dampened the holiday shopping spirit.”

Via Breitbart News

UPDATE: Not so online, however, with record-breaking online sales!

Adios Crazy Nancy

“Nancy Pelosi’s classless act of ripping up (a copy of) President Trump’s SOTU speech (while he was giving it) defines her dishonorable legacy as Speaker. Nobody is more responsible for the polarization of US politics. Her lies, vicious smears, pious hypocrisy and corrupt personal enrichment top off a shameful tenure.” —NY Post journalist Miranda Devine

She’s not the first corrupt speaker and probably won’t be the last. But she was vicious.

Higher prices coming

As gas-and-diesel trucking services dwindle, the price of everything will go up. And up.