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Social Justice Judging

“‘Social justice’ is largely about judging people tribally, cartoonishly, and by different and contradictory standards, based on some supposed group identity, which apparently – and conveniently – overrides all else.”

It’s a damn bore. Unless you enjoy being called racist and oppressive.

Via Diogenes Middle Finger

The Jussie Lesson

“The worst possible place to fake a hate crime is in an African-American city. Black cops don’t suffer from white guilt and have very little patience for fake racist hate crimes. Chicago’s top law enforcement officials are African-American. That’s one reason Smollett is getting the book thrown at him.”

Via Sultan Knish

Stupid Smollett

Never mind what the City of Chicago and Cook County will or won’t do to Just Joking Jussie. He’s got the U.S. postal service on his ass.

Says a retired NYPD detective: “He’s going into the federal nightmare zone. He will be glued to the Department of Justice for the rest of his life.”

Via Fox News

UPDATE:  Of course there’s Phillip Schuyler’s bet that he’s also linked to Kamala Harris: “My guess- Smollett: Now what? K Harris: To protect us you still need to take race out of it, but ppl aren’t buying that it was abt money, so instead say u r a drug addict. Smollett: But I don’t do drugs & no one’s ever seen me w drugs. K Harris: Don’t worry; media will handle it.”

Smollett facing fed charges

Not for the racist hoax on the street but an earlier hoax with a racist letter. Postal inspectors were not amused.

Good reporting from CWBChicago. Proof, as Don Suber says, that journalism is not dead.

Via Don Suber

UPDATE:  The serious blog American Thinker has picked it up: “If he was indeed responsible for the sending of a letter to the Fox Chicago studios where Empire is produced, he has triggered federal charges that carry hard time.”

MORE: ABC News has it now, citing two unnamed federal officials that it is “an investigation.” And Breitbart.


Should Gov. Coonman resign?

Milk is racist

No, not just the white milk, the chocolate milk, too. That’s because the government pushes milk consumption (flacking for the dairy industry when not paying ginormous subsidies) but black people don’t need as much milk as whites. Or something.

Ever wonder why all this concern every time you turn around for 10 percent or less of the population?

Via The College Fix

The Lynching of Coonman

Virginia Dimocrat Gov. Ralph Shearer Northam (aka Goose Coonman), may look like he’s breathin’ but he’s actually a dead man walking now that Dim presidential candidate Kamala (screwing her way to the top) Harris has called for his public lynching.

UPDATE: The Dimocrat’s premier lick-spittle, CNN, struggles to save him.