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Finger raper Biden steps in it

Biden’s always steppin’ in it. For many years. But this time he’s pissed off some black opinion leaders by being condescending to them and the black community at large.

Well, he is a pedo, a groper and a finger raper—all of which rely on being condescending to other people. He thinks he’s cool. He’s a buffoon.

UPDATE: Conservative economist Thomas Sowell, who is black,  on Twitter: “Never interfere with an enemy who is destroying himself” — Sun Tzu

Racist of the week: Spongebob

Poor Spongebob. And we always thought he was just the coolest sponge in Bikini Bottom.

Why this college professor says Mr. Squarepants could be a white supremacist. If he wasn’t yellow.

The Left’s Loch Ness monster

“White supremacy is the Loch Ness monster of the Left: big, scary, and imaginary.”—Steve Gregg, commenter at On The Porch.

Killing discourse

From David P. Goldman at PJMedia:

“The liberals have redefined the term ‘racism’ to include any reference to obvious and undisputed facts that might reflect badly on ‘people of color,’ for example, the fact that countries like Somalia are hopelessly ungovernable whirlpools of corruption and chaos–just as Trump said. Because Somalis are non-white, the liberals declare, it is ‘racist’ to call attention to the fact that their country is a revolting mess. Of course, Somalia’s problems have nothing to do with the skin color of its inhabitants, but rather with Islamic fundamentalism—but to mention that is ‘Islamophobic’, and therefore also ‘racist.'”

Convenient, eh?

The Squadie who married her brother

Dimocrat congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, of course! Which the cowardly, dishonest enemies of the people have been covering up. President Trump has now outed her.

PJMedia throws in alleged in their headline, but their reporter says there’s loads of evidence that Omar married her brother to defraud immigration.

Via PJMedia

UPDATE: Some of that evidence was uncovered by Scott Johnson of Powerline: “…Omar is also probably the first state legislator to have taken out a marriage certificate naming her brother as her husband. If so, she is certainly also the first state legislator—Muslim or not—to be married to her brother (the marriage would be illegal and void ab initio under Minnesota law), while also having a “cultural” husband, who happens to be the father of her children. And if so, I want to emphasize, I believe that her purpose was certainly dishonest, rather than incestuous or romantic.”

Racist, racist, we all fall down

Even diehard Dimocrat Mrs Charm admitted that Nancy Pelosi (or Crazy Nancy as Trump sometimes calls her) was a poor choice to be the first woman speaker of the House.

Called out by a male GOP rep, Doug Collins of Georgia, the other day for breaking the House rules (specifically the specific rule against calling the president a racist), she stalked off the dais, silenced by another House rule, until the majority Dims voted her back in.

“The vote on the motion to strike Pelosi’s remarks failed in a 190-232 vote with no Democratic support. Every Republican voted in favor of the motion.”

Over in the Senate, Cocaine Mitch McConnell, the Republican majority leader, said simply: “The president’s not a racist.”

Hijinks, congressional-style, begun and ended by Crazy Nancy, the first woman speaker of the House of Representatives.

Via The Hill, Twitchy, and Politico

Stop talking about racism

“…it’s the only way to end racism—stop talking about it. We already have laws against it, for a long time now, as we should. And they should be strictly enforced. But the rest of the blah-blah has got to go. It only makes people hate each other. It creates racism rather than solves it.”—Roger L. Simon

Via PJMedia