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White Lives Matter

T-shirt slogan by Kanye West

Antisemitic Bigots

That would be Black Lives Matter. Who else? After trashing L.A.’s Jewish businesses, one of their black nationalists tried to assassinate a Jewish candidate for mayor of Louisville, Ky. He failed and BLM sprung him from jail. Of course.

“Black Lives Matter is a racist and antisemitic hate group, and (Quintez) Brown’s increasingly hateful and antisemitic views were not out of line with his fellow black nationalist bigots. BLM’s decision to bail him out of jail is evidence that the hate group continues its support even after the shooting.”

Them and a few of their celebrity backers, like Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, Schitt’s Creek star Dan Levy and others you’ve probably never heard of.

Via Sultan Knish

Racial arson in a bankrupt age

“As soon as it was revealed that the Waukesha mass murderer was a black career criminal who hated white people, it was a no-brainer to state that the huge story would fade from view as quickly as possible and that any reference to it would eliminate the perpetrator as much as possible.”—Neoneocon

“Both Wisconsin towns, Kenosha, and Waukesha, about 50 miles apart by car, were the recent sites of multiple deaths. The violence in both made national news. Yet in contradictory ways both reflected the common themes of America’s current legal, media, and societal corruption.”—Victor Davis Hanson

Racial rhetoric hits home

Well, to the Dimocrats of Dallas’s Highland Park, anyhow. Luckily Cousin Jerry is deceased, not that it would matter anyhow, his sons being well past-college age. But he was a wealthy Dim and he lived in Highland Park. And so he would have gotten BLM’s letter. Wonder what he would have thought of it?

Signs on the lawns

I started seeing these signs, but with things like I Believe in Black Lives Matter (I don’t), on the lawn of my Reiki master’s place. I started to be irritated but shrugged it off. Reiki is Reiki. Needn’t drag politics into it.

Then, I saw this one and had a good chuckle.

MLB woke, will it go broke?

Caves to President Turnip Head by moving the all-star game. Screwing black-majority Atlanta in the process. And MLB’s not majority black like the NFL which you would expect to do this.

Blacks at D-Day

You never hear about blacks in WW2, other than the Tuskegee Airmen, since all of them were in segregated units. But one canard, that blacks did not land on Omaha Beach, is exploded by the Army, itself. In this cool story about barrage balloons to thwart strafing fighter planes manned by an all-black battalion.