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Sick of the damned cold

It feels like it’s been a month since the temperature rose above 45 degrees, though it hasn’t been quite a week yet. But I’m thoroughly sick of it. Sick of living in Little WisconTex, with the temp falling into the 20s every night.

Thanks to help from my IT guru, aka The Fat Guy, at least the Scribbler finally has a home that’s not vulnerable to Yahoo!: what you see here is it, the good Lord willin’ and the creeks don’t rise—if they did they’d just freeze over anyhow.

We’ve transferred all the posts, comments, and media back to infinity and beyond (actually 2006) from Ye Olde Scribbler, so, as Darkwater wanted, the Rule 5 catalogue (among others) should be intact.

As for Ye Olde, she hasn’t been scuttled over the Mariana Trench yet, but that’s coming. So if you’re feeling sentimental, go say goodbye. And if you could bring us some proper, early December, 70-degree weather, I’d be forever grateful.

Strange Search Engine Queries

An idea cribbed from Dustbury, though we do not get near as many weird ones here at Rancho Roly Poly as he does at the Bandwidth Wastage Station:

Unusual water towers Why, yes, indeedy, we have a few of those right cheer.

Sugey Abrago is not chubby. Nope. We would have to agree wholeheartedly with that. And in addition to having a really charming pair of buttocks, she gives a dandy weather report for the caballeros, as well.

Fight level 390. Which just goes to show you how far Google will go to correct what you type. Bless ’em.

Known Chinese submarine bases. Hmm. Ain’t no hackers around here, so the Chinese navy should please go pull a denial-of-service on the Pentagon. Please.

Breanne Ashley nude. Our shameless attempt to game the system seems to have worked. But we still avoid nude at this here family blog.

Mexican de haviland dh-4. We see the old rumors of a Free Mexican Air Force are persisting, even if the inventory is about 94 years out of date.

Christine McLoughlin ks schlage. We’ve polled the membership and we agree that we’re not sure what a ks schlage is, but we here at the Scribbler definitely are not guilty of doing one like it to Christine.

How to build a model of the Alamo. Well, we had it around here somewhere but it seems to be, uh, lost. Perhaps the exterior plans will do.

Miles Austin girlfriend 2013. This has been a perennial draw for we don’t know how long. And we still don’t have a pix or notice or whatever of her. Does he even have a girlfriend? Maybe he’s, uh, well, you know…

Rhonda Rousey feet. As a matter of fact, we have never seen Rhonda’s feet. We’re not even sure whether she has feet or wheels. Will the rest of her do?

Whoopi Goldberg nude. Not a chance. Not no how. Not never.

Scribbling empty headed random… mindless snooze of an a ecuse. We agree. That does seem to account for a lot of what you can read hereabouts. Ecuses and all. And Google agrees, as well, for as you can see they gave us the No. 1 hit on this query.

Long sheng for men ereksiyon. Now that you mention it.

cache:zgzural18rqj:texasscribb…13/02/10/rule-5-jordan-carver/ We are very happy to announce that Ms Carver has, indeed, replaced our former Rule 5 hit Alizee as the No. 1 cheesecake draw. Although Alizee ain’t bad.

bone pinewood derby car. This is the cannibal version, we guess.

Who sang the song “Goodby, Texas, Hello Mexico”? Another poll, another blank. We know we used to know the answer, but we have forgotten.

Alizee nose job. Thanks for the chuckle, but if any of her parts have been remodeled, we doubt it was the nose.

Getcher free Kindle book deals rite cheer

How can a free book from Amazon not be a deal? Unless you don’t have a Kindle I suppose. And if you don’t, well, just go see what you’re missing.

A reminder: Texas Scribbler is an Amazon Affiliate

When you do your 2013 shopping for athletic gear, diet books or whatever else you need to achieve your New Year’s resolutions through this Amazon link (or the one on the lower right side of this page) you support this blog at no cost to yourself. It’s much appreciated!

UPDATE: Since the move to WordPress dot com in December, 2014, this has gone away. They don’t allow users to sell anything except what they’ve made themselves, and then only by linking to somewhere else. But the advantages of WP outweigh the disadvantage. Its sites are harder to hack and besides I never made a penny off the Amazon deal.

Abi Titmuss: Rule 5


Chocolate is dandy but baked goods are nice and, er, warm. Happy V Day.

Via Dustbury.

Comment spam

This stuff is getting out of hand, at the rate of ten to fifteen a day around here.

In six months, since moving the Scribbler from Movable Type to WordPress, I’ve collected (and deleted) almost more than 10,000 examples. A fatal pox on all their pathetic, English-mangling houses!

Leyla Leidecker: Rule 5

on-the-grass-LeylaLeideckerBoxer, filmmaker, model, rebbetzin. Boxer?

Via Heeb Magazine.