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Multi-Use Nozzle Jet Injector

Used on us veterans in the 1960s for vaccinations. As an Infantry OCS classmate writes:

“A slight tremor by the operator opened up an impressively deep divot on your arm. No longer recommended for use, as the body fluids  from your arm apparently rebounded onto the nozzle, inoculating the next man in line with the intended vaccine plus whatever was going on in you (how many classmates’ DNA are we carrying around as I write this?  Talk about blood Brothers! Yo! Bro!). “


Our Vietnam dead

Remembering our “lost” on this Vietnam Veterans Day. Curious that we have a day to ourselves.

KIA were Infantry OCS graduate Jacob Lee Kinser, tactical officers Reese Michael Patrick & Daniel Lynn Neiswender. And four dropouts: Sherry Joe Hadley, Reese Currenti Elia, Robert Kendrick Chase, and Jeffrey Sanders Tigner.

Not really lost, just “home” in the Greater Reality before us. Blessings on you all.

Recommending Reiki

An OCS chum’s wife suffers from chronic back pain. I suggested a Reiki session: “A stop-gap method to ease back pain, if not to heal it completely, is a Reiki session of about 30-45 minutes for your wife. You can Google Reiki, to find a practitioner near you. The cost varies but generally is under a hundred dollars. I have been treating Bar’s chronic back pain that way for the past year with some success. Give it a try, why doncha!”

UPDATE: They want it. I’m starting a free, long-distance session once a week. We’ll see how it goes. Bar also is talking about sessions, but she wants to get a collapsible table for it.

MORE: They changed their minds. Religious reasons, I suspect. Religion is the bane of existence for many.

Helping Parents Heal

I like this outfit and I recently sent the link to my OCS forum because I know of several who have lost children (of whatever age). Perhaps it will help you also.

Tucker’s movies

Goofing off this morning, instead of obsessing about my eye, I started searching for OCS classmate Tucker Smallwood’s various movies & TV shows, by typing “Tucker Smallwood” in the search box (raised by clicking on the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen) on Apple TV and Prime Video.

Quite a few, actually, going back to possibly the most famous movie, for its box office success,1997’s “Contact.” Only found one on Netflix, 2017’s “Girlfriend’s Day,” an oddly-named thriller that isn’t very thrilling, but still pretty good. But Netflix is failing anyway.

My old classmate is a journeyman actor who has made a living at it for more than fifty years: in small parts often playing authority figures, which figures, his being a Follow Me type of guy. After all, in the cast credits for most of the flicks, he’s the only one with a Combat Infantryman’s Badge.

UPDATE: He hated my assessment. No attempted good deed ever goes unpunished.

Staying In Touch

Is an ebook I wrote last year for my son about my staying in touch with his physically-deceased mother. I sent a copy to an OCS chum who says he communicates with his ex-wife and her mother on the Other Side through prayer. I do it through vivid dreams and meditation. Staying In Touch is also a summary of what I had learned up to that point about the hereafter. And it has a bibliography of some of the many books I have read on the subject. I suspect many people do this who wouldn’t dream of talking about it with others for fear of ridicule. I’m quite past that.

Garlic: Not just for vampires and spaghetti

After an OCS chum said his wife’s doctor advised consuming garlic as a non-prescription hedge against Covid, I remembered an article that said Israeli consumption of garlic is second only per capita to China. The claim is that people who consume a lot of this pre-antibiotic folk remedy for infection, get bitten by fewer mosquitoes and generally stay healthy.

Reminds me of my Texas mother when we lived in Libya, in North Africa, when I was six. My 5-year-old sister and I liked to run barefoot through the dirt, which bothered mother no end. Whenever she caught us at it, she would turn to the lore of her Texas upbringing and make us eat a clove of garlic each to stave off the ringworm fungus, among other things. It was awful. So we worked hard not to get caught.