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Unvaxxed die

Lee, one of my OCS chums, has lost his daughter to the Wuhan virus, just a little over a month after her husband died of it. Neither were vaccinated. Both had co-morbidities. They leave two young daughters. Our hearts are broken.

Son-in-law died

Lee, one of my OCS buds, lost his son-in-law to Covid this evening. His daughter, who is also on a ventilator, is still hanging in there. Son-in-law had co-morbidities with lung problems. Pretty deadly for a lung disease. At least he’s in a better place now, though it will be hard for his wife (when she finds out) and other relatives.

UPDATE: Not long after, his wife, Lee’s daughter, also transitioned as the docs were trying to wean her off the ventilator. Heartbreak all around, especially for their two children. At least they’re together again.

Cancelled reunion

My OCS buds have canceled their every-two-years reunion due to high covid variant catchings in the city of choice, New Orleans. One of my least favorite cities (and you, too, El Paso). Bar and I weren’t planning to go anyway. Still tired after our Higgins sojourn. And her breathing continues problematic. Just walking exhausts her. So far, our Moderna vaccines are keeping us safe. We only go out on Sundays, for Reiki healings and chat with Cindi.

Cub Scout banter

So-called. Messages about the weather and sports on our OCS forum. Politics is verboten. Past arguments about politics degenerated into name-calling and, so for the best, it was banned. Reducing us to Cub Scout banter about whose temperature is higher or lower and which team did what when. Pretty deadly. We do talk abut the pandemic, lately most of us promoting the vaccines, and keep apprised of each other’s health.

Drawing the black bean

Daughter and son-in-law of an OCS friend are in the hospital in Georgia with Covid 2. She’s not doing well and is facing a ventilator. The dreaded ventilator. Off of which most do not come before passing.

The black bean drawing is an old Texas saying that stems from the 1843 capture of some Texans and would be Texans who were fighting off a Mexico invasion of the then-Republic of Texas. Drawing a black bean meant they would be executed.

Mr. Boy’s vax

He said he was opposed to it. Just a gut feeling, he contended. Then I read him something one of my OCS buds wrote, about it being our social duty to get with the program, and he caved. Went to Walgreen’s for a Pfizer jab and came back with his “passport,” the proof-of-vax card that inevitably will be used for many things as the pandemic continues. Pleased with himself. As are we.

Covid 2

“I had Covid back in December 2020, hospitalized for four days, I received my two Moderna shots in March, and ouch, Covid breakthrough in June this year, with pneumonia.  Quite a surprise, and another recovery in progress. Covid 2 was and is no fun.”

Otherwise known as the Delta variant. The Moderna breached, oh my.

From an OCS bud on our forum

UPDATE: Moderna now recommending third shot as booster.