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Fauda, Season 2

Fauda the second time around is better than ever. Through episode six anyhow. Now blending the IDF elite force against Hamas, the Palestinian Authority and ISIS. With sometimes help from the PA which doesn’t want the competition. Nor, at times, does Hamas. So they fight each other.

“What distinguishes the series from a run of the mill tale of Good & Evil, is its ambivalence and its ever-changing perspective as the narrative switches back and forth between Israelis and Palestinians. That is its claim to originality and excellence…

“To begin, the protagonists look, walk, dress and speak the same, with Palestinians and Israeli switching smoothly from Hebrew to Arabic, and vice versa…It doesn’t require a subtle mind to get the subtext: Look how alike we are.”

Indeed, it’s easy, at times, to forget who the bad guys are. Well, for one on the outside looking in. One knows it’s not so simple on the inside.

Via Tablet Magazine

Blaming Israel

That would be the usual suspects in the diplomatic community and their enablers in the Western news media.

This time for confronting the armed Gaza protesters head-on. The IDF has shot a few, killed a few, of the Hamas-organized idiots who tried to breech the security fence between Gaza and Israel. Boo-hoo. Then there was the outrage over Trump moving our embassy to Jerusalem, the undeniable capital of Israel—no matter who denies it.

“Doing the right thing often has dangerous consequences. You should do it anyway. We did. The president’s move was itself an end, and it stands as a positive one without regard to the inflamed terrorists and terror-kin or the media keen to enable them.

“It would be easy to say they simply want to oppose Trump, but that would grossly understate the degree to which blaming Israel is the first—and often only—reaction of Western media.”

Leftists all. F-’em. F-’em real good.

UPDATE:  Pallywood: Dying for a Photo-Op.

Happy 70th Birthday Israel

A poem by Yehuda Amichai on my favorite city in all the world:

Jerusalem is low, crouching between her mountains,

Not like New York, for example.

Two thousand years ago, she crouched

In a wonderful lunge.

All other cities ran great

Circles in the arena of time, won or lost,

And died. Jerusalem remained in a lunge:

All victories are taut and concealed in her. All defeats.

Her strength grows and her breath is calm

For a race even outside the arena.

Via Jewish Review of Books


Chaos in Arabic, the title of a brilliant television series now playing on Netflix. I just finished the 12th and final episode of the first season of this Israeli production, which the anti-Israel B(oycott)D(ivest)S(anctions) movement has threatened to sue to stop.

No wonder. It’s a revealing look at both sides of “the situation,” which the Israelis call the continuous war between them and the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians. It’s a rounded look that succeeds in making even the terrorists sympathetic. But in doing so it shatters some myths: for one the idea that the Palies live in “camps,” when in fact they live in cities with concrete and glass buildings.

“We gave a face to the other side,” Fauda’s Israeli co-creator and star Lior Raz told The Wrap last year. “We show the complexity of the conflict to the point where the viewer doesn’t know how to feel anymore.”

Not quite, for me, who still favors Israel, but close. I feel more than ever that the Palies are the victims of their own dictatorial government. The second season of Fauda on Netflix starts May 24.

Jerry Rivers — scumbag

Jerry Rivers, who likes to be known as Geraldo Rivera, tells Fox News that his biggest journalistic regret is not being an active, editorializing supporter of the 2nd Intifada against Israel.

Which “claimed 1,137 Israeli lives – 78 percent of them civilians, according to the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism – between 2000 and 2005, according to United With Israel. “Another 8,341 were wounded. More than half were civilians; the rest, Israeli security forces.”

The Zionist Organization of America wants Rivers, who is a Fox common tater, fired. At the least. How about we sentence him to a year in Gaza? The scumbag can play footsie with Hamas.

Via United With Israel


Just in time for Pesach

“A hoard of rare bronze Jewish Revolt coins has been discovered at the recently renewed Ophel excavations. The trove of dozens of bronze coins minted during the last years of the ill-fated four-year rebellion of the Jews against Roman rule was uncovered in a cave just south of the Temple Mount…”

Giving the lie—in case one was needed for anyone but the terminally ignorant—to claims by the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians that Jews have no history in the land.

Via Times of Israel


L’Shana Tova

Happy 5778!