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Butt Out, Donald

Yeah I voted for him and yeah I mostly like what he’s doing and hope to like more and more as time goes on. But his recent bark at Israel to stop with the settlements is damned odd. It’s the establishment’s oldest line and our Donald is supposed to be anti-establishment. Whatever gives with that, stop it. Now.

As for Israel, please keep settling Judea and Samaria and then annex all of it!

MEMRI’s greatest hits

MEMRI, an outfit which translates the Arab world to show us their true attitudes behind the platitudes our pols and the dictator’s club hand us, occasionally hits the jackpot. As they did here. Watch these talk show clowns throw coffee and punches. You’ll see why Israel has so little hope of ever making peace with them.


Mazel Tov


John Kerry: Moral Midget

Bill Kristol on Twitter: John Kerry entered public life 45 years ago slandering his fellow American servicemen. He leaves it slandering America’s finest ally.

Lurch singlehandedly created the “baby killer” meme which dogged us for decades. Now he ignores the 500,000 Syrians killed in favor of slandering Israel.

Good riddance to a moral midget.

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Three and a half weeks to go

Before President Trump takes the oath of office, that is. Plenty of time for Bronco Bama and his minions Lurch and Slow Joe Biden to make things much worse in the Middle East by doubling down on their backstabbing of Israel. By ordering his UN minion to vote yes when the dictator’s club very likely puts up a new resolution setting out the borders of a so-called Palestinian Arab state.

Borders that very likely would cut Jerusalem in half, if not wholly severing it from Israel proper. Taking, at the very least, the Temple Mount and the holy Western Wall, and possibly the Jewish quarter as well. At least in UN fantasy.

At which point, the UN might as well declare war on Israel, as that would be its only chance of enforcement. And no chance even then. The blue helmets have never been known for combat prowess and the IDF would whip their sorry butts.

And our duplicitous skunk of a president, with his pathetic brag that he could have beaten Trump when Clinton couldn’t, despite his very personal campaigning to no avail on her behalf, won’t be remembered for achieving anything but one foreign and domestic disaster after another. Good riddance, you scumbag.

Meanwhile Charles Krauthammer is suggesting that Trump’s operation tear down the UN building and put up condos. But, please, only after heavy fumigating of the old site.

Via Times of Israel

Here’s why Jews are so angry

In simple terms. What the UN Security Council did, with our faithless president’s support was this:

“The Security Council voted to condemn as illegal the Israeli presence in the Jewish quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, the Jewish presence at the Western Wall, the Jewish presence at the tombs of Abraham and Rachel [outside Hebron, southeast of Jerusalem], the Jewish presence in Jerusalem suburbs and in West Bank cities and towns whose positions secure the major population centers of the modern Jewish state from obliteration [by attacking Arabs].”

I feel certain President Trump won’t allow it to stand after Jan. 20. Nor will the U.S. Congress. Possibly by taking Ira Stoll’s advice and preparing a treaty between us and Israel against a hostile UN. Followed by elimination of some or all of our funding for the so-called world body which ignores real human rights violations everywhere while pummeling Israel over its alleged ones.

Via New York Sun.

Happy Hanukah!


Hanukah usually precedes Xmas. This year it started last night and continues to New Year’s Eve. The kiddie story is well known. The adult story not so much.