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Pat Condell sticks it to the Jew haters

Which was promptly restricted by YouTube, apparently for calling out Muslims as prime perpetrators.

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Israel’s “outsized response”

Andrew Gillum, the black progressive (i.e. socialist) Dim running for governor of Florida, has attacked Israel’s actions versus Hamas. As if he’s running for… Whaaa?

“…Gillum defined those purported ‘actions’ as including alleged Israeli ‘outsized response’ against Palestinian [rocket launched] threats while claiming alleged Israeli disproportionate ‘firepower’ and ‘pushback’ are primary causes of regional instability.”

Whoa. Looks like Gillum’s shaky on Hamas. Wonder how that will play in Jewish Florida? We here at the Scribbler have long favored Israel’s disproportionate response, as the best way to beat back her enemies.

War ain’t a game, Gillum.

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The Renegade Jew

“[William] Kristol is a renegade Jew, and an apologist for anti-Constitutional, illegal manipulation by America’s self-designated ‘deep state.’ His hatred for Donald Trump has unhinged him. Decent people should cross the street to avoid walking too close to him.”—Orthodox Jew David P. Goldman.

I am growing tired of Kristol’s magazine The Weekly Standard. It was a fairly objective conservative take on the news until it became as mindlessly anti-Trump as Kristol himself. Who has become a renegade Jew by betraying critical Jewish interests, such as Trump’s more-than-Bronco’s support of Israel just because it’s Trump.

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The NYT’s latest Fake News

Former Tel Aviv University historian Martin Kramer: “Nothing gives a historian greater satisfaction than correcting a persistent error. And nothing is more frustrating than the resurrection of that error even after it’s been corrected. Especially if it suddenly surfaces on the front page of the New York Times.”

Especially when it’s fake Israeli history intended to back the Pally cry against “the occupation” with a spurious quote from David Ben-Gurion.

“In the print edition, this claim about Ben-Gurion wasn’t sourced, but the online version provided a link. Where did it lead? To an article by the late Arthur Hertzberg, once a prominent American rabbi, in the New York Review of Books back in 1987. There Hertzberg claimed to have heard Ben-Gurion, right after the 1967 victory, ‘insist that all of the territories that had been captured had to be given back, very quickly, for holding on to them would distort, and might ultimately destroy, the Jewish state.’”

Kramer: “I went to the trouble of asking the Ben-Gurion Archives in Sde Boker to help locate the transcript of the talk that Hertzberg attended. They did, and there’s no evidence whatsoever that Ben-Gurion said what Hertzberg claimed he heard.”

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UPDATE: The NYSlimes refuses to correct its error. Why am I not surprised.

Jews in Space

No, not the Mel Brooks spoof. The real one. A robot version anyway.

“If all goes well, the SpaceIL spider-like craft will give Israel entry into the exclusive club of just three nations that have so far achieved a controlled landing on the moon’s surface.”

Via Instapundit and Times of Israel

Fauda end of season 2

A wild ending indeed but I’m coming around to the idea that the Jewish characters in this show are simply modern versions of the schlemiel (unlucky bungler) and schlimazal (very unlucky bungler) of Yiddish theater.

They are mostly fuckups whose violent schemes tend to fall apart half way through and they are lucky to escape with their lives. And sometimes don’t. Still, the unluckiness also afflicts their Palestinian counterparts, who likewise have plans that oft go awry.

So the see-how-much-alike-we-are subtext still works and still attracts.

Fauda, Season 2

Fauda the second time around is better than ever. Through episode six anyhow. Now blending the IDF elite force against Hamas, the Palestinian Authority and ISIS. With sometimes help from the PA which doesn’t want the competition. Nor, at times, does Hamas. So they fight each other.

“What distinguishes the series from a run of the mill tale of Good & Evil, is its ambivalence and its ever-changing perspective as the narrative switches back and forth between Israelis and Palestinians. That is its claim to originality and excellence…

“To begin, the protagonists look, walk, dress and speak the same, with Palestinians and Israeli switching smoothly from Hebrew to Arabic, and vice versa…It doesn’t require a subtle mind to get the subtext: Look how alike we are.”

Indeed, it’s easy, at times, to forget who the bad guys are. Well, for one on the outside looking in. One knows it’s not so simple on the inside.

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