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L’Shana Tova

Happy 5778!

Rule 5: Gal Gadot

A bit skinny for my tastes, but Israeli Gal Gadot makes a fine Wonder Woman in the soon-to-be-released sword and machine guns epic.

The Six Day War: 50 years later

“Saturday night (June 10 [1967]) there was another meeting. The IDF had attacked from the [southern Golan Heights]. The Syrian army collapsed, said [Gen. Moshe] Dayan, and we had to take advantage of this. [Prime Minister Levi] Eshkol explained, rather lamely, that ‘Dayan told me,’ but he hadn’t stopped the advance because he was in favor of it. During the meeting, word arrived that the two IDF columns had met in the center of the Golan. The ministers stood for a moment of silence in honor of the fallen, then drank ‘l’chaim.’”

Good reading for history buffs, particularly Israeli history, in this first part of the “secret transcripts of the Six Day War” of the government security cabinet. In those days the pols didn’t run military operations.

Via Tablet Magazine

UPDATE:  The anniversary won’t be remembered fondly by all, and the achievement could be reversed, if anyone takes the pre-1967 lines as a starting point for peace negotiations seriously. The Israelis won’t.

Yom HaShoah…

…began yesterday evening, and continues today until sundown. But any day is a good day to remember the murdered six million.

A remembrance that began in Israel in 1951 to memorialize the 1943 armed uprising of the Warsaw Ghetto, established by the Nazis—proof that not all were “led like sheep to slaughter”—but eventually came to commemorate all.

Another Black Pot

The black pots is what scholars of the Babylonian Talmud called themselves, oh, about 2,000 years ago. We Talmud scholars of Congregation Beth Israel deserve no less.

So I made up some coffee mugs, white with black handles and black interiors, with the typographical “Another Black Pot” across the top, with CBI’s name across the bottom. Just so.

Butt Out, Donald

Yeah I voted for him and yeah I mostly like what he’s doing and hope to like more and more as time goes on. But his recent bark at Israel to stop with the settlements is damned odd. It’s the establishment’s oldest line and our Donald is supposed to be anti-establishment. Whatever gives with that, stop it. Now.

As for Israel, please keep settling Judea and Samaria and then annex all of it!

MEMRI’s greatest hits

MEMRI, an outfit which translates the Arab world to show us their true attitudes behind the platitudes our pols and the dictator’s club hand us, occasionally hits the jackpot. As they did here. Watch these talk show clowns throw coffee and punches. You’ll see why Israel has so little hope of ever making peace with them.