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Still light at 8 pm

Gotta like Daylight Savings Time, though it would be better if we didn’t switch back in the fall. Heard a rumor that that’s winding its way through Congress. About time they did something for us rather than to us.

Is a draft coming?

“…the Selective Service System (SSS) announced that ‘In the event of a draft, our agency would partner with @fema to provide opportunities to conscientious objectors to ensure our nation keeps moving forward.’ The announcement rattled Americans, especially those of draft-able age who do not want to go fight for a foreign country in which the United States doesn’t have a critical interest.”

Via PJMedia

Vehicle Registration Stickers

So, H.E.B. couldn’t help. That leaves the tax office. Because it is short-staffed, you need an appointment these days. We got one for April 15, the earliest available. Meanwhile we’re vulnerable to be ticketed for out-of-date stickers (the new ones never having arrived). A tax office option is their drive-thru. I went the other morning before 10 a.m. and found it had already been closed, apparently due to being at capacity. I suppose I shall have to try and make its 7:30 a.m. opening. Or, possibly, send our applications for new stickers through the mail with a check. Problems, problems.

UPDATE: Decided to do just that, mail the applications with a check. I’m just not able to drive in the dark of the morning to make the drive-thru’s opening before it fills up and closes. Probably is a bureaucratic reason why it won’t work. But we’ll see.

Abbot complains, Biden responds

“The Department of Energy announced Wednesday that it is authorizing liquefied natural gas facilities on the Gulf Coast to ship additional product across the globe in the face of constant pressure from Republicans to enable more fossil fuel production. The department’s orders raised output thresholds on Texas-based Cheniere Energy Inc.’s Sabine Pass and Corpus Christi facilities, allowing the company to ship 0.72 billion cubic feet of LNG per day more than previously authorized.”

Just a few hours earlier, Gov. Greg Abbott had complained that Biden’s regulators were holding up shipments of Texas LNG to Europe, a potentially huge market as the continent weans itself off Russian oil and gas. Now to see if Biden’s response is satisfactory.

Via Washington Examiner

Can H.E.B. help?

Read on the tax office’s website that HEB grocery stores are an alternative for getting new vehicle registration stickers. So will try them this afternoon. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Nope. They turned down my receipt for $75 plus from the DMV. Say I must start over with the process. And pay again? They didn’t say. I’ll go back tomorrow and start over.

MORE: No luck. They ran it through their computer, determined I had already paid and so said they could do nothing to help.

Vehicle registrations

We never have received our new stickers, despite having paid for them: me, BE and step-daughter. So I’m headed for the county tax assessor tomorrow to turn in new applications for them and pay again, presumably. Ain’t government fun?

UPDATE: Learned the tax office is losing employees to Covid and other problems and is backlogged for everyone. Plus you have to make an appointment to see them and the earliest we could make one is April 15. That’s months after our stickers have expired. Only good thing is since the cops have been defunded locally, i.e. reduced in strength, we’re not likely to be stopped and ticketed.

Canadian tyranny

Amazing, not that the cops broke up the blockaded streets in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, which was inevitable, but that the mayor is talking about selling the big rigs they had towed away. Bad enough that the federal government is freezing bank accounts (including credit cards) of some of the protestors. Or that a woman was trampled by cops on horseback, on video, which they are pretending didn’t happen.

Bet they wouldn’t do this to BLM or any other liberal bunch. But I guess that remains to be seen. With a Freedom Convoy (protesting Covid restrictions) abuilding in Mexifornia (already soliciting conservatives for donations for diesel fuel) and planning to head across the country to D.C., we’ll get to see whether Lyin’ Biden would dare pull something similar without being impeached.