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CYA at (F)amous (B)ut (I)ncomptent

As a retired FBI agent/friend once told me, the feds couldn’t find their asses with both hands. But they can sure cover their asses, eh FBI?

In a stunning display, a man who is a recognized government watchdog and had given Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz documents showing federal officials ignored the relationship among Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and Rosatom, the Russian company that purchased Uranium One, had his home raided by the FBI, despite the fact that his status was protected by law.”

What law? Fart, Barf & Itch don’t follow no steenking law.

“It involved some 16 agents making a house call on whistleblower Dennis Nathan Cain. The problem here seems to be that Cain is blowing the whistle on federal law enforcement (or the nonfeasance thereof) in matters pertaining to the Clinton crime family. As if that weren’t enough, Robert Mueller’s past service as FBI Director is implicated as well.”

Famous But Incompetent has a lot of asses to find and cover this time. They’ll probably miss a few. But, as always, there’ll be lots of innocents for them to intimidate.

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McCain Excess

Gay Patriot (whose blog has closed down) on Twitter: “I don’t like an America that makes demigods out of our politicians.”

Especially shallow, class-less, vindictive Saint McCain.

So perfect that the crooked groper Biden eulogized him.

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I cheered, literally, when I read that the president had revoked John Brennan’s top secret clearance. It couldn’t happen to a nicer supporter of American communist Gus Hall, as Roger L. Simon of PJMedia put it.

I laughed, out loud, when I read that (Ret) Admiral Bill McRaven of the University of Texas, had condemned the president for the revocation and demanded that his clearance be revoked too—as it should be since he’s no longer on active duty. McRaven may be an admiral but he’s none too bright

As for Brennan’s NYSlimes op-ed charging the president with colluding with the Russians, it is, to coin a phrase, pure hogwash from a master liar. And McRaven’s backing of the liar says UT dodged a bullet when McRaven stepped down last year as chancellor.

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UPDATE:  Nobody,particularly the Mediacrats, cared when Bronco scrubbed security clearances with Clapper’s help.

AntiFa unmasked

The Berkeley, California (of all places) cops released on Twitter the mugshots of some unmasked AntiFa terrorists after they were arrested for violence. The Lefist city council complained and the cops apologized. Which is another example of Don Surber’s “Democrat Privilege.”

Mugshots, indeed. These Manson family clones are too fugly for a family blog. You’ll have to go the link to see for yourself.

“Why not publicize them?” asks commentor BA Deplorable Rupertslander at the Small Dead Animals blog. “After all, these are the same people who would shamelessly reveal the address of any government official that displeases them, doing so with the hope that those officials are harassed, if not attacked.”

Via Small Dead Animals and FoxNews

Face of the Deep State

This is how we testify before Congress, the closest thing you have to accountability. As if. And then we impeach presidents who oppose us.

The #WalkAway Movement

“In 2016, the Democrat media complex ignored the massive grassroots movement that came out in support for Trump, dismissing his massive rallies and popularity online as somehow insignificant. Now they are dismissing the #WalkAway campaign as a propaganda movement. Once again, something genuine and significant is happening across the nation, and it’s getting ignored or ridiculed by media elites. It doesn’t matter. Like a snowball rolling downhill, the movement is getting bigger and bigger with each day and there’s nothing an elite can do to stop it.”

Only independent journalists (and their editors) are capable of discerning new things. The Mediacrats are anything but independent.

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Fearing Fart, Barf & Itch

Much as I like to mock the bastards, they still have considerable control over all our lives (but particularly the little people) and seldom fail to use it. The IG’s report provides solid evidence of that. They work in support of the party of government, i.e. the Dems.

“If you worked on Trump’s campaign even peripherally and without pay, shop at Walmart, or are among the 63 million smelly voters who voted for Donald Trump then you better make sure you never come to the attention of this bunch or that you learn every federal law on the books and never, ever make a mistake or cross an ethical line.

“If you do, or can somehow be accused of having done so by anyone in the ‘correct class,’ then you can expect trouble. Perhaps you will awaken to a door breaking down at the crack of dawn with armed agents, or to the news that agents have looted the offices of your attorney to find something, anything against you, or throw you in jail without bail on unrelated charges until you agree to cooperate with them.”

The KGB, in other words. The Gestapo. They spare no one but the elite.

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