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Our first third-world state

It’s Mexifornia, of course. Where historian Victor Davis Hanson sees:

“We have the highest income tax rates,” said Hanson of California. “We have the highest gas tax rates. We have among the highest sales tax. Our schools [and] our infrastructure is in the bottom ten percent. I don’t remember one out of every three people being admitted to a hospital suffering from diabetes in California. When I was growing up we didn’t have two or three dialysis clinics in every single little town. We have an epidemic of health problems and yet the money to address that is such that we can’t spend it on infrastructure.”

What happens in California stays in California. Let’s hope.

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Twitter is run by lying liars who suck

The ol’ Instapundit, who quit Twitter, whacks them for their obvious censorship of ideas they don’t like—conservative ideas. (Taking time out of wet-vaccing.)

Pat Condell’s lesson on politics

Aimed at British voters but with lessons for us all in the face of career politicians…

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The Left in a nutshell

CYA at (F)amous (B)ut (I)ncomptent

As a retired FBI agent/friend once told me, the feds couldn’t find their asses with both hands. But they can sure cover their asses, eh FBI?

In a stunning display, a man who is a recognized government watchdog and had given Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz documents showing federal officials ignored the relationship among Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and Rosatom, the Russian company that purchased Uranium One, had his home raided by the FBI, despite the fact that his status was protected by law.”

What law? Fart, Barf & Itch don’t follow no steenking law.

“It involved some 16 agents making a house call on whistleblower Dennis Nathan Cain. The problem here seems to be that Cain is blowing the whistle on federal law enforcement (or the nonfeasance thereof) in matters pertaining to the Clinton crime family. As if that weren’t enough, Robert Mueller’s past service as FBI Director is implicated as well.”

Famous But Incompetent has a lot of asses to find and cover this time. They’ll probably miss a few. But, as always, there’ll be lots of innocents for them to intimidate.

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McCain Excess

Gay Patriot (whose blog has closed down) on Twitter: “I don’t like an America that makes demigods out of our politicians.”

Especially shallow, class-less, vindictive Saint McCain.

So perfect that the crooked groper Biden eulogized him.

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I cheered, literally, when I read that the president had revoked John Brennan’s top secret clearance. It couldn’t happen to a nicer supporter of American communist Gus Hall, as Roger L. Simon of PJMedia put it.

I laughed, out loud, when I read that (Ret) Admiral Bill McRaven of the University of Texas, had condemned the president for the revocation and demanded that his clearance be revoked too—as it should be since he’s no longer on active duty. McRaven may be an admiral but he’s none too bright

As for Brennan’s NYSlimes op-ed charging the president with colluding with the Russians, it is, to coin a phrase, pure hogwash from a master liar. And McRaven’s backing of the liar says UT dodged a bullet when McRaven stepped down last year as chancellor.

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UPDATE:  Nobody,particularly the Mediacrats, cared when Bronco scrubbed security clearances with Clapper’s help.