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Brandon’s unreliable energy

He’s planning wind farms offshore along most of the U.S. coastline. (But not his share of it nor off Cape Cod we bet). Wait’ll they freeze up and go offline, like they did in Texas back in February. It’s hard enought to maintain the ones on land, let alone in the ocean. Then he’ll see his party go down the tubes. Besides being stupid, FJB really likes to screw Americans in the name of climate change. As if he could stop it.

“I think they know the consequences for ordinary Americans will be bad. Their motivation is connected to The Great Reset, not to making Americans’ lives better. And what they are “pondering” is how bad the political backlash might be if they make this particular move at this time.”

Via PowerLine & The New Neo

Mainstream Media

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Why the Arizona audit matters

“Does this meant Trump won Arizona? Who knows? The audit did not determine the number of illegal or invalid votes that went to either candidate. What it did find, however, is that the entire voting system is corrupted and untrustworthy, and must be fixed.

“The audit results have also revealed why the election officials in Maricopa County have been fighting this audit from day one. They clearly knew the election system was untrustworthy, and wanted to hide this fact, either to protect themselves from prosecution or to maintain their ability to defraud the voters.”

Via Instapundit

Stolen elections have consequences

“Anger is the first stop for a dementia patient when they are cornered. His lashing out at all us “lying dog-faced pony soldiers” is not unexpected. The real problem is that he is in a position to have made this mess.

“Trump won.

“Stolen elections have consequences.”

—-ConservativeBoy at Instapundit

Andy goes home

He had a fantastic community around this blog and I want you all to know how much he appreciated your friendship over the years. This blog kept him honest and reading back over his entries the past several days, I can hear his voice and I’m immensely thankful to have it. I like to picture Dad in heaven with Danny Taylor and Fat Guy Scott, having a big dog romp with Tuco.” —by his BFF Cait

Save a spot for me at the everlasting picnic, y’all.

Creepy Joe’s tricks

Creepy Joe’s snub of Israel is just his latest slick trick. His “Buy America” policy is only for companies with unions. And the obligatory “diversity.” Seems his former boss is wagging his puppet arms and pulling his strings too.

Dominion’s software steal

Finally, some proof of the software steal. In New Hampshire. Voting machines are corrupt. Very popular with dictators. Especially Dominion.

Via Gateway Pundit