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The Puckerbrush Irregular

“At 4:14am this morning, the driveway alarm jangled me out of a deep sleep.  Vela Von and I snapped to and peeped out the window ’cause you just don’t rush out the door helter skelter at that hour if you are smart.”

In which AndyJ of MyOldRV surprises an intruder up to no good.

An Instapundit truth


Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Via Instapundit

FDR’s war against the press

“Franklin Delano Roosevelt, revised the media rules in equally profound ways. Like Trump, he feuded with the mainstream media; like Trump, he used a new medium [radio] as a direct pipeline to the people. He also used the government’s machinery to suppress unfavorable coverage, a fate we hope to avoid in the age of Trump.”

“And then there was that time in 1942, when FDR gave a New York Daily News journalist whose reporting he disagreed with a Nazi Iron Cross medal.”

It’s okay when they do it. Especially the principal hero of the modern liberal Dim party.

Via Reason and PJMedia

Lifting the Arctic drilling ban

“‘Trump to OK new offshore plan, reverse Arctic, Atlantic bans: sources,’ said a headline from S&P Global Platts, an industry trade publication….

“Oil for the people. Money from leases for the Treasury. And getting out of the Middle East for our military.”

That last may be iffy now, with the Syria strike, but it is to be devoutly wished.

Via Don Surber

Obama Spied, Mediacrats Lied

“Once you wave away all the smoke created by our dishonest media, the story of this past week was pretty simple. The Trump-Russia-Conspiracy narrative is falling apart. The Obama-Spied-on-his-Political-Opposition narrative is coming together.”

Via PJMedia.

UPDATE: It’s Watergate on steroids says Don Suber, author of Trump the Press.

The problem with executive orders

President Trump is continuing to issue executive orders rolling back regulations that adversely affect business/education.

“The president canceled the ‘Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces’ rule, which blacklists companies from receiving federal contracts if [they] have violated labor rules in the past, the ‘Planning 2.0’ rule, which dealt with how to use 245 million acres of federal land and was opposed by the energy industry, and two regulations under the ‘Every Student Succeeds Act,’ which Trump said removes ‘an additional layer of bureaucracy to encourage freedom in our schools.’

“As he signed the orders, Trump said there was ‘a lot more coming’ and he would ‘remove every job killing regulation we can find.’”

“[These] resolutions of disapproval reached the president’s desk through the Congressional Review Act, a rarely used tool that allows Congress to fast-track bills to reverse regulations. Before Trump, the law had been used successfully only once in its 21-year history,” says USAToday.

The major problem with these resolutions and executive orders, as opposed to legislation, is getting them enforced. The Weekly Standard: “Signing an executive order is the beginning of a process. not just the end of one…[the president and agency heads must] persuade the bureaucracy to do the work—to neither obstruct nor slow-walk the process.” So every resolution and EO will have to be followed up, a lengthy process at best, which could fully occupy one staffer doing nothing else.

And the rarity of success of these “resolutions of disapproval” are an invitation to lawsuits and judicial micromanaging. So we probably haven’t heard the end of these.

Via Instapundit.

From the Mainstream to the Mediacrats

“The media and Democrats are so close in association and so close in their philosophical views that we might as well use one word to describe both, and that’s ‘Mediacrats,'” said Texas Rep. Lamar Smith, founder of the House Media Fairness Caucus.

Works for me.

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