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Mueller sifts 8-year-old Trump deals

PJMedia’s Roger L. Simon says it best.

“To take any of this seriously as a search for truth is absurd. It’s more like a blood sport, the modern equivalent of  gladiatorial combat. Trump baiting. And Trump, as the bear, lashes out. He has reason to.

“As everyone knows, cooks cook, plumbers fix the plumbing, and prosecutors prosecute. It’s what they do, part of their personality structure. Especially if the prey is big, and they don’t bring in at least one or two significant players, they feel as if they haven’t done their job. So they work and work until they do — nab someone for something. Trump knows this. The media know this. We all know it.

“And bad as it may be for Trump, it’s going to be even worse for We the People.

“En garde!”

Ice Age Map

Solid line is the approximate extent of glaciation in the last Ice Age, 11,000 years ago. All ice above it. People below it could survive. Dotted line is the approximate extent in the previous Ice Age.

“Climbing ever higher on the bodies of their fallen comrades, they tried to stay above the ever deepening snow. Still it kept coming. Four stories deep. Six stories deep. Nine. All in one day. Still they kept climbing, nine stories into the sky.”—Not By Fire, But By Ice

Via Ice-Age Now

Offend a liberal: Celebrate the 4th

Afterall, Bronco Bama just the other day warned Americans not to act too patriotic. Bad taste, you know. Makes the Euros, overwhelmed with belligerent Muslim immigrants, feel inferior.

Steven Hayward, of the Power Line blog, gets it: “My favorite indictment against King George III in the Declaration of Independence is this short passage that applies more fully today than in 1776: ‘He has erected a Multitude of new Offices, and sent hither Swarms of Officers to harrass our People, and eat out their Substance.'” Sounds familiar, don’t it?

Celebrate, you say. Whatever for? Well, there’s this from Trump’s new EPA chief Scott Pruitt: “EPA Chief moves to rollback over 30 environmental regulations in record time.” That’s the headline from cBS, which has a copy-editing mistake. Should be “more than 30.” We’ll skip the story which is not flattering for Trump or Pruitt. But that’s fake news for you. They’d have sided with King George III.

Not the white guys who gathered in Philadelphia to sign the declaration. So light a sparkler, eat some watermelon, or a hot dog. Or just keep an ear out for the illegal bottle rockets that will get fired in our neighborhood tonight. There’s still hope for independence.

Via Power Line Blog.

McMansion Hell

That’s the name of an architectural blog that puts down McMansions for, well, architectural reasons—poor symmetry, horrible proportions, lack of visual balance.

Me, I kind of like McMansions, especially the tall and narrow ones with lots of windows that will require extensive (and expensive) periodic washing. And a tall, two-story entry with overhanging balcony (inside) and curving staircase.

But amenities such as the movie room are going too far. Our next-door neighbor, with a one-story rancher like ours, has one. Used to be a dining room, I think. Bet it lacks a glade plug-in that (every 30 seconds) spritzes “a fine, precisely-calculated potpourri of stale popcorn, teen sweat, and post-3D movie vomit.”

The McMansion one has a carpet but it seems to lack the spilled soda and smooshed candy that make a real movie theater the “house of sticky floors.”

Via McMansion Hell

Still no freedom of speech in Viet Nam


“Vietnam’s one-party state keeps a tight clamp on dissent and routinely jails activists, bloggers and lawyers who speak out against the communist regime.

The 37-year-old blogger faced a maximum of 12 years in prison, and her lawyer said the heavy [ten-year] sentence she received at the closed-door trial was ‘harsh’.”

Via Yahoo News

Single Source Fake News

Back in the day (it doesn’t seem to have been 11 years, but it was) editors required two independent sources for a “sources said” news story. Nowadays, even the WaPo will go with one. Amazing. Fake news by definition.

“…the news media no longer bothers to uphold any of its alleged standards. It was not that long ago that editors required two sources that were actual human beings with a credible claim to know the material. Newspapers might bend this rule, but they never went with copy that contained sources unknown to the editor. That’s no longer the case as editors no long exist in sufficient numbers to police it and the remaining ones simply don’t care. Anything goes so its all fake sources now.”

That’s the Z Man complaining about sports “news,” specifically ESPN “news,” which is mainly rumors about rumors, but it applies to news news as well. Hence the WaPo’s (also known as the Jeff Bezos Blog’s) numerous anti-Trump stories based on a single source. Who presumably is known to the editors, but maybe not.

CNN recently retracted a single source Trump hit piece—and three employees have resigned over it—when it was called out as fake by Breitbart News. Amazing that they retracted, considering they’ve been calling Breitbart “white supremacist” claptrap.

Maybe there’s hope for a comeback of those “alleged standards.”

Via The Z Blog.

Climate Change is Fake News

If the Gorebot’s championing of it, while maintaining a mansion with a very high electric utility bill and flying in a private jet, wasn’t enough of a clue there’s his prediction of years ago that we would all be drowning by now.

Moreover, there’s the famous scientific consensus. It’s unraveling:

“Last year there were at least 60 peer-reviewed papers published in scientific journals demonstrating that today’s warming isn’t global, unprecedented, or remarkable.

“Just within the last 5 months, 58 more papers and 80 new graphs have been published that continue to undermine the popularized conception of a slowly cooling Earth temperature history followed by a dramatic hockey-stick-shaped uptick, or an especially unusual global-scale warming during modern times.”

Climate change, aka global warming, always has been a leftist schuck and that’s becoming more and more obvious—even as the Mediacrats and Mr. Platitude (Bronco Bama) himself continue to push it.

Via Power Line Blog