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The power of Marlboros

Second-hand smoke health hazards are hysterical, bureaucratic bullsh*t.

“…I found myself thinking of my friend and colleague John Ringo’s signature line which is: We went to the moon on coffee, bourbon and Marlboros. We’re not going to Mars on Evian and tofu.”

So, so sadly true. Read it all.

Via Instapundit.

Facebook: Don’t mention Niger!

“The word police” isn’t such a joke line anymore.

“The people in charge believe they have found a loophole. They have outsourced policing speech to private companies, who can claim to be enforcing terms of service as private companies. Under the current arrangements, FaceBorg can ban any mention of the country Niger, even though it is perfectly legal to yell ‘Niger!’ in a crowded theater.”

The Z Man

JD’s challenge: Rising Brazos River

As of Monday, anyhow, his most recent post from his home in Brazoria:

“Just stopped in to feed Bosco, check up on stuff, and grab a couple of things. Brazos water is still maybe a block away, toward the river. Which river, by the by, is about five miles wide now. Fortunately for us, it’s five miles wide to the other side. We are (so far) on the high side.”

Five miles wide. Oops. Still a block away, but the sewage plant is underwater.

“Gotta go. No toilets in Brazoria. Sewage treatment plant is underwater, so no drainage is requested. I’m not going to violate that request, though I a[m] relatively positive I’m about the only household that cares if I make shit come up in other folks showers and tubs.”

Thoughtful of you. Good luck. Water’s got to go down sometime. May it be soon.

UPDATE:  He came home on the 6th to find all okay: “This is the second year we’ve had Brazos flooding come fairly close to our house. Think God is giving me a hint? I’m looking for some higher ground.”

If Charlottesville were reversed…

Another in our continuing series of quoting good commenters, this time at the Power Line Blog:

“If you reverse the political parties and the ideologies of all the players involved in the Charlottesville incident,” comments Steve Katz, “the mayor, the governor, the protesters, the counter protesters, the assailant, the victim, and the POTUS. the media would put 100 percent of the blame on the “Right Wing mayor” and the “Right Wing governor,” for ordering the cops not to intervene, and purposely allowing a riot to ensue.

“And the only comment they would seek from the Democrat POTUS, was an affirmation that the Right Wing mayor and the Right Wing governor were to blame for the whole thing.

“It’s unfortunate that so many seemingly intelligent people can’t figure out how this game is played. Did they learn absolutely nothing from comparing the media coverage of the shooting of Gabby Giffords to the media coverage of the shooting of Steve Scalise? Apparently not.”

Via Power Line Blog

Harvey’s rainfall potential

Looks like just 1 to 4 inches of rain for the Austin area, which is good. No likely flooding for us. According to KVUE: “The most significant tropical storm locally in recent memory affected Central Texas in 2010. Tropical Storm Hermine brought 14-16″ of rain in Williamson County and 7″ at Camp Mabry [in central Austin]. Three people died at low-water crossings.” JD, down at the Mouth of the Brazos, could be in for a lot more.

UPDATE: Forecast for us Thursday morn (the 24th) has upped the rain totals considerably. Depends how fast Harvey moves and how far west. JD’s expecting to lose a pecan tree and, as usual, the power lines. We lose our power lines to a stiff breeze.

Antifa to the barricades

Berkeley’s new, first woman chancellor decides to have a Free Speech Year. Which is fine, except it will mean bringing in right wingers to give speeches. And then participate in forums.

Something tells me this will not end well.

The WSJ’s Daniel Henninger gets it right: “Stories about Antifa’s organized violence are trickling out now, but there is no conceivable journalistic defense for having waited so long to inform the public about this dangerous movement.”

And they will disrupt the Free Speech Year because they oppose free speech.

Via Instapundit.

UPDATE:  They practiced against the police in Boston’s so-called “peaceful” protest against free speech.

Renaming Robert E. Lee Road

When Austinites named the road after Marse Robert, it ran through an Hispanic neighborhood. Was a little bit of a poke in the eye.

Nowadays the neighborhood is gentrified and white liberal as all get out. Adios, General Lee.

Via Instapundit