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Omar (Elmi)’s hidden ace

“It’s easy to focus just on Omar (actually Ilhan Nur Said Elmi) and a handful of other anti-American politicians, but they’re not the main problem. The real cause for concern is that we admitted millions of third-world immigrants who find Omar’s message attractive. They and their descendants will disproportionately vote for Omar and her Squad-mates…”  commenter Festivite at Instapundit

Yep. Bronco’s chickens are coming home to roost. Won’t he be proud.

His most glorious majesty

Trump picks his pronoun: “His most glorious majesty.”

“Democrats have to use it now or go to to hatecrime prison.”

Of course they won’t. Woke pronouns are for them, not anyone else.

Via IMAO blog

Google’s planned hit on Breitbart

Given Breitbart’s popularity, Google’s planning to de-platform the conservative news site’s advertising could finally bring such liberal censorship to a screaming halt. Could government regulation be far behind?

Via Goldstein Web

Of Swords and CIBs

JD Allen, over at Mouth of the Brazos, joined the Marines because he wanted a sword. The officers carry them in dress uniform. He wound up enlisted, instead. And by the time his enlistment was up, the sword didn’t seem so important after all.

Me, I wanted to avoid the draft. When I couldn’t I enlisted for Army OCS under a college op program they had then. By the time I got my lieutenant’s bars it was obvious I was going to Viet Nam. In which case all I wanted was a CIB (Combat Infantryman’s Badge: an ancient Long Rifle surrounded by a wreath).

I got it alright. But by the time I did it didn’t seem so important after all.

Arctic Pearl Harbor

Most of the Internet is not in the cloud but on fiber optic cable spanning the bottom of the oceans—including the arctic circle.

Where Wretchard the Cat says Russia may be working on mini-subs to cut or otherwise interfere with the cable in a digital Pearl Harbor.

Via PJMedia

Streamliner Memories

Sigh. Just looking at the pics (or pix, if you prefer) brings back memories of our two thousand mile Amtrak excursion earlier this year. We only got a few canyons (in Colorado and New Mexico) and no mountains at all in Texas and Kansas) but we want to do it again next year. This time we’ll cut the distance to Colorado in half by going and coming back across West Texas.


“Voters like the idea that the people who govern them are loyal to them. Nationalism is unpopular with elites because it involves such loyalty, and loyalty to one’s own people limits one’s options in ways that our governing class finds unacceptable. I don’t think supporting the governing class here is either principled or libertarian.” —law professor Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit.