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The world is being recorded

So watch it when you’re tempted, like a certain former assistant DA in Dallas, to let fly with verbal abuse—you never know if you’ll wind up on YouTube.

Via Instapundit

Famous But Incompetent

“So he’s out drinking with strippers, takes one back to his room, she steals his gun, his watch, and his cash, and the next morning he’s still too drunk to file the report himself. And he’s a counterterrorism supervisor. And why is an FBI agent wearing a $6000 Rolex?”

Lotsa bribes, that’s why.

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The NYC jihadi

He yelled Allahu Akbar as he dismounted the truck he used to kill eight and injure 15. But it’s not, as the media always uses it “God is Great,” but “Allah is Greater.”

Which makes sense. If you were just killing for God, it wouldn’t make much of a battle cry, not as much of a one as when you’re  killing for a greater god.

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Fake News & Fusion GPS

CNN, or Certainly Not News, has close ties to the authors of the dodgy dossier, according to the Daily Caller. But Fake News is busy hiding the fact.

“CNN’s reporting on the dossier has similarly muddied the waters with incorrect information on multiple other occasions.”

Gee, what a surprise.

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Ken Burns’ Vietnam: The Antiwar Version

“In his ten years working on the documentary Burns somehow never got around to interviewing a vet like Minneapolis attorney Tim Kelly, who speaks for the many expressing simple pride in their service.”

A good critique with links to others at Power Line, such as scholar Mark Moyer’s dismissal of Burns’ dishonest poop.

I didn’t watch any of it and won’t now for sure.

Astros in the World Series, Imagine It

“The Yankees catcher, Sanchez (I think his name is Gary) is a fine hitter and catcher I have no doubt at all. I’ve seen his hitting, and he is a batter to be reckoned with. But I don’t think he caught a single ball thrown from the field in the whole ALCS. Every time the Astros sent a guy home, he dropped it, and the run thus scored.”

JD at Mouth of the Brazos, who hasn’t let out the requisite hurrahs yet.

Full auto only works from above

More good insight from J.D, at Mouth of the Brazos.

“You can’t hit a fucking thing in full auto…. The only way they are worth shooting in full auto would be like [the Vegas massacre man] did, i.e., spraying a tight group of targets, and the way for inducing fatal shots rather than a bunch of superficial wounds would to be from above, which would lead to a shitload of head wounds.”

Full auto, also known as spray-n-pray, is strictly for intimidation purposes.

Via Mouth of the Brazos