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The war on men…

,,,continues. Even for an autistic college student with cerebral palsy. At least it’s keeping lawyers employed. Worth a read.

UPDATE: “Today I learned that the autistic are below women on the leftist intersectional imaginary victimhood totem pole.”  —via TeaPartyLee at Instapundit.

If there were a draft…

“Later this year, someone born after 9/11/2001 will be old enough to serve in Afghanistan.” —Stephan Green at Instapundit.

The Forever War.

Twitter is run by lying liars who suck

The ol’ Instapundit, who quit Twitter, whacks them for their obvious censorship of ideas they don’t like—conservative ideas. (Taking time out of wet-vaccing.)

The shot across Mueller’s bow

“The [special counsel’s report] suffers from an extraordinary legal defect: It quite deliberately fails to comply with the requirements of governing law…

“This species of public report has no basis in the relevant regulations and no precedent in the history of special/independent counsel investigations.”

It’s a political report, says Trump’s lawyer Emmett T. Flood, not a prosecutorial one. More to come.

Via PowerLine

The problem is Islam

Pat Condell on Twitter: “Lots of slippery condolences for from politicians who don’t want to address the core problem. Those people were murdered because they were Christians. The problem is not ‘terror’, but Islam’s message of violence towards non-believers. No other religion has it.”

Kamala the tech whore

Dim presidential candidate Kamala Harris is sometimes referred to as a whore by the more extreme righties, for her ages old extra-marital (his) affair with the California house speaker Willie Brown (His funniest line: “She loves me and I love me so we’re a match.”)

But looking back at her gig as California’s AG, City Journal’s John Tierney finds: “She had little regard for individual rights as California’s attorney general, but she carefully protected the rights of tech companies.”

So she’s another people liar and Apple-Twitter-Facebook whore. Figures.

Via Instapundit

Murder as satire

“The New Zealand mass shooter wrote a fake manifesto that is actually what Internet trolls call ‘shitposting.’ Since the press is now useless, I will explain to you why the manifesto is fake. The mass shooting was the first mass-casualty ‘meatspace’ trolling event in human history. Meatspace is the world outside of the Internet.”

No wonder the New Zealand prime minister refuses to release, much less discuss the mass murder’s manifesto. It’s uncomfortably bizarre.

Via Quod Verum