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Banning 9mm

Our senile, crooked pedophile president, whose party stole him into office (all those swing states stopped counting at midnight, the classic election steal), suggests banning 9mm pistols. Good luck with that. He’d have better luck confiscating what’s already out there.

Though that would be a risky prospect for the cops. On the other hand just having the feds close down the owner’s banking should do the trick of getting the pistols turned in. Not that I favor that, but it’s an option the pedo might take. But then he has a PhD in lying. So we shall see. He could be just angling for some fat payoff under the table.

McCloskeys plead guilty

And will turn over their guns to law enforcement. You know, the couple who appeared on their lawn “brandishing” at trespassing BLMers and assorted other rioters. Brandishing is a criminal offense. Like rioting, but their local judicial system isn’t going there.

Via Legal Insurrection

14 wounded, 2 of them critical

In a bar shooting in downtown Austin. Suspect, a black man with dreadlocks, is still at large. Witnesses say he fired at random into a crowd but Police Chief Joseph Chacon says details are unclear at this time. In one video a cop can be seen giving CPR to a woman in red high heels, who is on her back in the street. Later, in another video, two cops are seen carrying her to their squad car to take her to a hospital.

Via PJMedia

UPDATE: Turns out there’s a second suspect, and both have been caught. One is a juvenile, under age 17, and the other is 17 and so would be tried as an adult. The 17-year-old is identified as Jeremiah Roshaun Leland James Tabb. Also one of the critically wounded has died.

Austin’s almost daily shootings

They started last summer, after the city council had defunded the police to the tune of about 150 million. Since then we’ve seen almost daily shootings and stabbings. Pretty generally in the usual places of trouble: East and North Austin. Thankfully not near where we are, at Neely’s Canyon in Northwest Hills. Not yet.

Via PJMedia

UPDATE: Austin cops leaving the force.

Idiot news

A Fox news blonde bimbo, “covering” the Boulder supermarket massacre, describes an AR 356 AR 536 as an automatic rifle. It is, in fact, a rifle scope, not a rifle. And automatic rifles have been outlawed for civilians since the 1930s days of the Tommy Gun. Just pathetic journalism.

Lucky gunner

Gun control makes women vulnerable. Gun rights are women’s rights.

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Last stand of the NRA

Here, of all places. As in Texas, not liberal Austin. I have an NRA sticker on my rear window my son says will get the car broken into looking for guns. Not yet. My sticker isn’t current because I long ago lost interest in the NRA. Blowhards who keep asking for money, long after the initial membership, and the principal target of liberal politicians; whereas there are other, more effective gun owner groups. But I welcome the reinforcement of conservative politics. Just hope it doesn’t backfire. They could take their last stand in, say, Alabama..