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Lucky gunner

Gun control makes women vulnerable. Gun rights are women’s rights.

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Last stand of the NRA

Here, of all places. As in Texas, not liberal Austin. I have an NRA sticker on my rear window my son says will get the car broken into looking for guns. Not yet. My sticker isn’t current because I long ago lost interest in the NRA. Blowhards who keep asking for money, long after the initial membership, and the principal target of liberal politicians; whereas there are other, more effective gun owner groups. But I welcome the reinforcement of conservative politics. Just hope it doesn’t backfire. They could take their last stand in, say, Alabama..

AF vet killed in Capitol by cop(s)

Or was she murdered for protesting? More likely. Sez here she was shot in the chest but a witness who was standing beside her and got her blood on his hand, said she was shot in the neck. She died at a DC hospital.

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UPDATE: She was unarmed and no danger to anyone, including the Capitol Police rent-a-cop who shot her. But few care because she was a Trump supporter. Yeah, that’s a good reason to kill her.

.22 for self-defense

I started liking a .22 LR for self-defense after training with an auto one. So much easier to hit the target where you want the round to go than even with a .38, much less a high-recoil .45. Only real problem is the rimfire ammo misfiring. So maybe I need a .22 revolver for ease of resolving a misfire. What do you know, I may even be part of a trend!

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Gun bans

“If you don’t see the irony of a gun ban being enforced by men with guns, then you fail to understand why the 2nd amendment was written in the first place.”

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Top 3 Concealed Carry 1st Gun Mistakes

Wallace Smedley


Based in part from the questions I get from my readers, and in part from conversations with people who have told me of their own mistakes, as well as those I made on the way here, I have decided to put together my list of the top three 1st carry gun mistakes people make. As guns are expensive, and buying one that is inappropriate for the task of concealed carry is hard for some people to correct, I hope this list will help people when they are about to make their first purchase of a concealed carry handgun.
Small Gun Fixation

One thing that people tend to give an excessive amount of focus on is in finding the tiniest gun possible for concealed carry. True enough, you can carry one of these dinky little semi-auto handguns in a pocket and no one will be aware. But you do need to…

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Do they still say Lady’s Gun?

Or purse gun, of about a .32 caliber, preferably in a revolver, so the lady in question doesn’t have to learn how to unjam a semi-auto. You might have a misfire but you just pull the trigger again to choose a new round and fire it.

Such is the conversation I’m having with an OCS chum who is a former prosecutor who prefers 9mm pistols. Bit too much recoil for the lady in question, unless you get an expensive one.

While I’m trying not to think about what may happen in a few months if the election results (in-person mixed with mail-in) are delayed by more than a week. Would we know the results by Xmas?

If it’s not close, they can’t cheat, is a truism that ought to energize both sides. If it is close, it may be months before we know the final result, and wonder whether we can trust it.