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Rule 5: Plus-sized girl with gun

2.5 million defensive gun uses a year

That’s an incredible number. Even more incredible is that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which sampled 12,870 defensive cases back in the 1990s, chose to hide it and their extrapolated estimate of 2.5 million such uses every year.

“Florida State University criminologist Gary Kleck conducted the most thorough previously known survey data on the question in the 1990s. His study, which has been harshly disputed in pro-gun-control quarters, indicated that there were more than 2.2 million such defensive uses of guns (DGUs) in America a year.

“Now Kleck has unearthed some lost CDC survey data on the question. The CDC essentially confirmed Kleck’s results. But Kleck didn’t know about that until now, because the CDC never reported what it found…CDC’s results, then, imply that guns were used defensively by victims about 3.6 times as often as they were used offensively by criminals.”

Government, the word for things we do together. Except when we don’t because the bureaucrats prefer to hide the truth for political reasons.

Via Reason

UPDATE: Known-wolf killers such as the Waffle House shooter get the publicity while the defensive uses remain hidden from view. Thanks for nothing, CDC!

Rule 5: Brenna Spencer

Not a plus-size model by any stretch, but I just like girls with guns and women for Trump as well. And, yes, super tight jeans.

2nd Amendment news

You know you’re in Texas when the high school senior delivering your order of chicken fried rice and egg-drop soup wears a Smith & Wesson t-shirt.

“I like your shirt, ” I said. “Thank you,” the young fellow replied with a grin.

Reprise: Then and now

From 2013 but just as valid five years later.

The UT Tower sniping has pretty much faded from local memory, but one aspect of it should be remembered for how things worked in 1966.

“After the first fifteen minutes, the sniper was pinned down by students and other civilians who’d spontaneously flocked to the university area with deer rifles.”

People were trusted, then, to do the right thing. Some didn’t, of course, but many did. Nowadays we’re all lumped in with the creeps who don’t. And we “shelter in place” like cowards while waiting for the police to arrive. Only to find out that their first priority is to go home safe at the end of their shift.

A similar Austin incident now would probably have a bigger toll than 1966’s seventeen dead and thirty-two wounded, all in those first fifteen minutes before the deer rifles spoke.

UPDATE:  The cowardly Broward County Florida sheriff’s deputies who congregated outside the Parkland high school last month while the massacre went on inside are a case on point: You can’t trust the government to do its job.


“I turned in my gun to stop gun violence. I sold my refrigerator to fight obesity. I cancelled my credit cards to stop fraud. I sold my car to stop drunk drivers. I threw away all my pens and pencils to avoid future spelling errors.”

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“If The Number Of Islamic Terror Attacks Continues At The Current Rate, Candlelight Vigils Will Soon Be The Number-One Cause Of Global Warming. ”
Argus Hamilton

Or school shootings, we might add.

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