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Why are we in Ukraine?

“Now here we are, being driven toward war with Vladimir Putin’s Russia by a relentless military-industrial propaganda campaign organized by a corrupt gerontocracy in command of our armed forces in support of a dubious cause, for absolutely no good reason of state.”

But lots of individual reasons, from the multiple Republican and Democrat consultants to Ukraine politics over the last many years, to the current money-laundering services provided for our corrupt politicians.

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Six dead, fifteen wounded

The latest mass shooting, in gun-controlled Sacramento, California. Lefties are already blaming the NRA, which is silly, but to be expected. What more laws can they pass before they realize that criminals don’t obey laws.

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UPDATE: Still six dead (three men and three women) but wounded now up to eighteen. Getting to be a return to the wild west, the country is.

Beta to buy back AR15s

Just the latest of the perennial Dimocrat candidate’s flip-flop on guns. If gun owners vote he hasn’t got a prayer. And, no, I didn’t misspell his nickname.

Squeezing the 2nd Amendment

Lyin’ Biden is a gun grabber who’d like nothing better than to overturn the 2nd. But that would be too hard. He could just squeeze it a bit. Like it’s already been squeezed by my having to report every gun I buy to the FBI. No, not the 2nd in toto, but how about confiscating “assault” rifles? Or 9mm semi-autos? Easy to do by treating those who don’t comply to a freezing of their private bank accounts, including credit cards. Shoot, they’d bring them in themselves. He’s already ignoring the courts restricting his vax mandate. Would he want to risk a popularity rating below 35 percent? Why would he care, as long as law enforcement obeys him, which they would.

Upside down justice

“The justice system isn’t really there to protect citizens from criminals. It’s there to protect criminals from citizens. And within limits that’s a good thing, but when you create a state of nature, you get a state of nature. And in the state of nature people absolutely do kill to protect their property from marauders.”

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Jewish Rifle & Pistol Club

I know some of our one hundred and thirteen members in the Jewish Rifle & Pistol Club of Central Texas already are carrying concealed and more may join them after the Beth Israel arson. Anti-Semites who want to live would do well not to believe that Jews are defenseless.

Our membership cards have the engraved reminder from Leviticus: “Don’t stand by while your neighbor’s blood is shed.”

Indeed, nothing says Never Again like an armed Jew. We don’t dial 911, until it’s over.

No refunding police

With a history-making 77 homicides in the Liberal Dimocrat city so far this year, and multiple small business owners complaining of an epidemic of shoplifting for which the short-staffed cops can’t help, you’d think Austinites would be in favor of returning some of the city council’s deleted one-third of its budget to the police.

You’d be wrong. Sixty-eight percent of voters rejected the idea on Tuesday. Thanks to major Leftist money from Soros to out-of-state unions to get out the vote. I suppose we residents should be happy the Dimocrat council (and one self-declared communist) hasn’t closed the police department entirely. Might be a good time to start carrying. Concealed or open. Now that we’ve become Dodge City.

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