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More 37th Floor Condo

210 Lavaca Street has multi-million dollar residences like this on the 37th floor.

37th floor condo

At 210 Lavaca Street in downtown Austin—a breathtaking view.

Mr B’s excellent weekend

He’s somewhere on the coast, with three friends and the parents of one of them, presumably beach combing, if not salt water splashing.

Rockport? Port Aransas? Corpus? Strange not to know, but that’s the way it is with teenagers. I was lucky to get the parents names and cell numbers. Didn’t think to ask about the destination until he was gone.

Just now he texts that they’re on Matagorda Bay, but he’s unsure of any towns around. Checking the map, and the most likely route, looks like he’s near Port Lavaca or Port O’Connor.

Arlington Pre-school teacher fired

Nancy Salem, a hijab-wearing Muslim teacher of South Arlington 2-year-olds was first suspended and then fired after a Texas-based group Canary Mission outed her for using social media to spread Jew hatred.

“On her now-deleted Twitter account, Salem made numerous derogatory comments about the Jewish people, including replying to a question “How many Jews died in the Holocaust?” with “Not enough…HAHAHAHA.”

Gotcha bitch! Hahahaha

Via Instapundit

Pancho Villa’s Trigger Finger

El Paso is a long way from Austin, and never one of my favorite destinations. “El Paso,” I used to say, “thy name is ugliness.” But Pancho Villa’s trigger finger?

“Luis immediately spots the finger in the window—gnarled and gray in a hammered bronze box next to shelves crammed with jewelry, its longish fingernail still intact. A typed message in a wood frame next to it explains that this is indeed the forefinger of a ‘notorious bandit’ and ‘ruthless killer’ who was also considered a local hero. That’s a lot of human paradox wrapped up into one little crooked finger in an El Paso pawnshop.”

Via Texas Highways Magazine

Trump fascism worth fighting

For an anti-establishmentarian who claims to support the Constitution, Trump is remarkably anti-Constitution when it comes to the favorite tactic of some police: asset forfeiture.

That the cops can seize your money, your car, even your home, without you having been convicted of any crime is fascism, straight up. But Trump claims to love it. To the point of threatening to “destroy” the career of Texas state senator Konni Burton, a Republican Tea Party organizer, who is fighting the practice.

Replied Burton: “Requiring the government to secure a criminal conviction before permanently taking property from citizens is simply commonsense.”

Even, why should a criminal’s family be put on the street for something he did? It’s time for Mr. Law-n-Order to come clean about who he really is.

Via Instapundit and Hot Air

At least Paxton isn’t in on this one

Texas AG Ken Paxton threw in with California Attorney General Kamela Harris back in October in legally hounding Backpage dot com for alleged pimping. The political grandstanding case was thrown out.

Now Harris is at it again, bringing essentially the same charges disguised as “new evidence.” At least Paxton isn’t in on this one. He has his own legal problems, facing felony fraud charges which are going to court soon.

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