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Laguna Gloria is still for lovers

If they can ignore some of the more tasteless modern stuff. Contemporary “art” is for the educated, no longer the masses. Some of it is just plain weird. But Laguna Gloria’s grounds and 1906 villa are quite magnificent. Especially their setting on the shores of Lake Austin. Quiet, treed beauty in the heart of West Austin.

Ten bucks per person these days but there is a cafe.

Sixteen degrees heading for 12

Our share of the arctic cold front finally has arrived. No precip, thank goodness, despite50 percent humidity, or we’d have power outages for sure. Might still with the wind at 13 mph.

Go Horned Frogs!

TCU will take care of Michigan in the Fiesta Bowl!

And go on to take Georgia or Ohio State! in the College Football Playoffs.

Seems doable.

Scorpion sting

Bar got stung last night on her big toe by a two inch-long scorpion. She was sitting on the couch in the living room, barefoot as usual, and must have stepped on it. Scorpions usually don’t attack unless provoked. She didn’t see it because it was caramel-colored and blended into the color pattern on the oriental carpet. Probably came in from the back porch, under the sliding glass door, trying to get warm in the 30ish outdoor temperatures of late.

Probably was a Striped Bark scorpion, the most common in Texas and especially here in Central Texas. There are 11 other common scorpions in Texas which pack a varying punch in their sting. Bar said it felt like a bee sting but the pain quickly went away with no noticeable swelling. The venom of the red ones is said to be capable of killing a small dog or a cat. We’ve seen a few of them. Fortunately, the main scorpion predator is another scorpion. They’re cannibals, which helps keep the population down.

Lunch at Bert’s

It was Barbara Ellen’s birthday yesterday and she wanted to eat lunch at Bert’s, where we used to go but haven’t in a while. We like Bert’s ambience of old, small-town Texas. Which you can still find in small towns but generally not in big cities like Austin has become. And, of course, the barbeque was very tasty. And the potato salad. Though I should have told the server to hold the sauce, which I don’t like. But I was too slow, a common problem of aging.

Starship at Starbase

In South Texas, near Brownsville, don’t you know.

“SpaceX has stacked a Starship vehicle on the launch pad at its Starbase facility in South Texas for the first time since March.

“A Starship upper-stage prototype known as Ship 24 was stacked atop the Booster 7 Super Heavy first stage at the orbital launch pad at Starbase on Tuesday (Oct. 11) for the first time, according to a tweet (opens in new tab) from SpaceX early on Wednesday (Oct. 12).

“Ship 24 was stacked onto Booster 7 using SpaceX’s “chopsticks” system on the Starbase launch tower, forming the full 395-foot-tall (120 meters) Starship system.”

Starship is part of the SpaceX-NASA return of astronauts to the moon.


Finally. Now fire them.

“….the entire Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District police department was put on administrative leave in response to criticism of the district’s response to the school shooting that resulted in the deaths of over a dozen students earlier this year at Robb Elementary School.”

Via PJMedia