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Saving the Alamo

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush wants to save the “crumbling” Alamo by closing the streets in front of the chapel to heavy buses and trucks and other vehicles.

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Take that, gun grabbers

“Willeford, a former NRA instructor, got his rifle out of his safe while his daughter looked outside again. She ran back in and told him she saw a man in black tactical gear shooting up the church.

“I kept hearing the shots, one after another, very rapid shots – just ‘pop pop pop pop’ and I knew every one of those shots represented someone, that it was aimed at someone, that they weren’t just random shots,” Willeford said…

“I know I hit him,” Willeford said. “He got into his vehicle, and he fired another couple rounds through his side window. When the window dropped, I fired another round at him again.”

A former NRA instructor. Well, don’t that beat all. The Dem nemesis NRA…

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UPDATE: Willeford says his attack would have futile without an AR-15 “assault” rifle because the shooter was wearing armor.

Church & Synagogue security

It’s past time for every church and synagogue to have armed security— if only a trained volunteer from the congregation. Too many crazies out there. Drop ’em where they stand.

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UPDATE: “I know several men (and probably a few women) in our congregation carry when they’re in church…” It won’t help unless they sit back near the door.

Astros in the World Series, Imagine It

“The Yankees catcher, Sanchez (I think his name is Gary) is a fine hitter and catcher I have no doubt at all. I’ve seen his hitting, and he is a batter to be reckoned with. But I don’t think he caught a single ball thrown from the field in the whole ALCS. Every time the Astros sent a guy home, he dropped it, and the run thus scored.”

JD at Mouth of the Brazos, who hasn’t let out the requisite hurrahs yet.

Goodbye, Spurs

San Antonio Spurs coach Greg Popovich on the NFL kneelers: “People have to be made to feel uncomfortable, and especially white people because we’re comfortable.”

Not that I ever watched much, but now I won’t be watching at all. And Insty has it right: TRUMP 2020 GETS A SHOT IN THE ARM. Bigly.

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UPDATE:  From commenter neoconned at Insty’s place: “Yep. He’s right and he should lead by example. Popovich should make himself uncomfortable by resigning his bazillion dollar baby sitting job, selling his mansion and moving to….I don’t know…public housing in Ferguson MO?”

UT in on volcano forecast

UT-Austin is teaming with Italian scientists in predicting the possible impending eruption of a supervolcano west of Naples in southern Italy.

“Scientists have found the first direct evidence of a so-called ‘hot zone’ feeding a supervolcano in southern Italy that experts say is nearing eruption conditions.”

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USC 27, Texas 24

Heckuva game. Double overtime. Was a defensive game, obviously from the score, and Texas had a weaker offensive line and an erratic freshman QB.

Still, it was well worth the watching. Texas was a 16.5 point underdog and was supposed to be crushed. Not hardly. Only wish they’d won.