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Family fun

We may be off to Fredericksburg to a B&B with a pool. Step-daughter has to sign off on it. No telling. We’d go in the middle of the week after Labor Day for three or four nights. We’d hope to spend time talking to each other, including at least one board game evening, but there’d always be shopping, restauranting, clubbing for the kids, and visiting Enchanted Rock about a half hour north.

Sedona would be preferred by all but with Amtrak cancellations and price increases due to fuel and food, it seems too dicey this year. And probably through 2024 as long as Slimy Biden is POTUS. Not to mention the threat of World War III. F-burg is less than two hours away from home, versus most of Texas and all of New Mexico.

Abbot complains, Biden responds

“The Department of Energy announced Wednesday that it is authorizing liquefied natural gas facilities on the Gulf Coast to ship additional product across the globe in the face of constant pressure from Republicans to enable more fossil fuel production. The department’s orders raised output thresholds on Texas-based Cheniere Energy Inc.’s Sabine Pass and Corpus Christi facilities, allowing the company to ship 0.72 billion cubic feet of LNG per day more than previously authorized.”

Just a few hours earlier, Gov. Greg Abbott had complained that Biden’s regulators were holding up shipments of Texas LNG to Europe, a potentially huge market as the continent weans itself off Russian oil and gas. Now to see if Biden’s response is satisfactory.

Via Washington Examiner

Vehicle registrations

We never have received our new stickers, despite having paid for them: me, BE and step-daughter. So I’m headed for the county tax assessor tomorrow to turn in new applications for them and pay again, presumably. Ain’t government fun?

UPDATE: Learned the tax office is losing employees to Covid and other problems and is backlogged for everyone. Plus you have to make an appointment to see them and the earliest we could make one is April 15. That’s months after our stickers have expired. Only good thing is since the cops have been defunded locally, i.e. reduced in strength, we’re not likely to be stopped and ticketed.

Beta to buy back AR15s

Just the latest of the perennial Dimocrat candidate’s flip-flop on guns. If gun owners vote he hasn’t got a prayer. And, no, I didn’t misspell his nickname.

Texas alone could do it

Lower gas prices across the country, that is, sez our Gov. Abbott: “Texas can produce enough oil & natural gas to lower gas prices across the country if [the Biden] Administration would get out of the way.”

Garlic: Not just for vampires and spaghetti

After an OCS chum said his wife’s doctor advised consuming garlic as a non-prescription hedge against Covid, I remembered an article that said Israeli consumption of garlic is second only per capita to China. The claim is that people who consume a lot of this pre-antibiotic folk remedy for infection, get bitten by fewer mosquitoes and generally stay healthy.

Reminds me of my Texas mother when we lived in Libya, in North Africa, when I was six. My 5-year-old sister and I liked to run barefoot through the dirt, which bothered mother no end. Whenever she caught us at it, she would turn to the lore of her Texas upbringing and make us eat a clove of garlic each to stave off the ringworm fungus, among other things. It was awful. So we worked hard not to get caught.

Austin needs cops

“Independent researchers have concluded that the city of Austin, Texas, needs more than 100 additional police officers to adequately protect the community which last year was plagued by a record number of homicides and long response times.”

Fat chance. The liberal Dimocrat city council’s defunding of the police department is what caused the decline in the numbers of officers.

Via Fox News