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Border blocking

Gov. Greg Abbott’s wall is going up near Eagle Pass as Texas National Guard troops sit in Humvees as close as 150-feet apart blocking a popular Rio Grande crossing from Mexico. More troops to follow in this effort to stem some of the illegal millions Lyin’ Biden has invited. Texas history in the making. Good on ya’, guvernor.

Via Breitbart News

A black one this time

Another scorpion last night, seemingly transfixed by the always-on LED cannister light in the hallway. Three whacks with a fly swatter and the inch-and-a-half carried on it to the toilet and flushed. Have to call back Aztec exterminators for a re-treat. Black ones said not to be venomous, but who would take the chance?

Past life

My first hypnotic regression by Cindi took me back to the 1800s and life as a widower, orphan and solo hunter-trapper on the Llano Estacado (the Staked [High] Plains of Texas). Comanche and Kiowa indians figured prominently, killing my Mexican wife, my Anglo parents and brother, and finally, at age 65 about 1885, murdering me. I had no children and was alone most of the time. Strange story, strange life.

Drawing the black bean

Daughter and son-in-law of an OCS friend are in the hospital in Georgia with Covid 2. She’s not doing well and is facing a ventilator. The dreaded ventilator. Off of which most do not come before passing.

The black bean drawing is an old Texas saying that stems from the 1843 capture of some Texans and would be Texans who were fighting off a Mexico invasion of the then-Republic of Texas. Drawing a black bean meant they would be executed.

Not a blip about Covid

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Wednesday cited the border as he responded to what he saw as Biden “singling out” Florida.

“Why don’t you do your job? Why don’t you get this border secure? And until you do that, I don’t want to hear a blip about COVID from you,” the Republican governor said.

People in McAllen in the Rio Grande Valley can only agree.


We bypassed the peaches (Bar is trying to lose weight) and the candle factory but enjoyed the Bush Museum of The Pacific War (Bar’s daddy was a sailor in it). And our fried catfish at Fredericksburg Brewing. Was surprised to find the streets fairly crowded and few people wearing masks. Retail there certainly isn’t hurting, as it is most everywhere else. Was a long, tiring drive, however. I’m just too old for it anymore.

Ice Cream Politics

Proud to say (after they decided to stop selling their product in Judea and Samaria) I have never eaten Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Blue Bell, a Texas brand, is simply too good to try a competitor and I suspect they would always put sales before politics every time.,