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We bypassed the peaches (Bar is trying to lose weight) and the candle factory but enjoyed the Bush Museum of The Pacific War (Bar’s daddy was a sailor in it). And our fried catfish at Fredericksburg Brewing. Was surprised to find the streets fairly crowded and few people wearing masks. Retail there certainly isn’t hurting, as it is most everywhere else. Was a long, tiring drive, however. I’m just too old for it anymore.

Ice Cream Politics

Proud to say (after they decided to stop selling their product in Judea and Samaria) I have never eaten Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Blue Bell, a Texas brand, is simply too good to try a competitor and I suspect they would always put sales before politics every time.,

Texas Independence Day

Celebrating the 185th anniversary of Texas Independence and the fall of the Alamo. With one little problem, the attempted canceling of the whole enterprise by the chief historian of Texas State Historical Association.

“Walter Buenger, Ph.D. and TSHA chief historian, recently slammed the Alamo as an insignificant battle then and a monument to white supremacy now. The facts don’t support that at all.”

Via PJMedia

Last stand of the NRA

Here, of all places. As in Texas, not liberal Austin. I have an NRA sticker on my rear window my son says will get the car broken into looking for guns. Not yet. My sticker isn’t current because I long ago lost interest in the NRA. Blowhards who keep asking for money, long after the initial membership, and the principal target of liberal politicians; whereas there are other, more effective gun owner groups. But I welcome the reinforcement of conservative politics. Just hope it doesn’t backfire. They could take their last stand in, say, Alabama..

The Texas suit

If Texas wins an order from the Supremes, forcing an investigation of the presidential elections of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia by the legislatures of those states. the outcome could be interesting but still not a guaranteed Trump win. There’s also an ongoing forensic audit of the Dominion voting systems of one county in Wisconsin, whose outcome could be important.

UPDATE: The Supremes passed on the lawsuit, but the Wisconsin audit remains in play.

The Eyes

Texas regents: ‘The Eyes of Texas is, and will remain, the official school song’

Not that I actually care what the official school song is, but I am getting tired of a minority determining what shall be or not for the rest of us. In this case a mediocre (2-2) Longhorns football team.

Bringing rifles to a protest/riot

There were five there in Austin Saturday night: one AK and four AR-15s.

Yeah, open carry and all that. If these characters clowns want a war, they’re gonna die in one. The AK already has.

Via PJMedia