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Great Red River Showdown

In a thrilling seesaw battle of the offenses, Texas finally beat Oklahoma 48-45, the most ever scored in the rivalry.

Texas is back, with a 5-1 record this season. Even winning with a field goal, just like in the old days under Mack Brown. It surely felt like an instant classic.

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Texas 37, USC 14

The Longhorns routed the Trojans. Presumably knocking USC out of its 22nd ranking and putting themselves in some similar position. Or not. Next week: a ranked TCU which lost to Ohio State.

UPDATE:  Oops, Texas A&M grabbed the 22nd spot, on the strength of beating two creampuffs. Meanwhile, USC fell off the chart altogether and TCU fell to 17th. Beat TCU and UT should be ranked.

Mr. Boy in Aggieland

He’s been there for the past week getting his dorm-apartment ready and scouting out savings on textbooks, sometimes finding as much as $50 off the list price.

Plus joining a fraternity, a big distraction that may prove fatal. He should be ready when classes begin this week. Good thing we held back on tickets to home football games. Might be problematic now.

Westlake’s newest legend

Rich, largely white Westlake High School has a new football legend in the Eagles’ Nick Foles. Move over Drew Brees.

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Texas loses another squeaker

Texas 10, Oklahoma State 13 in overtime.

Texas, 3-4, has a superior defense but a lackluster offense.

Maybe it’s time to let Buchele quarterback the offense, eh?

And bring back the running game that isn’t Sam E.

USC 27, Texas 24

Heckuva game. Double overtime. Was a defensive game, obviously from the score, and Texas had a weaker offensive line and an erratic freshman QB.

Still, it was well worth the watching. Texas was a 16.5 point underdog and was supposed to be crushed. Not hardly. Only wish they’d won.

ESPN’s political decline

“’ESPN’s shift toward more cultural and political content,’ admits Mr. Brady, ‘is noted with derision by some fans.’ And no wonder, but the network is choosing not to listen to them. Mr. Brady concludes by instructing customers, ‘ESPN has made it clear: It’s not sticking to sports.’”

And they don’t spot the political ball on the 50 yard line. It’s pure leftism.

I canceled my Net subscription to ESPN’s college football highlights some time ago. Since the Big 12 common taters were lost in the channel’s mass firings of mostly whites, I won’t be coming back.