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1938–the last time TCU was a national champ

Texas Christian University, which goes by TCU these days, will take on Georgia Jan 9. Here’s hoping the Horned Frogs win it again, 85 years later. Underestimate the horny toads at your peril.

UPDATE: Uh, no peril. That was embarrassing. The horny toads left their defense back home in Fort Worth. Their offense wasn’t in the game much either: Georgia 65, TCU 7.

Mike Leach dies at 61

Author of the “air raid” offense at Texas Tech, Mike Leach, the head coach at Mississippi State, died of complications of heart disease. His pass-happy quarterbacks often provided plenty of excitement.

Go Horned Frogs!

TCU will take care of Michigan in the Fiesta Bowl!

And go on to take Georgia or Ohio State! in the College Football Playoffs.

Seems doable.

The Eyes

Texas regents: ‘The Eyes of Texas is, and will remain, the official school song’

Not that I actually care what the official school song is, but I am getting tired of a minority determining what shall be or not for the rest of us. In this case a mediocre (2-2) Longhorns football team.

NFL on the brink

“If the multibillion-dollar NFL decides that multimillionaire players have no obligation to stand to honor a collective national anthem, and that there will be separate anthems and politicized uniforms, then millions of Americans will quietly shrug and change the channel.”—-Victor Davis Hanson at PJMedia

Horns win, Ags in trouble

So nice to see (hear, actually, as we don’t have a TV yet at the mini-rancho) the uneven Longhorns beat Tech by a whopping amount (49-24) after a four-game slump.

Now the equally benighted Aggies have to play No. 1 2 LSU. Doubtful they’ll rack up 49 points, much less beat the Tigers. But we shall see. Always hope in Aggieland.

UPDATE:  LSU 31, Ags 0 at the half. Ouch! I doubt the Horns could beat them, either.

Bevo’s little ruckus

Well he is bigger than Georgia’s little mutt. And he does have long pointy horns.

But otherwise Bevo was corralled by the wranglers who travel with him and no one was hurt in the little ruckus prior to the Texas beat down. Not even the mutt who the fake news contended was “almost gored.” Pretty far from almost, actually.

UPDATE:  A photographer for the daily claims he was “scratched.”