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Black Mirror Scrying

Awaiting Etsy’s delivery of a black scrying mirror made from obsidian and a glass pocket mirror in a watch case. Reading Rosemary Ellen Guiley’s “The Art of Black Mirror Scrying,” recommended by the Psychic Teachers and other podcasts. More to come.

Sedona, here we come

Once we decide how to get there: by plane or by train. There are advantages with both, but it looks like plane to Phoenix and rent a car to drive to Sedona is the best bet. Where we’ll soak up the spiritual vibes, stay two-three nights, buy some crystals and drive back and fly home. Probably starting in April.

UPDATE: It’s unanimous. We’re going by Amtrak, heh, with only one major layover, five hours in San Antonio, and a route that stops at Del Rio which is on the border.

MORE: It’s off. Too many complications and uncertainties, with the Ukraine-Russia war. We may go to Palo Duro Canyon, instead. In September. If we get nuked, all bets are off.

Angel Protection

Out of the blue, Cindi, our Reiki master teacher texted Bar that she was asking Archangel Michael to put a dome of protection over our step-daughter. She’s clairvoyant so we guess that’s how she figured out that daughter had been abused by her boyfriend. But I had previously asked for a bubble of protection over her full rent-house. Did Cindi pick up on that? We’re all one, after all.

UPDATE: She said to change my bubble to a dome as the bubble just sealed in the boyfriend’s energy which we don’t want. So I did it. Even if they can have but limited intervention, it’s worth it.

Ancestor Reiki

Cindi, my Reiki Master teacher, uses Angel Reiki, calling in help from the angels and archangels. I prefer ancestor Reiki, asking my beloved of several generations specifically and the unknown preceding others to help with the flow of the channel through me. I call them the gang, hoping that irreverence won’t hurt me. Hasn’t so far.

Finally, a deep source

For five years now, I’ve been downloading (mainly in Kindle form) books about the Afterlife (really, our real lives). I began as a skeptic, became a believer, and now, as a budding Reiki student/practitioner, I simply and profoundly know.

Six years ago this fall, Mrs. Charm, my wife of twenty-five years, transitioned after about a year of fighting cancer. Finally, via lawyer Roberta Grimes, I have found a database of more than three thousand Afterlife books. I can’t wait to search it. I’ll share the link now.

Via Afterlife data


This is one of the best interviews on this topic that I’ve heard. Believe or don’t believe. Know or don’t know. Terri Daniel is amazing.

Found a brown feather

“Brown is the color of earth – comforting, nurturing, stable and fertile. It has a feeling of the comforts of home, being cozy, safe and warm. A brown feather may be a reminder to keep a balanced perspective, to live life in moderation and to set healthy boundaries.

“It reminds you to stay grounded, to connect with the Earth and stay present in the moment.”

Via Feather Finding

UPDATE: Later, Bar had a dream in which her departed mother told me the feather was from an angel, telling me I was watched over, protected, empowered and on the right path