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Bare ass

Slipped into a stop-n-rob at a gas station to pay for gas since I couldn’t make the auto thingie work. Found a tall, young white woman waiting two back from the counter with a long cleavage above a low tank top. Had to excuse myself to get behind her as she was close to the shelves. Very pretty with freckles and long, red hair. When I got behind her I was confronted with her bare round ass fully exposed through a cutout in a pair of elastic shorts. Amazing. Beautiful. I wish now I had taken a picture with my phone.

When she’d moved to the counter and paid for something with coins she had to count out she turned to leave and gave me a quizzical smile which I returned. I watched her leave marveling at her nakedness in a public place that was not a beach. I thought maybe her bare ass was her way of saying it was for sale. I felt sorry for her, exposing herself like that, even though I have heard it is actually fashionable with some young women nowadays. If that’s what it was, okay, but I doubt it. I sent her love…and gratitude.

President Hair-Smeller

A new slur on Biden, which is actually very perceptive and very telling. It calls to mind many videos, most of which were probably taken down after his “victory” in 2020, but the images persist in the mind. Mine, anyway. Not to mention word of his finger raping. He was worse than Cuomo.

Created Equal

A good documentary and long, biographical interview with Supremes Justice Clarence Thomas. Amazon has removed it from sales for no reason, other than that the Left hates the conservative Thomas, but Apple TV has it for rent for 29 days for $4.99.

He came up dirt poor in the Deep South but converted to his grandfather’s Roman Catholicism which led to college and Yale Law School. Thence a hiring as a prosecutor by Missouri AG John Danforth; thence to the Senate with Danforth and a circuit judgeship under the Reagan Administration and finally Daddy Bush’s ’91 nomination to the Supremes.

Slippery Joe has a role, fighting the nomination, allegedly for fear of losing abortion rights, based on nothing Thomas the Catholic ever said or did. And enabling his female accuser of sexual harassment, which he denied. Shades of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, another conservative and also a Catholic.

President Pedo

This time Biden unmasked himself in front of a military audience to comment on a six-year-old girl’s legs. Just can’t keep it to himself. Liked her barrettes, too.

Fat man in a dress

That’s Pedo Joe’s transgender HHS secretary who is laying the groundwork for changing the sexual organs of children. He looks pathetic in a blonde wig. It’s Halloween every day. Biden isn’t just a pedo. He’s a creep.

Via PJMedia

Tara fights

On Twitter, no less, and she’s quite literate. Even if the link to her solo dot com site doesn’t work. I believe her. A rape victim who has finally recovered. Resign, Creepy Joe.

Creepy Joe Biden’s accuser

Tara Reade, Joe Biden’s onetime assistant, says he penetrated her with his fingers and suggested they go someplace private because he’d heard she liked him. And we thought pedo Joe preferred little girls.

UPDATE: And then Reade got backup from a 1993 CNN videotape, which was conveniently disappeared from Google as the Lamestream Media played hush.