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Creepy Joe is a go

Creepy, sleepy Joe Biden, liar, plagiarist, and groper of women and girls, wants to be prez.

Via PJMedia

UPDATE: Read PJMedia’s Roger L. Simon: “The lifetime political also-ran (what exactly does he stand for? No one really knows. Probably not much) finally has his moment in the sun…”

Creepy Joe gets another pass

Big time conservatives like Tucker Carlson are coming to Creepy Joe Biden’s aid, downplaying the complaints of eight women (most of them Dimocrats) as not being sexual assault. There is that.

Yes, but. “It’s not assault, but it is demeaning, aggressive, presumptive, and sleazy.”

Creepy Joe, the girl-child groper who refuses to apologize for any of it, deserves having his ass handed to him over this. Along with Carlson, et al.

Via PJMedia

UPDATE:  “When speaking to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers on Friday, Biden joked about getting ‘permission to hug’ a union leader and ‘permission to touch’ a boy who was on the stage.” It’s not boys Creepy Joe touches. This pedo prefers girls.

Some UK groomers get caught

“Victims [as young as 11 years] were plied with drink and drugs and then ‘used and abused at will'” in a seven-year “campaign of rape and abuse” between 2004 and 2011.

“At Leeds Crown Court, the ringleader, Amere Singh Dhaliwal, 35, was jailed for life with a minimum of 18 years.” A minimum is not life.

His nineteen cronies “were jailed for between five and 18 years but the court heard many perpetrators have never been identified.”

“During the trials, the court heard girls would be driven up to remote moorland late at night and abandoned if they refused the men’s sexual demands.

“A sheep farmer told the BBC how he found distressed girls on the doorstep of his isolated home on a number of occasions.”


Britain’s Muslim rape gangs

“I want to shame the successive governments from both right and left who covered up the industrialised rape of our children. I want to shame every single person whose job it was to protect our children. And who failed.”

Altnewsmedia’s Shazia Hobbs

Rule 5: Sharia Barbie

Ninety-three percent of Muslim women in Malaysia are victims of (F)emale (G)enital (M)utilation. Coming soon to the U.S. too. You can bet even more have been beaten since the Koran sanctions it. Then there’s Silicon Valley.

Tyson has three accusers now

“…Dr Katelyn N. Allers of Bucknell University claimed deGrasse Tyson groped her at an event in 2009. Another woman, Ashley Watson, claimed…she quit her former job as his assistant in response to repeated inappropriate sexual advances he made toward her.

“Both allegations came to light about a year after musician Tchiya Amet claimed that deGrasse Tyson raped her when they were both graduate students. He is yet to comment on the allegations.”

I never liked this guy since he blatantly promoted global warming on his Cosmos television series. He’s too much like Bill Nye for my taste. But, then, my taste runs more to the Mr. Wizard of my childhood.


The Dims want him to run for prez!