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Catholic joke

Why are there so few black priests?

Because they hear Father, Father twice and they’re gone.


Smuggling cotton

Barbara Ellen says no, to my query whether Tampons feel erotic. It’s a question I always wanted to ask. No, she said, its having a dry thing stuck up inside you.

“It makes me feel like I’m smuggling cotton.”

12-year-old sex in Mexico

The age of legal sexual consent in North America is between 16 and 18 years old. But just over the southern border, in Mexico, it is 12. That’s no longer a phenomenon of Muslim countries.

“Federal law in Mexico now establishes the age of 12-years as the age of legal consent, while the age at which there are no restrictions for consensual sexual activities is 18-years (sex with someone as young as 12-years is legal, but can be open to prosecution if deceit, force, or an abuse of authority was used.)”

Barbarous. Pedophilia, straight up.

Vicious McCabe

He looks like a bespectacled ferret, or better yet a weasel, but now we know he’s a truly vicious little bastard who deserves all that’s coming to him. Not including his pension which isn’t.

Reminds me of an editor I once knew who dabbled in adultery who got what was coming to him when he hit on a reporter who was, probably unbeknownst to him, a lesbian.

When she rebuffed him, his viciousness came out: he gave her a bad evaluation. She complained to his female boss, with the hint that a lawsuit might be forthcoming, and he got fired. Not sure what happened to his pension, but he probably got it anyway.

Via The American Spectator.

Transgender “boy” wins wrestling title

“For the second year in a row, a girl transitioning to a boy has won the girls’ state high school wrestling title in Texas.

“A rule passed in 2016 by the University Interscholastic League, the governing body for Texas high school sports, mandates that competitors must compete as the gender on their birth certificate. Beggs’ folks have said he wants to wrestle boys, not girls.”

The crowd booed. No surprise there. S/he’s toked up on the steroid testosterone.

Via The College Fix

Asses and elbows

Speaking of asses, something my fiance may curtail at any moment, my daily morning treadmill at the J is becoming a view of asses and elbows on the elipticals placed in front of the treadmills.

The bigger the better, I always say, and am sometimes rewarded. Makes the 45 minutes go faster for sure.

Short shorts in 38 degrees

I used to razz Mr. Boy about wearing shorts in the winter. Still do on occasion. But he’s got nothing on the two cute middle-school girls I saw climbing Hart hill the other morning in 38 degree weather. They had on very short shorts. I couldn’t enjoy the view I felt so sorry for them.