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Ancestor Reiki

Cindi, my Reiki Master teacher, uses Angel Reiki, calling in help from the angels and archangels. I prefer ancestor Reiki, asking my beloved of several generations specifically and the unknown preceding others to help with the flow of the channel through me. I call them the gang, hoping that irreverence won’t hurt me. Hasn’t so far.

Reiki practice

I now have five clients: two family members and three friends. Four are ill and one is not but wants it nevertheless to stay well. All receive Usui Reiki at a distance, every day through Quantum Entanglement, with me using a teddy bear as a surrogate. One of the friends hugged me on a recent visit because her illness was diminishing and her health improving. It feels good to help and know that it is, indeed, helping.

Beyond the Reiki Gateway

Is a new (January of this year) podcast by Kathleen Johnson and Andrea Kennedy, which is fun to listen to. Even if their names evoke memory of the 1960 Dimocrat presidential ticket. Odd. Nevertheless, these two Reiki masters have some interesting things to discuss. Johnson, the elder of the pair (as on the ticket), says Reiki (primarily a healing modality) opens the practitioner to multiple experiences and possibilities such as past lives. Obscure enough for you? We’re talking soul and spirit energy here. With more to come.

UPDATE: For the diehard debunkers, alias skeptics, albeit with closed minds.

Treating each other

Bar and I have been treating each other with Reiki. It’s helped us both to remember the hand positions, and the Reiki symbols we recently learned. I had never given her a full treatment before last Sunday, and have now done three. Feels wonderful when she treats me, which is also the first time. Reiki, soul and spirit energy, rules!

Reiki bear

Is due today, via Amazon, all 30 inches tall, and we can begin distance-Reiki healing treatments with him as a surrogate. Probably tomorrow, after we finish treating each other. Using a teddy bear, and a photograph, is just adding some fun to it. It should be joyful.

UPDATE: The tall Reiki bear has arrived! Now to email my sisters & nieces offering distance Reiki.

Reiki Level II

Bar and I are now officially Reiki practitioners. Having trained for Level II. We’ll begin tomorrow with Mr. Boy watched over by Reiki master Cindi Barnette and move on to five more through July. But I may start distant sessions next week using a teddy bear as a surrogate.

Buddha at the Gas Pump

Just finished listening to an enjoyable two-hour interview by Rick Archer with medium Suzanne Giesemann. Archer’s Buddha at the Gas Pump is a cool web site and podcast of almost 600 interviews with the spiritually awakening.