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Recommending Reiki

An OCS chum’s wife suffers from chronic back pain. I suggested a Reiki session: “A stop-gap method to ease back pain, if not to heal it completely, is a Reiki session of about 30-45 minutes for your wife. You can Google Reiki, to find a practitioner near you. The cost varies but generally is under a hundred dollars. I have been treating Bar’s chronic back pain that way for the past year with some success. Give it a try, why doncha!”

UPDATE: They want it. I’m starting a free, long-distance session once a week. We’ll see how it goes. Bar also is talking about sessions, but she wants to get a collapsible table for it.

MORE: They changed their minds. Religious reasons, I suspect. Religion is the bane of existence for many.

Reiki masters

Bar and I are master-teachers now, nine months after getting Reiki I training and, for me, daily practice ever since for me and her and a few other family and friends. Doubt I will ever teach it but master level is cool for various reasons, none of which I’m supposed to talk about.

Reiki study

I’ve been looking for scientific studies I’ve heard about and this is one by an RN in Hartford, Connecticut. Enjoy.

“Research has shown that these therapies (often called “mind-body-spirit techniques”) can help decrease anxiety, diminish pain, strengthen the immune system, and accelerate healing, whether by simply inducing the ‘relaxation response’ (and reversing the ‘stress response’ and subsequent impacts on the body, illness, and disease) or, by more complex mechanisms.”

Via Reiki Infinite Healer

Cataract eyes

Mine, to be exact. After almost a year of foggy vision, I’ve finally given in to the inevitable and made an appointment for cataract surgery. On the 18th, I’ll get tested and a follow-up consultation set. And on the third date will be the surgery on one eye, followed by several weeks of healing, and then the second eye.

Reiki self-treatment and channeling for others has helped with this rather common problem of aging, but not eliminated the difficulties with driving and reading. So surgery it will be. Although it may not come until next year when Cedar Fever season is over. All the sneezing and eye itching and watering that accompanies that may interfere. We’ll find out.

Angel Protection

Out of the blue, Cindi, our Reiki master teacher texted Bar that she was asking Archangel Michael to put a dome of protection over our step-daughter. She’s clairvoyant so we guess that’s how she figured out that daughter had been abused by her boyfriend. But I had previously asked for a bubble of protection over her full rent-house. Did Cindi pick up on that? We’re all one, after all.

UPDATE: She said to change my bubble to a dome as the bubble just sealed in the boyfriend’s energy which we don’t want. So I did it. Even if they can have but limited intervention, it’s worth it.

Distance Reiki

Sending distance Reiki to my Mississippi friend, not in hopes of actually healing her cancer but to relax her and reduce her pain in the aftermath of chemo and surgery which her daughter talked her into. Daughter says she has “a great outlook” but my friend writes that she’s wearing an ileostomy bag that feels like “a rattlesnake strapped to my waist.”

It’s understandable that children want mothers to live if at all possible, but Stage 4 that has metastasized seems beyond possibility. And treatment is only giving her mother unnecessary pain and humiliation.


Finally got a confirmation of the visual I experienced while meditating and sending distance Reiki a few weeks ago, an ambulance in the driveway of a dear friend in Mississippi. I didn’t want to disturb her by asking about it but now I don’t have to as she wrote me that she has stage 4 cancer and not much longer to live in the physical.