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Reiki class set

My Reiki Level One training will be on May 15, with Reiki Master (Mistress?) Cindi Barnette. Includes attunement. Will entitle me to self-treatments which I have been doing daily already, but maybe there’ll be some sort of enhancement after this.

Reiki getting stronger

Took only seconds to clear pain in Bar’s hip (the left, feminine one) the other night and her lower back, right on the root chakra. Self-practice of Reiki helps, I think, storing up the energy in me.


I am embarked on the study and practice of Reiki. It seems to help Bar’s breathing and that’s worth the price ($100 to $500) of becoming a First Degree Reiki practitioner. Meanwhile I self practice and Bar practice. Practice, according to Reiki Master Pamela Miles is what it’s all about.

Via Pamela Miles

UPDATE: I have a Sunday morning appointment with an Austin Reiki master for a first-time healing session and discussion of how/when I can be trained. “You’re in for a treat,” she said. Most of the local masters are women.